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Top 10 Anticipated Anime This Summer 2018

the sun’s out so what better time to
coop up and watch anime welcome to and today we’ll be
counting down our picks for the top ten
before we begin we publish new content
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this list we’ll be looking at the series
that we’re most eager to watch now that
summer season has finally arrived same
rules as before as long as they aren’t
carrying over from spring or any
previous season they’re more than
eligible for consideration keep in mind
we won’t be including shows that have
already gotten started so apologies to
fully Coulee progressive please don’t
kill us Haruka number 10 serious the
Jaeger whiskey shuttle run by your
Donuts will update abuse those pesky
vampires are at it again
only this time it looks like they’re
actually being presented as creatures to
be feared as the bloodsuckers set out to
complete their dark machinations they
find themselves set up by a mysterious
group of hunters known as the jaegers
who look like they aren’t interested in
taking prisoners
you know sir I care not short hard to
believe that the guys that brought us
angel beats and sack request are
number nine Angels of Death after
awakening in an abandoned building with
no memory of her capture
Rachel finds herself flung into a game
of life and death her only companion in
this nightmare is a young man named
Isaac Foster who just so happens to be
coated in bandages and comes armed with
a giant scythe while this anime
certainly has the potential to take it
in towards the edgy side hopefully the
horror aspects as well as the
relationship between Isaac and Rachel
keeps things interesting number 8
becky bug shield we read in junior Rico
through another day another Netflix
exclusive now let’s hope this one lives
up to the quality of recent hits like
devil man and a gret Zuko which
shouldn’t be too hard given that they’ve
got Becky the freaking grappler on their
payroll yes the macho icon is returning
for yet another adaptation and from the
sounds of it it’s going to be brutal as
hell before he gets a chance to square
off against his all-powerful father
Becky must defeat five death row inmates
once who are so strong that they’re
desperate for a challenge we can hear
those bones breaking already yes shake
us on daily life
after all these years it looks like odd
jobs ginn are about to finally close up
shop continuing from the hiatus earlier
this year this series looks to complete
the silver soul
arc and from the looks of things shit is
about to get real with Otero inching
closer to its goal of creating a
universal war it’s down to kintoki
and all this Allies to end him once and
for all criminal kumoi washer you can we
expect the same old ganks that we’ve
come to adore will the gang be able to
protect Ito from the Amano invaders
Wilkin managed to top all of his
previously epic fight scenes we can’t
wait to find out for Norfolk leave your
portal number 6 banana fish a brutal
crime thriller focusing on the vicious
exploits of a sex slave Ted enforcer are
you sure this is anime after escaping
the devilish clutches of his crime lord
foster father / groomer ash lynx finds
himself heading one of New York’s most
notorious gangs all the while becoming
embroiled in a deadly mystery around the
Enigma known as banana fish hopefully
this adaptation of the acclaimed manga
won’t skip out on all its hard core
subject matter while also taking great
care to develop the iconic relationship
between ash and his romantic interest
Asia all this and it’s by the team that
stunning visuals and outrageous comedy
look to go hand-in-hand with this one
after finding himself unintentionally
joining his University’s diving Club
Yuri’s dream of a classic college
experience is shattered when he finds
himself bonding with a group of
over-the-top party goers who have no
idea what direction to take in life as
it happens the diving Club turns out to
be the one thing that can help them find
their passion in between all the booze
filled mischief of course let’s hope
number four middle management Chronicle
Tony Gower
squashy cozy new I’m unite go I’m not
anymore coming over overnight ever
wondered held the Chairman’s
smooth-talking second-in-command managed
to get himself such a high position in
at AI corporation neither did we
but now we get to find out anyway well
Tony gawa has always been something of a
bastard he was by far one of Carnegie’s
most intriguing antagonists and we’d be
lying if we weren’t interested to see
how Tony Gower outwitted and deceived
David one can only imagine what and who
he had to outwit to survive entails
corrupt wilt but if there’s one man who
can do it it’s the master of D
motivational speeches
taking one weight on a hollow we’re
doing a okay show some of them on my 30
us and show me at the rock
sister she knows who’s gettin done she
turn a tonsil number three free dived to
the future
the boys are back and ready to hit the
pool yet again prepare yourself ladies
from the looks of things Haruka and the
rest have left high school behind them
and looks set to dive headfirst into the
pants they’re going to take on the
college swimming scene maybe even the
world stage as long as we see Haruka
cussing through the water like a bullet
as well as copious amounts of the
beautiful Majesty that is Mikoto we’re
eins all gone isn’t only a breath away
from conquering the vast fantasy world
he inhabits but also 2018 given how he
somehow London two seasons in the same
year masquerading as the ruler of Nezzer
ik as well as a now iconic adventurer
Ernst has practically everyone singing
his praises
especially best Gil albedo of course not
everything’s right in paradise
as we can expect the undead Lord to
tackle with magical forces from opposing
kingdoms and nations not to mention the
mysterious force that sealed him in the
RPG world to begin with might so be
before we unveil our topic need some
honorable mentions
if I can use the mode number one attack
turns out that the real monsters are
inside the walls even with the threat of
the beast Titan and enemy Titan shifters
looming the survey Corps find themselves
facing a new and immediately dangerous
enemy in the form of throat slasher
Kenny and his merrie posse of
gun-slinging assassins aside from the
vast amount of killing we can expect the
political intrigue and conspiracy side
of things to be on the heavy side this
season if there’s two things we can
count on its Levi being a boss and Aaron
getting captured again do you agree with
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