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AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD Official Trailer (2018) Brenton Thwaites Movie

I hear people say I lost a faith
picture them giving up it wasn’t like
that for me hey Gary what do you do I’m
working on something doing an interview
holy Sh
with Errol I know who you are and all
your work I’m a fan cover religion for a
secular papers and stuff I write usually
ends up in the lifestyle section okay
today is June 1st you say your name and
spell it I’m God g.od okay so your God
one who created everything what do I
tell the people who say you don’t exist
tell them the world they see is just
that sometimes that’s just the way of
love why do I deserve your special
attention don’t you I’m doing this
interview and it’s getting kind of weird
if I send you a headshot could you check
it out you travel 7,000 miles into
little war zone all war changes people
how many times join me to apologize look
things happen ok how many times have to
live through it
sorry just left me it’s about
Afghanistan no I think it might be a
bigger problem an older problem you are
about out of time you’re saying yes
enough you it’s eating me up it’s really
an interview yeah with God
telling me to pray get hurt I’d like to
talk to you about salvation
so you’re here to say do you need saving
we try to be good people try to please
you and we need some answers and where
did you go you have any idea how that
sometimes they’re up sometimes when
someone’s in trouble all by giving you a
great gift but it’s up to you to receive
my gift before it’s too late
your life is not an audition for the
you know who I am enemy with God I love
it you’re kidding about time God made the front page you disagree
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