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MEDAL OF HONOR Trailer (2018)

one thing that you’re gonna learn in
combat you learn a lot about love when
you’re willing to put yourself in front
the Medal of Honor is the ultimate form
of recognition for courage on the
anybody who receives it is immediately
hailed as a hero like none other
it has to be witnessed and people have
to write reports about why this person
deserves it they have earned it and they
have earned it the hard way the Medal of
Honor represents usually the worst day
of your lives it is important that
people hear these stories it’s a legacy
and it deserves to be told or the next
generations to come
he carried me about ten miles cause my
friendship I know that he would try to
take care of me he was the only one left
alive on the frontlines he makes a
choice to defend that line by himself he
kind of saved our butts
he was a good guy he was a British man I
remember his last words he go I’ll cover
you sir ordinary people take a family
they got friends
I could understand how someone could
have that kind of will I don’t
understand how he physically managed to
do it
they did an amazing thing they made a
everything we did that day we didn’t do
it because we hated the enemy combat is
not a great thing to be in and it’s not
a motivation to hate by no means some motivational love your brothers
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