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Top 10 Times SNL Pissed Someone Off

seriously can anyone take a joke anymore

welcome to and today we’re

counting down our picks for the top ten


SNL pissed someone off hey I don’t even

now what’s that before we begin we

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content for this list we’re looking at a

handful of Saturday Night Live skits

that annoyed angered or disappointed

someone or an entire group whether the

joke was funny is irrelevant I mean the

Pope’s probably forgiven her already I

mean he forgave that guy to shot him

right number 10

president Trump airs his grievances via

Twitter this week tweeted the best


I mean wow what a great smart tweet it’s

a never-ending cycle SNL and Alec

Baldwin mocked Donald Trump during a

skit prompting the president to rage on

Twitter in turn this provides us an L

material for a future sketch ensuring

they never run out of jokes to make at

Donald Trump’s expense Tony about your

Twitter bio it says liberalism is a

mental illness whoa I just got retweeted

eventually this cycle went meta

resulting in Donald Trump blasting SNL

on Twitter about a skit making fun of

how Trump uses the platform apparently

the joke went over the President’s head

and Alec Baldwin is probably not going

to be out of a job anytime soon

actually that’s not why I do what I do

it because my brain is dead but I

promise I’m done retweeting I’m ready to

buckle down and number nine Adrien Brody

goes Jamaican you know a rush stuff on I

you know got old family knowledge you

know after winning an Oscar for his

fantastic turn in Roman Polanski’s The

Pianist Adrien Brody seemed to try

everything in his power to squander that

momentum you know he got me go Sean

Peeta you know I go Sean Foley lashauwn

Mary got Sean John besides giving Halle

Berry an impromptu kiss at the Oscars

the talented actors improv skills were

called into question on Saturday Night

Live while hosting a 2003 episode Brody

donned faked dreadlocks and tried out a

Jamaican accent before introducing

reggae musician Sean Paul if you don’t

beat up enough respect done solid

Brody has yet to riho stess nl

suggesting that Lauren Michaels was far

from impressed


number eight

when Down syndrome was the punchline you

know what this song reminds me of what

my dad humor works best when it’s at the

expense of someone else so over the

years Saturday Night Live has poked fun

at nearly everyone still why


he was running in the grass and chasing

squirrels the Danny’s song skit centers

around a group of friends sitting at a

bar fondly reminiscing about a few

unsavory memories it’s the first day I

ever thought to myself just John Coleman

the CEO of the National Down Syndrome

Society wrote a scathing letter to

Lauren Michaels

criticizing the sketch as insensitive

and derogatory NBC replied with an

apology and thanked Coleman for sharing

his concerns with them number seven

Martin Lawrence nowadays it might be

hard to believe but there was a time

when Martin Lawrence owned Hollywood man

the Martin series was hugely popular and

he even made the jump to the big screen

with bad boys and nothing to lose

despite being one of the hottest

comedians of the 90s

Lawrence was banned from SNL due to an

offensive monologue delivered while

hosting a 1994 episode the rambling

intro spends an absurd amount of time

lambasting women for not taking proper

care of themselves

prompting SNL to ban the comedian it was

a frank and lively presentation and

nearly cost us all our jobs we now

return to the conclusion of Martin’s

monologue number 6

Tiger Woods sketch mocking domestic

violence I offer my profound apology for

these multiple transgressions multiple

so it happened more than once did I say

multiple mocking Tiger Woods is

perfectly fine Saturday Night Live would

have been crazy to not write a skit

after the infidelity scandal broke out

during 2009 thank

giving weekend Elin Nordegren chased her

husband with a golf club before woods

crashed his car and was temporarily

knocked out I was disoriented from the

fall so I stumbled to the other side of

our house and I I lost myself plate

glass window yeah this is what happened

while Florida Highway Patrol found no

evidence of domestic violence

SNL turned it into the punchline with

Kenan Thompson’s Tiger Woods trying to

excuse his progressively worsening

injuries over myself the sketch was

criticized for suggesting that domestic

violence is funny when the husband is

the victim so this time I have a

prepared written statement which I shall

stick to number 5 David Spade mocks

Eddie Murphy’s career celebrities and

politicians are fair game but you should

never throw one of your own under the

bus look children it’s a falling star

make a wish David Spade and Lauren

Michaels learn that the hard way when a

brief Hollywood minute segment ruined

the show’s relationship with Eddie

Murphy SNL owes a lot to the legendary

comedian which explains why Murphy was

shocked and hurt when Spade joked that

his career was on the downturn after to

commercial misses the last thing Eddie

Murphy needed was for his ex-employer to

kick him while he was down 20 years

later they finally put their bad blood

to bed the show was such a big part of

who I am and in my life and I’m so happy

to be back here and uh it’s just a

magical feeling actually feels like

going back to my old high school card

number for Jesus uncrossed this is back


Jesus uncross Christoph Waltz’s jesus H

Christ in Jesus uncrossed the trailer

spooks Quentin Tarantino’s Django

Unchained and inglorious basterds by

portraying a renegade version of Jesus

who’s out for revenge against the Romans

who killed him the assignment in the

twist of the decade a few religious

groups did not take kindly to this

over-the-top depiction of their Lord and

Savior you get to heaven say hi to my


SNL angered both Muslims and Christians

prompting the Council on

american-islamic relations to publicly

lambaste Jesus on crossed as distasteful

and disrespectful we doubt anyone

Jesus uncross no more mr. nice Jesus

number three laughing at a blind New

York governor here to publicly address

the issue is New York Governor David

over the decades Saturday Night Live has

supplied great satire on America’s

political system but their governor

paterson sketch is not one of them

since the politician is legally blind

Patterson does require assistance with

some tasks but otherwise is

self-sufficient SNL portrayed the

governor as a mr. Magoo type character

stumbling into and ruining a few

different skits if you don’t believe me

take a look at this graph that I got

the governor was not pleased with the

gag explaining that it perpetuates the

stereotype that the visually impaired

cannot carry out even the most basic of

functions Harper’s appointed senator

must like me be caught totally off guard

and be comically unprepared to take

office number two Norma Donald angers

NBC executive Don ohlmeyer yeah two

things that I’ve never done is beat a

woman and bury all my money in the

backyard Lauren Michaels tends to have

complete control over the comings and

goings of SNL’s cast but there was a

time when it was taken away from him

during the OJ Simpson trial SNL was

known for portraying The Naked Gun actor

as guilty including remarks levelled by

Norm Macdonald during his Weekend Update

segment rumors suggest that these jokes

annoyed Don ohlmeyer NBC’s West Coast

division president and Simpsons friend

leading to the comedian’s dismissal

MacDonald definitely believed this was

the case but it was never outright

confirmed it’s just a matter of opinion

he also thinks that oj is innocent

before we unveil our number-one pick

here are some dishonorable mentions what

if I do a free commercial for Ivanka

it’s just Isis number one Sinead

O’Connor takes on the Pope even after

all these years this still easily stands

out as Saturday Night Live’s most

infamous moment Sinead O’Connor had

already garnered a reputation as a

musician who’s willing to rock the boat

but that was taken into overdrive in

1992 after performing a cover of Bob

Marley’s war the singer tore up a

picture of Pope John Paul the second

while demanding that people fight the

real enemy fight the real enemy the

moment did not help O’Connor’s career

and Joe Pesci jokingly threatened

physical violence during the next SNL

episode I would have grabbed up by your

eyebrows do you agree with our picks

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