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Top 10 Saddest Deaths in Horror Movies

to be fair it comes with the territory
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this list we’re looking at the most
heartbreaking deaths in horror movie
history this should go without saying
but spoilers are inevitable number 10
Emmet DeWitt 10 Cloverfield Lane I swear
to god you’re going into this barrel
while you’re alive to feel here’s me you
know what maybe fighting an alien race
is safer than being stuck in a bunker
with a madman following 2008 Cloverfield
10 Cloverfield Lane largely ignores the
monsters and focuses on a group of
humans hiding out in a bunker Michelle
was kidnapped by John Goodman’s Howard
who explains that he did it for her own
safety while Emmet actually begged to
get in after learning that Howard is in
the abduction business however the two
hatch an escape plan only to get caught
in the act
Emmet takes full responsibility before
being shot dead by Howard to add insult
to injury
Howard later dissolves Emmett’s body in
number nine dick Halloran the shining
shining the Overlook Hotel is just not
kind to people blessed with the shine
dick Halloran makes a handful of
appearances throughout Stephen King
stories with his most famous occurring
in the shining while detested by the
author Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation is
considered a classic Halloran is a kind
chef who like Danny possesses telepathic
and clairvoyant powers after receiving
word from Danny via the shine that all
hell is breaking loose at the Overlook
Hotel Halloran rushes over to try and
number eight Lee Abbott a quiet place
though young Bo’s death really does tug
at the heartstrings we don’t really get
to know him before he’s taken away from
the Abbott family and our screens as
such we’ve picked the untimely demise of
patriarch Lee who’s a strong protector
that truly loves his family said in a
post-apocalyptic world where sounds
attract sightless monsters to kill
living things the climax of a quiet
place sees Lee making the ultimate
sacrifice when he attempts to distract
one of the creatures off of his kids
this allows Regan and Marcus to escape
and go back to their mother and newborn
sibling only for them to have to
number 7 Nancy Thompson a Nightmare on
Elm Street 3 the dream warriors Freddie
really has a twisted sense of humor the
third film in the series takes place
within a mental hospital housing the
surviving children of the people who
originally killed Krueger
Nancy is back from the original
Nightmare on Elm Street as she attempts
to form a dream team capable of taking
Freddie down for good after surviving
multiple encounters Krueger lures Nancy
crossed over princess
cost over to Nancy’s credit she refuses
to be defeated even after a fatal
stabbing and returns the favor by
verse 6 Seth Brundle the fly will be the
ultimate family together one body David
Cronenberg’s 1986 remake of the film by
the same name the fly follows Seth
Brundle a highly intelligent but
eccentric scientist who holds the key to
instant teleportation with the
experiments kinks seemingly ironed out
Seth decides to use himself as a test
subject unfortunately a fly gets into
one of the pods causing its DNA to fuse
with Seth’s as the film progresses
Seth’s mental capacity slowly
deteriorates and he transforms into a
terrifying human insect hybrid
desperate to survive Seth tries to fuse
with his girlfriend and their unborn
baby but ends up mixed with a metal
frame instead and then pitifully begs
for death
number five Carrie White
Carrie just in case someone missed the
memo bullying is bad and can lead to
dire consequences Carrie is based on the
Stephen King novel and stars Sissy
Spacek as the victimized title character
treated like dirt by her classmates and
terrorized by her horrible mother Kari
reaches her last straw when she’s
crowned prom queen only to have pig’s
blood dumped on her suffice it to say
everyone in that gym dies painfully
after Mommy Dearest literally stabs her
in the back
Carrie loses control and burns the house
down with both of them still in it
number four Samantha I am Legend dog
lovers you might want to look away for
this one believing that he is the last
remaining human dr. Robert Neville
spends his days trying to find a cure
for the virus that’s killed most of the
population and turned the rest into
vampiric mutants with no other human in
New York City Neville’s German Shepherd
Sam who originally belonged to his
daughter helps keep his loneliness at
bay one day Neville is caught in a trap
forcing Sam to defend him from the
infected dark seekers while successful
the dog is bitten and has to be put down
by Neville making the moment even worse
Sam is strangled to death
number three everyone in the car the
mist the term jumping the gun was
seemingly coined specifically for this
moment the mist centers around a group
of survivors who gather in a grocery
store due to the onset of a mysterious
mist concealing creatures that kill
anyone unlucky enough to be exposed the
film ends with David his son Billy and a
few other survivors leaving the store in
a car before eventually running out of
gas instead of being eaten alive they
decide to shoot themselves leaving David
once everyone besides David is dead
because he runs out of bullets the US
Army shows up to reveal the creatures
were defeated five minutes was literally
the difference between life and death
number two georgie den bro it well at
least we now know that the boat floats
in both the 1990 and 2017 version
Stephen King’s it starts off with one of
the most haunting deaths in horror
history Georgie is a sweet kid who just
wants to play in the rain when his
brothers paper sailboat falls into the
sewer thankfully Pennywise the clown is
around to help Georgie retrieve his toy
instantly bonding over the smell of
popcorn their budding friendship is cut
short when Pennywise bites Georgie’s arm
clean off and drags him into the sewer
before we unveil our number one pick
people process grief in different ways
although most would probably avoid
resurrecting their loved ones as
deranged zombies Lewis is a doctor who
learns about a pet graveyard capable of
bringing animals back to life tragedy
strikes when gage Louis’s innocent young
son is run over by a truck unable to
accept what happened the doctor ignores
multiple warnings and revives gage by
burying his body in the cemetery the boy
returns as a malevolent zombie and with
the exception of his father butchers his
family at that point
Lewis has no choice but to kill gauge
and that plot summary pretty much speaks
for itself
as far as emotional devastation is
concerned do you agree with our picks
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