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Top 10 Badass Women in Anime #InternationalWomensDay

anime may be the best place to find
women who turn the classic damsel in
distress trope upside down and then kick
it in the head did you take oh good
doodle that you’ll get your pen but I
took a look dioxin I gotta go back on
Kobol kissed a hickey busted
welcome to and today we’re
counting down our picks for the top 10
badass women in anime
for this list we’re looking at women in
anime who can do more than build their
own at whatever hardships come their way
it’s a coyote not a vet accomplishments
attitudes and overall awesomeness will
all be taken into account
scrap yourselves in people bullets have
no effect on then go over their upper
jaws if we can get rid of those at least
we won’t be eaten number 10
psycho busu Jima High School of the Dead
this anime will give you two things in
abundance boobs and zombies god you reek
I know you’re dead but is a little
hygiene too much to us among the largely
proportioned ladies none are more
capable and vicious than psycho when the
dead start to walk and be stunned
omitting most run for the hills or take
up firearms not this kendo student as
the survivors travel across the city in
order to find shelter psychos weapon of
choice remains her signature Bokan
bashing in the heads of every undead she
comes across with both discipline and
precision physics-defying breasts or not
there’s no denying that psycho is the
companion of choice for a zombie
apocalypse oh shit sorry psycho okay
number 9 Nico Robin one piece huh you’re
full of confidence what’s your specialty
killing when we first met Robin she was
nothing more than a hinge min of the
fearsome pirate warlord known as
crocodile just stop asking questions all
you have to do is show me where it is
sure she was charismatic and had a
really awesome it’s bizarre devil fruit
power that wasn’t exactly outstanding
then he burned her backstory for
heartbreaking tear-jerking backstory a
devil like you shouldn’t even exist
what Nikko Robbins here we’re at Heinz
hang town get her into the government
condemned for death by the world
government as a child she is a true
survivor who held on to the dying words
of her father to keep smiling even in
the face of overwhelming hostility
not to mention that her captor led to
one of the most action-packed arcs in
all of one piece I’ve already warned you
to move number eight toka Kirishima
Tokyo ghoul
condom Oh uncle living as a fool isn’t
easy especially when you’re trying to
retain what remains of your humanity
Austin Yugi huh Akuma skorca start up
the chorus in IE starting off as a cold
but collected individual toka found
shelter in the horrors of her past and
her constant hunger for flesh and her
day job as a waitress while she began to
grow warmer as her relationship with ken
kaneki crew she’s not without her beasts
hillside possessing an abject hatred for
the CCG after they killed her parents in
a series where everyone seems to be on
the precipice of turning into a
merciless monster humans and ghouls
alike coca remains one of the few
fighting for a chance at a peaceful life
number seven Claire Claymore
Theresa was certainly a badass in her
own right but in the end her successor
made our list due to her overwhelming
willpower not to mention the fact that
she’s one of time do you really think a
hostage will have any effect on me
killing you after watching her Guardian
being murdered by the awakened being
Priscilla Clare becomes a Claymore with
the sole purpose of exacting her revenge
initially regarded as the weakest member
of the organization over the series run
her strength increased to the point
where she was on par with even the most
deadly of warriors
don’t let that cold front of hers fool
you should you push her enough you’ll
awaken a beast that will carve you into
before you even know it
what’d I do
number six versus scarlet fairy tale I
really had a great time today it was
she went from child slave to one of the
strongest mages in all of the land this
is oh my fault I need one of you to come
and hit me for my penance forced by her
possessed childhood friend to build the
fearsome Tower of heaven Mirza
eventually managed to escape her
captivity finding her way to the Fairy
Tail guild from there she would rise to
become an s-class mage and one hell of a
with her magical ability known as we
quick she has access to a seemingly
endless series of armors and weapons
each possessing their own devastating
abilities this also includes ones that
are a little provocative but whatever
she’s a stoic warrior with a soft heart
and a tragic past
and you can bet she will defend her
adoptive family to the bitter end I told
you I’ve cast off all my fears including
you number five Mikasa Ackerman attack
on Titan
in a world long gone we’re gigantic
humanoids roamed the earth and feast
upon whatever they find UF Mikasa a
member of the survey Corps she doesn’t
just kill Titans she eviscerates them
she was hailed as the strongest of the
cores new recruits and her fieldwork
certainly backs that up due to a bloody
past involving the death of her mother
picasa is an intimidating and stoic
individual having no qualms about
threatening other humans in order to
complete her mission that word gonna
come from beyond the grave
the only real emotional connection she
has is with Aaron mess with him and
chances are you gonna find yourself torn
to ribbons by this very very protective
lady friend
number four Yuko my toy kill lack kill
for choice and armor maybe a little on
the revealing side but trying to go up
against this rebel isn’t a good idea if
you value your life plus the costume is
explained in the cannon you won’t find a
more stubborn soul in this extremely
wacky series and trust us none of these
characters are on the subtle side of
things to wear ain’t none of your
you’re cheating oh trying to distract me
with your sexiness it’s not my fault I
fit in search for her father’s murderer
ryuko takes up the sentient life fire
uniform and openly battles the
dictatorship that is the student council
stubborn as hell
ryuko will always stand up to anyone in
her way no matter how badly the odds are
stacked against her
number three Android 18 Dragon Ball Z
she literally broke Vegeta what more
reason to you need what’s going to take
to get through to you Vegeta you have
been beaten one of two androids created
to assassinate Goku 18 was a literal
killing machine who took great pleasure
in exterminating humanity however she
found herself suddenly switching sides
when she and her brother were hunted by
the horrific cell after being nearly
digested she was freed by the Z fighters
and became part of their powerhouse
family she even ended up marrying
Crillon of all people enter Krillin
I will why not hmm
despite switching to the side of good
and taking a back seat to focus more on
being a mother she was still an
impressive fighter not many can say they
took on two Super Saiyans at once are
you ready go ten yeah
number two ready
Black Lagoon he asked me here’s no
different from piss that stuff will
never get you drunk a real man takes
room rebby is a woman of simple tastes
all she cares about is stealing smoking
getting drunk and shooting down anyone
who gets in her way
she’s the sociopathic gunslinger serves
as the muscle of the lagoon company and
while she may be terrible at taking
orders she is in her element when it
comes to life-or-death situations from
hunting down Nazis kicking on all manner
of bounty hunters at assassins not to
mention participating in an epic
one-on-one duel with an ex aku’s a
member rebby is a foul-mouthed basket
case who would put a bullet through
everyone in the world in order to get
what she wanted and we kind of love her
for it
I thought the commander might surprise
us and actually show some balls but I
guess I was wrong these guys are all the
same pathetic till the end before we
reveal our number one pick here a few
honorable mentions now I gotcha
I won’t let you rape me either
when it’s just us the colonel calls me
by my first name Riza so you two are
that close are you I lied but it was
still very nice of you to fall for it
Envy number one Scarlett Johansson I
motoko kusanagi ghost in the shell’
stand alone complex
the net may be truly vast and infinite
but there’s no other character we would
want to lead us into that battle
commonly refer to as major she’s an
integral part of public security section
9 they can believe when it comes to
dangerous specop missions
as an Augmented cybernetic human Motoko
possesses far greater strength and
endurance than most
you put a firearm in her hand and she’ll
take out whatever target comes her way
her cyber ization has made her less
emotionally inclined than others but she
definitely still has feelings on the
inside I can’t get a feel for it from
the police files they’re too dry thanks
a lot
do you agree with our list which female
anime character do you think was the
most badass
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