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HE’S WATCHING Official Trailer (2019) Thriller Movie HD

well done I expect you to be at the
partners meeting tomorrow
congratulations hi Kyle how are you I’m
living my dream I’m a photographer Kyle
Miller moved back into town he wants me
on his account
we have now oh I have a gallery exhibit
on Saturday night it’s like you took
snapshots of people’s lives and dreams
everyone’s so spontaneous people are
more spontaneous when they’re
comfortable in their surroundings and
people they trust look I know I didn’t
handle things very well back then glad
we can have a different kind of future
now to know us
I think about us how good it was tell me
we belong together I want us to be
friends I want to keep working for you
congratulations lovebirds hey how about
I take your engagement photo you guys
mind if I demonstrate right hands over
I want you to stop that what you know
what Kyle is let’s be very quiet
no Michael’s not right for you I can
feel it really can’t let me go get you
I’m not gonna lose you again Angela stop
stop it Kyle no if I can’t have you
either can have you
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