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Attack on Titan: 5 Things to Remember Before Season 3 Part 2

will the bloodshed ever end probably not
I’m Ashley with WatchMojo and these are
the top five things to remember before
attack on Titan season 3 part 2
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this list we’re taking a look at the
plot points you should remember before
going into the second half of this
season of attack on Titan at least if
you’re an anime only fan if you’re a
manga fan then you already know what the
hell I’m talking about but in the end it
all came to nothing I couldn’t change
anything I’m merely a bystander number 5
the government is overthrown keeping
Humanity in the shadows while indulging
in their own greed the higher-ups really
didn’t have that much love for the
masses considering the crap they pulled
for the rice family and even installed a
fake King that they could control at
will Evan Smith do you have any last
words of course there’s no problem that
you and Smith can’t solve I’ll shut your
mouth you stupid oaf staging a coup
d’etat exposing the nobility anything
getting the majority of the other
regiments on his site Aaron’s triumph in
this moment is monumental even if he is
unsure of how things will turn out now
that the proverbial genie is out of the
wait you don’t seem happy
I’m thinking humanity is on a new path
one far more dangerous than the last
number four Reiner and battles imminent
return we may not have seen much of
these boys this past season but that
doesn’t mean that they aren’t gearing up
for a rematch
Reiner following their defeat against
the Beast Titan the enigmatic shifter
pretty much declares respect my
authority and recruits that too to help
carry out his plans retrieving the
coordinate is our priority and if we
wait right here well it’ll come to us on
its own what is his endgame what hold
does he have over the other two traitors
what unholy task will he give them next
chances are a lot of these questions are
going to result in a lot of people
number three the rice family meet the
puppet masters the royal family hiding
the terrible truth regarding the true
nature and origin of the titans the
voice of this founding Titan reached out
to touch the people’s hearts and altered
their memories forever
there are trustees know no limits and
thanks to their innate ability to erase
memories have stripped away all
knowledge of the world beyond the walls
such actions forced the likes of Aaron’s
father Grisha to turn his son into a
Titan in order to set the stage for
their demise which would eventually come
to pass
not even Ruud Rice’s transformation into
the thick tighten had a chance against a
pissed-off Jaeger with major parental
number two Levi has the tightened serum
Kenny Ackerman was a mighty bastard
through and through so imagine our
surprise when he got given such an
emotionally poignant death scene we
humans say every last one of us spending
his final moments with his former
apprentice can he not only confesses
that he is in fact Levi’s uncle but also
gives him a syringe containing the
essence that tense humans into Titans
swipe the sucker out of Rods bag back in
the cave no doubt a pivotal tool in the
battle to come
there’s only one question on our mind
following this reveal who will become
the next Titan shifter number one aaron
has messed up big time
you could not have asked for a better
giving us a taste of the destruction to
come we see Eren Mikasa and Levi atop
the burning ruins of a town and from the
expressions on their faces some serious
has gone down you have even the faintest
damn clue what you’re doing Levi is
coated in blood
Eren looks more than a little guilty and
Mikasa seems to be in a total state of
shock we’re not sure what kind of stunt
Eren pulled this time but it was
apparently enough to warrant Levi
knocking the seven bells out of him
immediately throwing him into a conflict
with Mikasa not a good omen so are you
hyped for this season of attack on Titan
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