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Avengers: Endgame Trailer Breakdown

hey guys welcome to and
rue and today we’re breaking down the
brand spanking new Avengers endian
trailer that came out not not very long
ago no in the am in the am so it sells
Gazi was like a thousand years ago I
fought my way out of that cave became
and we said no more surprises but I was
really hoping to pull off one last one
okay so what’s going on here dresses so
from the looks of this it seems like
Tony Stark is echoing something that a
lot of the fans were saying about the
last trailer in which we see nebula and
Iron Man kind of building something
while they’re still trapped in space and
fans were basically saying okay this is
very reminiscent of Tony being trapped
in that cave he’s gonna figure out a way
to fix this situation based on the
materials that he has he’s gonna build
something that’ll help them and get them
back to earth and this scene is
basically almost confirming that it
seems like they’re making that
connection as well you know but wringing
it back to the beginning
bringing it back to the beginning Tony
saved himself in that situation
how will he save himself in this
situation well wouldn’t nebula has she
like ditched him doesn’t she know she’s
she’s in that shot too and you know
nebula is a living machine basically so
I’m pretty sure she’s also gonna be
useful building whatever it is that gets
them home because she arrived on Titan
in her stolen ship yes which he I think
smashes into Titan yeah totally graduate
that thing how did the guardians get too
tight wouldn’t there should be usable
where’s that what there that’s what
they’re in they’re in earth that’s what
they’re in right now so that seems to be
how they were planning on getting off
the planet run out of fuel run out of
oxygen they’re kind of just drifting
into space and they need to find a way
to use the available materials to get
okay this so this is cool to me this is
um Liberty Island obviously but there
are usually anywhere near this many
ships on Liberty Island and I think this
is definitely present
yeah it’s obviously present-day there
you not so it’s like Liberty Island it’s
some kind of like gathering point
yes I’m sort of safe-haven maybe I mean
it doesn’t look like people were too
careful about parking their boats no
they’re kind of all just screwed around
in the in the sea and or in the in the
river rather it’s really interesting to
see like how they’re gonna use New York
when the movie has such a galactic scale
right we’re gonna be probably jumping
from dimensions and through time and
through planets and stuff so it’s nice
to see that they’re still gonna be like
a grounded New York City arc for this
so you had you had something that you
wanted yeah this so on Twitter people
were blowing up oh my god that’s gonna
be Kate Bishop the next Hawkeye for
anyone familiar with the Hawkeye comics
specifically the Matt Fraction arc from
a few years ago
Kate bishop is another hawkeye kind of
like the sidekick sort of but a hero in
her own right takes up the name hawkeye
is a talented arrow user just like the
first Hawkeye obviously and I feel like
a lot of people do want to see that
character make an appearance in the MCU
she is a fan favorite but if you look
closely like you can see this is just
family this is just his family this is
to set up the fact that like most people
have already guests his family probably
went away in the snap okay so he could a
lot that doesn’t mean he’s lost half of
his family he could have lost this
entire family
yeah 50% of the population that doesn’t
mean it’s 50% of what connected to
everything you know any right it seems
like a weird connection to make but in
the HBO series the leftovers which deals
with a kind of similar thing where a
bunch of the population disappears not
50% but a smaller number some people
lose nobody at all some people’s lives
are completely unchanged but there’s a
character on the show who loses her
entire family her husband and two
children so I feel like they’re playing
a little bit with that dynamic that
maybe Hawkeye was particularly unlucky
in the snap which well I think so too
because then the literally the next shot
is like look how happy your family is oh
look now you’re you know miserable and
upset and have a bad haircut because you
know this is Ronin which everybody knows
from previous trailers and yes you know
we’ll talk about the hair because in
this shot it looks fine
it’s a sweat yeah but we’ll get in there
yeah but yeah so obviously he’s upset
that he’s lost his family and he’s
unless there’s some kind of time travel
parallel dimension which is that theory
people have I think this is just him
taking out his anger on Mike
I keep telling everybody they should
so here we got ant-man who a lot of
people are theorizing you know he’s
gonna be jumping through time the last
we saw of a man in the post-credits
sequence from a man and the wasp he is
seemingly lost in the quantum realm as
he’s in there the you know backing cast
of Hank Pym and hope Van Dyne and Janet
Van Dyne all evaporate in the decimation
so it seems like all is lost for a man
the last trailer kind of gave away that
he would be back but there was a lot of
speculation online yeah a little dated
yes the date thing maybe he’s lost in
time maybe he’s not in the president and
he’s trying to communicate through time
this shot makes it pretty clear that at
some point he will be in the present
because all these missing people yet
posters he’s kind of learning about the
decimation from the news and that’s kind
of really sad I know there’s something
particularly distressing but people put
missing posters I guess they but like I
don’t know maybe it’s just first
cinematic purposes but I feel like you
internet so that’s a brings up something
really interesting about this movie is
that we’re dealing with something super
traumatic right if half the world’s
population just disappeared that would
be like a catastrophe unlike anything
we’ve ever seen right Society would
cause Society would likely collapse
people that had seen cats and started
living together I mean that would be one
positive see that to see the animals
getting along but like just to just to
think about how will a movie about
superheroes fighting a giant purple guy
reckon with this like very sad very
depressing premise that they’ve set up
to bring it back to the leftovers
weirdly that’s a super depressing show
which deals with even fewer people
disappearing from the face of the earth
so I’m really curious to see how this
movie handles the premise that they’ve
set up while still being like a fun like
Marvel movie right
small chance we owe this everyone who’s
not in this room to try
we will okay this is fully not the same
haircut it is it’s just wet it’s just
like before it expired me yeah yeah
that’s so that’s what man I have long
hair when your hair gets wet it doesn’t
just look shorter if anything your hair
looks longer when it’s wet because it
gets all like yeah it’s like to this
it’s just you’re seeing the undercut
from the other side I don’t know I’m not
a hair expert like somebody else cuts my
hair but like I what do you guys think
let us know in the comments what do you
think of these hair this is the
important we’re asking the important
questions right
whatever it takes
so headcount roll call okay let’s very
simple I’ll just name who’s not there
okay we don’t see Rocket Raccoon
however after some some close analysis
of previous trailers he’s there he’s
just below the camera line he’s not
hiding anything look at the Super Bowl
trailer rocket is in this shot so rocket
is here yeah he’s just not you don’t see
us two people that are very clearly not
here our Thor in Captain America but
let’s talk a little bit about who is
here there’s there’s Tony Stark back
with the I mean presumably Nebula is
there he’s there but yeah he’s back with
the team right and look everyone knew
that Tony Stark was gonna make it back
to her it’s no holy oh he survived that
of course he did so I’m not surprised
that they at least showed us a little
glimpse of it I am however surprised
that we get like the team up shot in
that trailer let’s talk a little bit
about who’s not there and that’s the
were in Captain Marvel which are you
know I mean they’re just probably gonna
be split off doing something I mean
maybe because they don’t need suits and
stuff they don’t get to be in the you
know the right stuff shot yeah but yes
exactly they may but maybe they’ve
already gone up ahead maybe there’s
somewhere else but it is interesting
that they’re not so the previous movie
Infinity Ward did a really good job of
like splintering the Avengers into these
groups and then cutting to and from what
was going on in those groups here we
have like a pretty solid list of
Avengers and following their story will
be pretty straightforward because it
seems like they’re all together so we’ll
probably be cutting between whatever
these guys are doing which we’ll talk
about in a second and whatever Captain
Marvel and Thor are doing and that
pairing makes sense because if you’ve
seen Captain Marvel you know that she’s
like very very powerful in power and you
know Kevin Feige has come out and said
oh you know Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
is the most powerful character in the
MCU Thor fans took issue with that
well hey he’s like a God who has this
awesome weapon like where how is their
power gonna play off each other who’s
really more powerful and that seems like
they’re gonna be exploring that in this
I think they’re gonna do any fights
though like I don’t know I were he
wasn’t gonna fight each other I kinda
hope not too because I’m getting kind of
tired of the first time people need a
fight yeah I don’t think so but cuz they
did an Infiniti they yeah they did do it
Infinity Ward the trope is is well
played out but we did see briefly at the
end of Captain Marvel the first scene of
her joining the Avengers and maybe a big
fight breaks out after that I hope
nothing probably not
but pairing those two up as it seems
like they will be doing is I think a
smart move just to give people a clear
indication of like how Carroll’s powers
stack up next to Thor’s yeah oh and the
other important thing about this shot
these suits what do you what do you
think about these suits
okay we disagree I think I mean it could
be wrong and so could I maybe it’s
nothing maybe they’re their pajamas
maybe I just like to like their pajamas
so yeah maybe like hey we all need to be
the same colors weird no these look a
lot like what you usually see just
standard space suits look like for the
Avengers it’s always like white and red
and then there’s just like the torso
missing to show some of the costume
underneath but usually in the comics and
the cartoons it’s these are just typical
space suits so that’s what I think that
so your theories I think they’re getting
on a spaceship I think they’re looking
on a jet plane so my theory and it’s you
know something that a lot of people have
been talking about on the Internet
cannot take credit for this theory is
that these are actually quantum realm
suits similar to the one that we saw in
ant-man and the wasp that Hank Pym wears
to go into the quantum realm to save
Janet because the color scheme is very
similar some of the design choices are
very similar like the shoulder pads here
there’s just a lot of similarities and
given the fact that we know the quantum
realm will have to play a role because
that’s where ant-man
is as far as we know I think that it
ties in nicely at the same time space
also very important could be part of it
so it remains to be seen
I’m personally putting my money on these
are quantum realm suits but they’re
gonna get they’re gonna do so because
people speculate that there’s gonna be
time travel
so it’s gonna be wrapped up so you think
like this this might just be like
they’re just getting into a big spinny
thing yeah they’re getting into some
machines similar to what we saw in a man
and wasp say use the quantum realm to do
some form of time travel and then we’re
in the suits because it’s like yeah
maybe I hope there’s not time travel
there might be
you’re probably there for there’s almost
almost certain
I like this one
I liked brie Larson in Captain Marvel I
just don’t think the trailers did it
just this I thought she was kind of fun
and she’s kind of made her like her
little smirk slash squinty eye thing
like a thing other thing yeah it’s like
just a emote that she does yeah it’s
yeah I agree and like like we talked a
little bit about it already but I think
this little bite at the end of the
trailer is setting up these two
eventually going off what they will be
doing I don’t know you probably need to
be pretty powerful to do it because they
did send the two most powerful Avengers
away so whatever it is that these two
are doing it’ll probably be pretty
important I likely expect to see Thor
have more of an active role in this
movie not that he wasn’t active in
Infinity Ward but just he was doing his
own his arc was I need to go get
something so that I can do something
also one big omission before I conclude
no fats no Thanos no Thanos trailer like
we’ve had we barely seen we saw a little
bit of like a sausage and Matti saw his
armor hanging in the Scarecrow pose but
besides that there’s no way no fan of
sin okay let’s talk a little bit about
that do you think that’s because Dan
OSes arc in this movie is wildly
different than it was in the last movie
is there anything that like they don’t
want us to know because it would be a
spoiler I mean he was all banged up at
the end
infinichi more so maybe they want to
fade there anything in a show him he’s
either still gonna be banging up or
healthy again and they don’t want to
show it maybe he’s like fully retired
like they’re gonna find him and he’s in
like flip-flops and you know board
shorts hmm you know and he’s just like
sipping drinks on a beach you know maybe
let me see that
I think cuz I don’t think vanos is gonna
like he’s the main villain obviously but
I don’t think he’s gonna be like in this
movie through it okay cuz last movie
very much was a fan owes me he was in it
more than anyone else I think he had
like the most screen time of any
character I thought was gonna be a
little bit off to the side other things
are gonna happen and then they’re only
gonna get to him towards like the middle
interesting yeah one thing I’d like to
add before we finish is that we know if
you’re a fan of Marvel movies at all you
know that these trailers will lie to
your face
so anything that we’ve talked about in
this trailer breakdown could have been
added taken out characters added in
characters taken out so come movie time
if you notice that none of these scenes
are the means have been wildly changed
it wouldn’t have been the first time
guys thank you so much for joining us
for this trailer breakdown like to thank
Andrew for joining me as always and
movies right around the corner let us
know in the comments what you’re looking
forward most to seeing in Avengers end game see you next time
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