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Top 10 YouTube Comedy Channels

is WatchMojo on this list aren’t even
has a joke okay hey guys it’s Stevie
welcome to top X the show where we look
at the good the bad and the ugly of
YouTube today we’re counting down our
picks for the top ten YouTube comedy
channels did I chew off a load of cheese
and I start it and like I stood it and
my gut before we begin we publish new
content every day so be sure to
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videos today we’re looking at the
funniest YouTube creators as long as
their channel is active and their
content has a comedic tone they will be
considered let’s take a look I dare you
to make the worst intro ever number 10
jacksFilms my costume this year is a guy
dressed up as Alexander Hamilton who
hasn’t seen the show Hamilton but thinks
he knows one of the songs more often
than not whenever a trend or format
becomes mainstream parodies appear to
poke a little fun created by john
douglass jacksfilms seems to exist to
remind everyone not to take a youtube or
celebrity life so seriously
generally the channel selects a popular
format like cue A’s or Let’s Plays and
gives them the old Monty Python
treatment with the hosts assuming an
alternate persona depending on the needs
of the joke while these videos are
hilarious jacksFilms shines the
brightest when parroting celebrity
culture music videos or commercials
wedding is in two months you guys ready
for that
no wait what’s today’s date number nine
idubbbz TV it’s prime time we get this
show started like countless youtubers
idubbbz TV started as a gaming channel
if we’re gradually expanding into other
wackier fields covering everything from
unboxings Kickstarter and coyote urine
along with a relatively serious
documentary style show called content
cop where idubbbz critiques other
YouTube creators the channels popularity
can cheaply be credited to Ian’s
flawless comedic timing willingness to
eat almost anything and a high level of
fan participation when it comes to
purely humorous content idubbbz
kickstarter crap and bad unboxing fan
mail videos are the creme
the crop coyote urine number eight
TomSka you ready for this not really
it’ll be fine if a creator is funny and
knows a thing or two about animation
they’re virtually unstoppable Tom Scott
is the British comedian behind the
asdfmovie videos a series of short
animated projects containing several
five to ten seconds skits
besides parodying films and pop culture
Tom’s cartoons tend to venture into the
surreal territory in spectacular fashion
for example the third entry in the
series has a character randomly declared
there a sandwich before earnestly
jumping into someone’s mouth Joey did
you eat my sandwich
I am your sandwich while the cartoons
are arguably the Channel’s highlight
tomska’s live sketches are also witty
entertaining and oftentimes enjoyably
weird something goes wrong we’ve got
sergeant pub season number seven
howtobasic when a parody channel
inspires its own parodies the original
is probably doing something right how-to
basic selling point is easy enough to
grasp the channel creates tutorial
videos but with a twist
putting aside the youtubers first couple
of uploads that were sort of legitimate
tutorials how to basics videos initially
pretend to be genuinely following a
recipe but something eventually goes
terribly wrong
leading to food flying everywhere for
those who get squeamish seeing dozens of
bananas mashed into a pulp then maybe
try out how to basics non food centric
tutorials which tend to rank among the
channels more creative and random
number six nigahiga oh my god
launching in 2006 and still going strong
13 years later Ryan Higa channel has
become a staple of the YouTube scene
with well over 300 consistently awesome
uploads nigahiga offers quantity quality
and variety along with the popular dear
ryan q and a’s and countless rant videos
nigahiga loves to spoof commercials and
music videos newcomers looking for a
place to start should check out ryan’s
how-to comedy series as these videos
helped establish nigahiga as one of the
site’s most influential creators the
ninja gangster and emo entries are
practically youtube classics number 5
PewDiePie house comprises PewDiePie is
one of the most recognizable names in
the business
the bulk of Felix Kjellberg content
consists of Let’s Plays gaming
compilations and videos reacting to
horror games in some ways PewDiePie is
the quintessential YouTube channel
however a couple of factors elevate
Felix above the competition
first and foremost PewDiePie’s videos
are incredibly well edited and cover a
wide enough range of topics to ensure
jokes remain fresh since around 2016
PewDiePie has shifted towards creating
more satirical and experimental content
which is something a channel can do when
they have more than 80 million
spooky too spooky
number four bad lip-reading ice cream
that is cheap fact the Internet has
spawned countless hilarious fandubs and
abridged series but this particular
YouTube channel floats to the top I want
it now now while most creators need a
while to really hit their stride bad lip
reading is very first upload a hilarious
spoof of Rebecca Black’s infamous Friday
instantly established a channel as a
comedy darling so how does this work
after picking a song the anonymous
producer dubs in a new track that’s
perfectly in sync with the performers
lip movement bad lip reading doesn’t
only cover music videos but also dubs
political speeches TV shows and movie
I hate Brenda and a bad guy hit me in
the shin and I peed all on my pants
number three college humor I noticed
that your friend keeps calling me rattle
oh really I’m sorry do you think you
could correct her for me oh why can’t
you do that oh I don’t want to be rude
she’s your friend any site that claims
to house the funniest stuff on the
internet needs to be pretty darn
hilarious to live up to the hype and
college humor is pretty darn hilarious
serving as an extension to the
entertainment company’s popular website
college humor uploads sketches animated
shorts and original music videos on a
weekly basis unlike most other comedy
channels college humor isn’t solely
dependent on one or two people with
different creators contributing to their
videos this means that the channels
humour varies wildly from one series to
the next ensuring that there’s something
for just about everyone had got cute
doing Hedgehog do you mean number two
markiplier hello everybody my name is
markiplier and welcome to fleeing the
complex if YouTube is anything to go by
a few things are funnier than watching
someone scream and panic while playing
five nights at freddys or Slenderman
markiplier is primarily associated with
Let’s Plays but the host finds a way to
interject a touch of humor into
proceedings usually in the form of false
bravado or rage fueled outbursts outside
of Let’s Plays mark occasionally
partners up with animators to create
sketches and short films based on video
games or whatever seems funny at the
along with delivering the laughs markup
fire provides genuine constructive
criticisms on the games played so this
channel really is ideal for gamers
before we unveil our topic here are some
honorable mentions why you talk of soot
on Jeffy what’s Taco Tuesday you’ve seen
Rocky punch Apollo Creed you’ve seen him
punch mr. t now get ready for rocky
Balboa’s biggest challenge yet
punching communism in the face yeah I
don’t know I mean my dad left when I was
really young so I never really played
number one good mythical morning will it
ice cream sandwich let’s find out
looking to start the day on a hilarious
note check out good mythical morning
with rhett and Link centering around the
antics of the two hosts good mythical
morning is a variety show that uploads
new episodes every weekday rhett and
Link tackle a myriad of subjects and
themes but the funniest segments nearly
always revolve around the guys taste
testing some disgusting food combination
when the likeable hosts aren’t digesting
bugs are trying to resist passing out
after eating the world’s hottest pepper
good mythical morning spends its time
producing original songs or endearingly
corny commercials
it started the hey cups of started so
what do you guys think did we miss
anyone obvious let us know in the comments below
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