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Top 10 PlayStation Fails

this gaming brand has made its fair
share of mistakes welcome to and today we’ll be
counting down the top 10 biggest
PlayStation fails number 10 puzzling
advertisements let’s kick off our list
with a head scratcher that still
occupies a dark place in our memories
sure every company is entitled to a few
bad ads but Sony spent a hundred and
fifty million dollars on its PlayStation
3 marketing blitz and all they did was
give us the heebie-jeebies demonic baby
dolls Rubik’s cubes a man laughing with
a gun in the bathtub what does it mean
why would I want to own this console all
we’re gonna say is thank God for Kevin
Butler number 9 mascot confusion
Nintendo has always had Mario an Xbox
has always had Master Chief it’s that
however Sony’s PlayStation brand has
experimented with several mascots for
each of their Hardware iterations we’re
paying our respects to you Crash
Bandicoot Spyro the Dragon and jak and
daxter let’s just hope that ratchet &
clank sackboy Nathan Drake and Kratos
aren’t just fads number 8
legacy controller layout fanboys are
going to throw a fit but many of us know
that it’s time for a change
Sony has kept their hand cramping
controller design intact since the mid
90s while we’re happy about Rumble being
restored after the ps3 launched this
thing badly needs a facelift seriously
why would the d-pad continue to get
primary placement over the analog stick
number 7 the PlayStation Move we’re not
saying that we don’t like this piece of
motion control hardware what we’re
saying is that it’s a little too similar
to what was done by the Nintendo Wii
albeit with a glowing clown nose
in any case numbers don’t lie and the
Xbox is Kinect has outsold the move by a
ratio of five to one number six ps3
Hardware downgrades when the ps3
launched it was an extremely expensive
beast but the deal was sweetened by the
fact that you could use Linux off it and
play your old ps2 games both of these
options have been removed much to our
dismay number 5 PS threes price tag the
ps2 was the best-selling console of all
time so we all figured that the ps3
would pick up where its older brother
left off unfortunately nothing stops
momentum like an outrageous launch price
most gamers draw the line when it gets
up over 500 bucks for the base model
number for inferior ports this is what
happens when you give your system an
unconventional CPU design and half the
of the older xbox360 despite the
potential of the cell processor to
deliver visuals beyond those found on
Microsoft’s console this would only
happen for first party games as a result
most of its multi-platform ports have
always looked and played better
elsewhere see valves refusal to work on
the console and the Skyrim memory
nightmare for recent examples number 3
UMD and piracy back in 2005 Sony thought
it would be a great idea to use
proprietary game discs on their
PlayStation Portable
however these open the door to
unexpected levels of piracy that many
say killed the console this turned off
both game developers and movie studios
that had been releasing films in the
format even worse these discs and their
enclosures were very fragile took
forever to load and cause the PSP to
drink up its battery mega fast number 2
the PSP go making the shortlist is the
ill-fated follow-up to the PSP in which
the handheld was tweaked to remove the
use of the aforementioned um DS and
depend on downloadable titles this
sucker didn’t last long due in no small
part to its inability to use physical
media and costing an arm and a leg
it was way ahead of its time and while
that may be endearing to some to us it’s
a big fat fail number one PlayStation
Network hacked taking the top spot on
our list is the infamous security breach
of 2011 I don’t know what a bigger fail
is that the PlayStation Network was
hacked or that it took so long for Sony
to warn us that our credit card
information may have been compromised in
either case it was a big downer for
online gaming and forever damaged the
trust in the PlayStation brand fail
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