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Top 10 Worst Things Lois Griffin Has Done

this family Gao has some serious issues
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this list we’re looking at all the
bizarre sketchy and downright criminal
stunts that Lois Griffin has pulled over
the years number 10 made out with Meg’s
boyfriend poor Meg has it rough she’s
constantly mocked about her weight is
the butt of many a joke and serves in
general as the family punching bag so it
does her confidence some good to bring
home a cute new boyfriend but when Lois
is jealous of the attention her daughter
is getting she sends Meg off on an
errand and moves quickly to take what
she wants the other day you said I was
attractive now what are we gonna do
about it
meg comes back to see your mother and
Anthony making out on the couch not only
is this incredibly sleazy but Lois then
goes on to blame her underage makeout
session on Peters inattention keep it
classy mrs. Griffin you made out with
Meg’s boyfriend how could you do that to
me number 9 gambled away the family’s
car turns out that just like another
animated sitcom mom Lois has something
of a gambling problem while at a Native
American casino Lois quickly becomes
although addiction is a serious disorder
and doesn’t make her a bad person she
first manages to lose the family car
then doesn’t really deal with the
fallout you take it’s where I parked
here yeah you did but but here’s the
really silly thing Peter
I sort of bet a car yeah instead of
helping to figure something out
she watches her husband lied to the
native elders and then wander off into
the woods alone with her teenage son in
tow I’m an Indian too excuse me you
heard me I’m a member you tried she
might be addicted to poker machines but
when it comes to responsibility she’s
certainly not working with a full deck
number eight became addicted to
shoplifting and went to jail
Lois is never short on bad behavior so
when she’s a little short on cash at the
supermarket she decides to just steal
what she can’t pay for in no time she’s
trying to recapture that hi she
continues to steal until she’s finally
caught at court she sentenced to three
years in prison but instead of paying
the price she lets her family break her
out although honestly her escape is so
obvious that maybe that one is on the
prison guard this forces them to assume
new identities and start new lives
although she eventually sees the light
the price she makes her family pay for
her actions is criminally high can’t
believe we have to live here no number
seven became a corrupt mayor like many a
politician Louis sets out to become
mayor of Quahog with her heart in the
right place but it doesn’t take long for
her selfish impulses to kick in once
elected she vows to clean up the local
lake and be a better mayor than the
unstable Adam West but before long she’s
skimming off the top of the leftover
taxpayer money from the lake cleanup
project to buy herself expensive gifts I
may have dipped into the tax surplus
wait a minute you use taxpayer money to
buy yourself a handbag it’s no big deal
Brian soon she’s being bought up by oil
companies so that they can return to
dumping waste in the lake when you’re
this easily corruptible maybe public
office isn’t for you number six
orchestrated a hazing ritual on a
classmate as it turns out Lois’s bad
behavior is nothing new back in high
Louis was one of the pretty and popular
girls for no reason other than to
torment her she told a young Joyce
Kinney that she’d made the cheer squad
and then humiliated her in front of the
entire school I was standing in front of
the entire school with my pants around
my ankles and a hot dog in my mouth
bullying is no joke and a prank of this
scale would seriously mess someone up
poor Joyce probably isn’t the only one
who might need professional help
Lois also apparently has some issues
that could do with some tending to
number five cheated with Bill Clinton
Peter and Bill Clinton start to hang out
after the former presidents car breaks
down in front of their house they become
good friends but also get up to trouble
she goes to confront Clinton and within
minutes she slept with him what the hell
was I thinking unlike some of her other
actions Lois actually feels guilty about
this one and is worried that she’s
ruined her marriage by cheating Lois I
think maybe it’s better if I stay at
Quagmire’s for a while I understand
she tells Peter that he can sleep with
someone else if he wants to fix things
although he ultimately decides he
doesn’t need to sleep with anyone else
he ends up having sex with Clinton too
turns out bill is just that persuasive
number four treated Meg very poorly this
one is an ongoing problem
as mentioned earlier meg is the black
sheep of the family always the one to
take the brunt of criticism and bullying
from making out with her boyfriend to
reading her private diary for Laughs to
implying that Meg should kill herself
Lois is the worst mother imaginable Hey
look Meg I’ve been at this for 45
minutes I don’t know what else I can say
here’s a Sylvia Plath book and a bottle
of ambien I’m gonna look the other way
and whatever happens happens
and it seems to have had a lasting
effect as over the years meg has gotten
harder and more unhinged you’re my
mother and you took a child’s trust and
smashed it into bits in a 17 year long
mission meg stands up for herself once
but Lois is so emotionally fragile that
Mae has to take it back to keep the
family together mother of the Year Lois
is not I’m so sorry Meg yeah you too
bitch number three treated Peter very
poorly for the most part Peter is a
pretty lousy father and husband so when
he goes out of his way to run a quick
errand for Lois he thinks he’s doing a
good thing but when he and Chris come
home with the groceries she freaks out
and physically attacks first Peter then
Chris Chris run you’re right she didn’t
appreciate it oh crap
Wow this isn’t the first time she’s lost
her cool in a big way stupid man it’s
clear that she bottles up her
frustrations with Pierre and then
resorts to violence to solve her
problems and vent it’s an unhealthy way
to live and an unforgivable thing to do
to your spouse I’d be happy to take you
Meg number two dispatched a jaywalker
after traumatizing their son by killing
off the fictional Arthur Valentine made
up to make him feel better on
Valentine’s Day
Chris becomes catatonic while Lois is
minding him she confides a dark secret
to him she once killed a pedestrian she
looked too old but she was only 51 and
back and that was all to me she whispers
that at the time the jaywalker seemed
too old to her implying that her death
somehow mattered less maybe that’s why
Lois was the one behind the wheel when
she and Peter dispatched Arthur she had
already done something like this before
Lois has done a lot of things but now we
can add killing someone to the list
before we unveil our top pick here are a
few dishonorable mentions I’m your mom’s
friend mrs. Robinson I don’t I don’t get
that is that a reference to something
okay oh I’m Stifler’s mom still no idea
okay just get your pants off fun anyway
then if I can’t have it nobody can you
you struck me Oh
oh my god Stewie honey I am so sorry
hey Lois get back inside this coke isn’t
gonna snort itself great potty Raul I
feel like I’m Hawking all your cocaine
all right Peter we can make one mess and
that’s it and it’s only because I don’t
see any other way out of this thanks
Lois no this is gonna work out great
number one forced Peter to comply
after taking the advice preached by the
radical new sex ed teacher at the high
Peter swears himself to abstinence the
move is drastic and extra unnecessary as
he and Lois are already married with
three kids and it frustrates Lois to no
fed up with his chastity Lois takes
things way too far and forces herself on
Peter that is it I am gonna have a
regular sex with you whether you like it
or not no I wasn’t asking your
permission and it’s not even the first
time she’s been possessive of him or
sexually aggressive what you’re looking
at the underpants lose him actually I
kind of sure have a headache kind of see
you know maybe tomorrow all right come
off okay it’s a shocking scene even in a
show filled with shocking moments we’re
on the long Stewie daddy had a rough
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