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HHhH International Trailer (2017) The Man with the Iron Heart

our country has become so weak
yes what’s not going to change anytime
soon don’t be so sure that’s one man who
could change everything see that man in
the picture that’s our leader you’ll be
able to save our country
I’m looking for someone to run the new
SS intelligence unit intelligence
requires organization and Industry no
one will work harder than me and no one
will be more organized power needs men
in the shadows taking care of the most
important secrets only the best of our
people are capable of turning our nation
to greatness
you know what the field are called the
man with the iron heart
not just in your mission I’m coming but
one high-ranking mercey official has
ever been assassinated I want to know
every move he makes I ditch must I stand
a unique moment in history all hostiles
to the nation will be eliminated not
only putting your own life in danger to
the lives of everyone
all resistant organizations will be
destroyed without Murphy show you ready
for this isn’t about our future Wow
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