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Top 10 Anime Fights of 2017

the new year is in sight so what better
way to celebrate than by looking back at
the times when anime characters kick the
crap out of each other
welcome to and today we’re
counting down our picks for the top 10
anime fights of 2017 you know you and I
aren’t all that different you’re
shackled to your family day and night
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more great content for this list we’ll
be taking a look at the battles between
anime characters that took place over
the course of 2017 and ranking them on
just how epic emotional and just plain
badass the conflicts were as you might
expect be on the lookout for a few
spoilers down the line number 10 guts
vs. grumbled berserk
okay here is out yes 20-17 Spisak anim
still has subpar animation that really
damages his credibility as a true sequel
to the 1997 masterpiece that being said
do you know how long manga readers have
been waiting to see the Berserker armor
make an on-screen appearance watching
guts to come to his rage and just go to
town on the dragon apostle grumbled was
quite the sight just goes to show that
guts as badassery exceeds far
beyond that of poor animation
number nine I’ll tear this is everyone
three creators
world’s literally collide as characters
from anime manga and videogames all
unite to take down one woman who is just
too Opie for her own good
with the goal of destroying the real
world out of grief following the death
of her own creator Altai goes toe to toe
with the likes of soldiers Knights
magical girls and even a giant freakin
well in any other series this would seem
like a bit much the fact that the whole
brawl essentially boils down to deadly
fanfiction makes it oddly compelling if
you ever wanted to see what would happen
if Black Rock Shooter went on a
super-powered rampage it would probably
look something like this
number eight Kirito this is AG sword art
online the movie ordinal scale
Kirito and his god mode are back which
can only spell doom for all other
players involved after entering the
augmented reality video game known as
ordinal scale it isn’t long before he
and his beloved asana discovered that a
darker plot is underway
this lead security so clashing swords
with the second strongest player and
despite being a brief exchange the
swordplay and animation here actually
pay off rather world due to its fluidity
we all knew that Kirito was going to win
no matter what but at least he gave us
the courtesy of making the fight seem
interesting this time three only are
three marketeer can you can i number-7
luffy vs Sanji one-piece fight back the
tears in one of the most emotional
moments in the entire series which is
saying a lot the chef of the straw hats
ends up kicking his captain to the curb
of course the real tragedy here is that
Sanji has been forced into this
predicament by his douchebag family this
of course doesn’t make the site of luffy
letting himself get pummeled any easier
and just when you thought it was over
Sanji breaks down after hurting his
comrade despite him not even raising a
fist like he did against big mum’s
cronies this battle truly showed lufia
is best number six burrito and Mitsuki
this is she Zoomer
boruto naruto next generations harkening
back to the glory days of the original
Naruto series this confrontation reminds
us that a battle between ninja doesn’t
have to have the fate of the world
hanging in the balance to be awesome in
order to quell the bloodthirsty she’s
must revolution burrito and Mitsuki
employ all the shinobi tricks they have
in their arsenal
the parallels to Naruto’s first battle
with Sabitha are on full display here
and just like his father
boruto manages to make this small-scale
clash exceptionally enjoyable thanks to
his determination and some damn good
animation the fact that she’s ma is
basically kisame Junior doesn’t here
either we miss that shark man
number-5 kintoki versus Kamui Gintama
series the action scenes in this
franchise much like its humor
don’t hold back in the slightest though
we have to admit this might just be the
most brutal scuffle in this show’s
history in a bid to prove himself the
strongest kagura’s brother nearly ends
up killing their father only for the
white demon to enter the fray where the
two proceeded to literally tear each
other to pieces bones are broken faces
are pulverized these two go through more
pain that we think most shown and
characters do in a whole series Haugen
managed to come out of this one we may
never know because it looked like it
oma in Kedah barrage number four sig vs.
Lancer of red fate Apocrypha just when
you thought the fate this couldn’t
possibly get more over the top Apocrypha
brings us a battle so stunningly
animated we certainly won’t be
forgetting it for a very long time
promising to fulfill his oath to saber
of black karna takes on our hero in the
deadliest light show in history these
two combatants spam a storm of noble
phantasms that make even the Gate of
Babylon look like child’s play we
thought we saw all the best fights of
the year already but this one managed to
sneak in right at the end
number three Aaron vs. Reina attack on
Titan it’s fair to say that the armored
and colossal Titan caused a lot of
damage during the early days of the
series Hank they led the assault that
caused the walls to be smashed in you
think that would be bad enough but then
the twist is revealed they were actually
Rainer and Berthold all along eventually
our boy Aaron is a little pissed that
his friends are traitors and just like
that we have our heavyweight title fight
in terms of size and scope seeing these
two pummel each other made for quite the
number two meet areia this is Todoroki
my hero academia I will defeat you using
only my right side raising the bar for
tournament arcs everywhere this face-off
between two upcoming superheroes wasn’t
only a feast for the eyes but another
reminder of why me Turia is such an
amazing character despite each use of
his quick causing severe backlash Deku
presses on all in a bid to get Todoroki
to accept both halves of its power and
truly give it is all it’s fair to say
this plan works as the two eventually
throw everything they have at each other
with an elemental rampage taking on the
full force of one for all the battle
against stain was brilliant in its own
way but nothing can top this exchange
never won Goku vs. jiren Dragon Ball
we can’t exaggerate how amazing the
battle between Goku and the obscenely
powerful jiren is our favorite saying
goes through every transformation he has
but is still beaten by jeering at every
turn burn as it’s proven time and time
again you can always count on Goku to
come back swinging unlocking the
newfound power of ultra instinct
suddenly the battle is on almost equal
footing with the two even leaving the
audience of gods in or it may not have
ended the way universe 7 had hoped but
this fight more than lived up to the
Dragon Ball battles of old
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