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(Pre)Human 3.0 ? | Luc Deleuze | TEDxUNamur

hello it’s impressive there
you successes and so yes
actually, therefore, architects
and the theme theme I’m going to you
show his lands made that human 12.10
blogger still does not know very well what
that does not mean it’s right
transition thériault and so we can
wonder what will become of maybe
human triple zero and at the same time
that I wanted to tell you also what I
wanted to show you also it was that
the territory of the real and the territory
of the virtual have they some moment a
conflict is that these are two
territories that can cross for
an architect is important because
that an architect finally ben is the
first tool he uses is a
that’s the trouble it’s not us who
invented it and so I think
it’s important to be able to do the
connection between the two I you
presents a first
first pictures here it’s not far
from here
this is the reconstruction of the center
Andenne and so we see right away
that in a reconstruction of a
community of the network settles
the network is settling and the network
settles with various diverse
activities human activities in
does the human activities that have
not changed human activities that
are trading but trade in
the etymological meaning of the term since
French trade rank at first want
say exchanges after it became
economic exchanges but it’s
first exchanges and so you see that
when we rebuild or when we
collaborates in the reconstruction of a
city ​​reweaving an urban fabric and
do not take it worries we stopped
to get to surgically
almost to rebuild a fabric that that
had been a little bit mistreated by
the years and for us it was
important to show that it was
something that first were
multiple so as you can see
on the dia ba there are several there
more activity there are several actions
and then the important thing is the flow
and the flow that is in the territory of
real wherever they are on the
territory of the virtual saves leflux but
the flow is something that actually
makes a human exchange and for us
it was important to get to that
1.7 to mom of a this exchange this flow
can be rebuilt improved
and if you ever have occasion so we
plays 10 and 30 km by then the tracks
and then and then tell us what you
think because we feed ourselves
always from the eyes of others
it is also a local network feeds
from the eyes of others and we are important
to know if when we dared anything
thing during the attempted something
with partners they are public
who are private if it please if that
succeeds if it’s something that has
succeeded I think it’s important that
we know it I think it’s
important also to say that the network
virtual networks virtual when
even its limits
the virtual network has its limits because
that for example we have always been told
we have done, for example ,
commercial complexes I said yes
but finally there are still crises
as we do different because
that it becomes one of the complexes that
are not just accomplices
commercial but where there is culture
where there is sport where there are spaces
to live here is the bed
the virtual network is competing
with those we know where we
try to evolve and I think
that no I think it’s a
I think that’s why we put
these images there we do not choose perfume
by Internet
it’s impossible it’s impossible
must we have a certain moment that is
this carnal pleasure this physical pleasure
of choice and that the virtual can not
do not modify it
we do not choose ingredients for
to make a meal without being able to feel if we
also fails melon and end walls
will feel if the tomato is fine
closed juicy guy I think that’s
are things that continue to
exist imagine a little distance not
or and usability
it seems to me that in fact it seems to us
in any case it’s something that
which at a certain point has its limits
and it’s important to understand each other
its limits look here’s a meal
that’s going on like that I’m not sure what
evening not so I can do I
prefers eventually to become that this is
this image there and more just than the
next because in fact art is one
ask why people are meeting
in fact maybe they talk to each other
by the way to jean serialen maybe
that they are conversing
but but
here is this distance between the
place the root and the communication and
you’ve all known this kind of
completely unpleasant meetings
or when we are in a meeting for a
project but everyone has his gold neither
nature and his and his iphone or his
and then to finish we say but
currently is what we maintain
conversation is not because
lee to the one still a distortion
and I think that precisely we must
to go beyond that and it’s up to us
to learn to learn to overcome that
I’m just thinking of teaching ourselves to
go beyond that and recreate places
with the places that are streets the
places of conviviality because the
people always need
at a certain moment of places
collective identification we took
there some pictures some of
you know or not but it’s when
even amazing to see that elahi the
conjunction is that when one announces
selling tickets for the
the event that I could no longer
remember our guidelines and the less
the 180 thousand people who are
meet tomorrowland bravo winch
you front stage before so
tomorrowland a work in progress but
why do one to meet at
180 thousand people at the same place
to celebrate something could
to be in the same place and so that’s
very important that we can look at
all the football matches we want at the
TV but touch never has so much
people in the stadiums
never before needed the estac y
celebrate a moment a moment of
pleasure of the world conviviality I
also taken over there on the right a
an image a place that has completely
changed to brussels for those who
know Brussels is the place of
the stock market
the place of beauce and our little
place of the republic ie
only since the small step better
pedestrian so everyone discusses
for everyone has an idea is good
to create the place of the stock market
a space of communities and people
how do they come together through the networks
social so they send each other messages
saying teller that day there is a
manifestation on the place of love
for this or that expression
of emotion that she be positive she
either of pain but it happens
always like that and I find that
it’s interesting to see this
complementarity in networks
which is important to understand is
to say mammals to the rest of the
manifs r17 images show it well
for a long time to the rest of
mammals and mammals bay a
nothing to do there is a tactical side
are you tactile I think he
is important to keep it even
that’s you man to man divo newman trip
in ten years some time we are
mammals and we have to stay that
and the fact that what mammals
teach us things we
especially learn intelligence
I do not know if you’ve ever had to
some of you the opportunity to go
in reservations here it’s a photo
we see moments of transhumance
the herds of wildebeest and zebra that
go through gays and if you look
well the picture you see case the
crocodiles waiting for them
so you have wildebeest zebras that
crosses and you go them
and crocodile who are waiting to dance there and
never viala it moves slowly
very gently and gently
some time it would take almost a
animation you realize that
these flocks stop looking to say ok
say no no that’s not the game there
you are too close and so and so
it stops and there are some
collections that are made to a mother
gnui a mom are in the middle of ten
thousand recognizes the sound of his child
that distressed that’s what it takes
you have to know it so that’s it
there’s nothing left to do there dimension
human remains the grandmother dimension does
we are mammals the
mammals maybe a little bit more
smart finally it’s the assumption
we’re not sure it’s
true but but but what is
important also his fingers that deduced
of that there is a collective intelligence
who settles this intelligence
they form the network they form
the network and this network the architect and
other translators of ambition and well
the architect has to show how is this
that this network can express itself in three
dimensions in the collective territory
think that’s important then he
there are ways that architecture so
that architecture is not the
construction is the difference between
the architectural construction at 1,100
m of hierarchy the construction is
francs the imported one
it’s a certain lack will open volume
and then the architect that we what I
am we are that on a
discussion of life friends use have
these ways to say the architect is
a language architecture says things
we use means and we are
in this kind of difficulty or in
any case of pleasure maybe between
human sciences and sciences
exact we translate from
value of humanities with
means of exact science there is a
new faculty of architecture at
the ulb for five years it’s been a
shots on goal conversation to know
if a verse in the sciences
human or if we did not pay in
exact Sciences
finally we made a decision to
the ulb made a decision dear to
shoots east that makes you a little
little independent and it suits us
Pretty good because we have so many friends
in human sciences than friends in
exact sciences that support us
in the purpose and this way of
do this network is good it’s the one
that we also use some
cities at art and a half we have a
network we insist on
the collective intelligence that makes it
is not a truth first is not there
truth but there is not one
truth certainly and so that’s
simply the close to the truth that
is this kind of daily challenge
which drives us with all of
partners and all
Themines collaborators I think
it is once the others who for us
is very very important and we kept
in Paris
I continue on the same image this is the
last project on which we are
occupied which is a center a lamp
long experience center
good economic and commercial basis
it’s a center in barcelona where we
let’s try to show that there is both
this opportunity to show that
work in a network but that we
are anchored in the ground and that the
both the two elements both
figures are important
when we show an architecture of
again you see that multiplicity
of activities so the network settles
the network is not just about
the place the network is also settling in
life we ​​have the unheard-of chance of
find sheep for those who
know barcelona so barcelona
it is the plan it is rare ie
that’s all this grid and then who
is crossed by what is called the
diagonally and on one side you have the
sea ​​and on the other side we are
find there at the end of the other side
diagonal for us
I would say a gift because it’s a
incredible place but at the same time we
remove the fabric from the neighborhood of
maine district where you see it
is a set of functions that is
come across that add up that there are
movements there is the ring road
there is a university besides just
next to the hospital equipment
I think it’s important to say that
then we add these two pictures
also why precisely for the
question of networks the question of
networks look at this lady this lady
is on the phone
sitting in a bistro we can imagine
whether in namur for example she
is sitting she has a smartphone in a
ear she tastes a coffee she has them
down to earth and he hears the sound of
life says it all i think it’s
something that can be the
complement of young boys and that’s to
to say that there is a certain moment but he
must read hate sitting and not far
it’s important but so for me the
hierarchy is first of all to have the
feet on this a city for example for
students who have visited
cities a city that can not be learned
soles ie it takes
walk walk walk walk for
understand a city and then the eye
always precedes the step so a set
before you have to see things
here we have someone who uses or who
profit purpose of difference for
to be able to enjoy a certain moment
where she is at the same time
she may be in between
conversation with someone who is at
ten thousand kilometers
one does not prevent the other the second
I found it interesting is that we
command by a certain moment of their
meal per share
interface mark need there and then
and then there is still someone who
is cycling with a bag on the back that
weighs and who him everywhere from
at a point b the city by having the
pleasure or in any case the sensation of
the diff of the geography of duty
climb over to see down
having to push to have pain
knee here and all that to cross
seveso and that’s important in this
reflection we understood that we
are still physical some
moment we are still physical
luckily by the way because otherwise
it would be a pity but we
we are not talking about which thing we need
be careful when I give everything to
my students joe said be careful
because we’re talking about blue city operated
to city repart of myxyty what is
does that mean you see in the picture in
make the bottom left that cantons
we imagine new cities and well
as by chance they are always
islands while we have to
imagine all together whatever
be our skills we have to
imagine raging christmas in the middle of
the legacy we receive is
hyper important
these shots were important I’m doing
part of a generation that I want
say we can associate the
difficulties the flower port of 1970
I think it was they who demolished
the most the planet in 50 years so if
you read the text behind me
I adhere completely if you ever
do not know this comic me who am
absolutely no comic I advise you to
to read old water is
the exchange history of which 70 years who
thought to make the revolution and all and
who at a certain point but
found before their responsibilities
a reflection it’s difficult I
wanted to show that because that’s
the world blackboard in my room
when I give any good student there I
have just explained it
we would not say like that but I come
to explain the problematic of a
neighborhood called the train station
west to brussels and you see that
it’s not easy what’s not easy
and it’s going on, yeah I’ve been to
art students china in the room they
should be glad we did not
follow my course but
it’s not easy to 2 while there I
will go too fast but if we
look at the Brussels park for example
is the one I do not know anymore we see
that a society settles on its
territory in relation to its
you have on one side the prince downstairs
you have the people above with the
parliament and with them and with them I
do not forget the parliament and no no
still advanced that before and the senate
on one side you have all the
embassies that guarantee and our
independence at the top left you
have the cash with banks
you have culture 1 and then behind
the church is never far
the thunder to keep a little bit of it
is going to check a bit here
everything is going well
and so these are things that make that
1 certainly there this whole
reflection also translates into cu
since I call that we call
acupuncture beautiful elements
young is a citizen who seems of a
small size but which has accumulated
to each other ultimately make that the
society is changing and that’s important and 7
acupuncture she can also take advantage of
networks of virtual networks a
some sell for power is so
prayed the same drawing but with
elements of intervention whatsoever
urban vegetable gardens that this is a
certain moment of cartier houses that
that choice and they were elected and to
Brussels of the year for those who have
followed a little bit the news is
all the people who helped the victims
March 22
it’s important to know that here and
that also allows us to say that we can
also have a collective intelligence
with nature I will spend my nature
is smart too and you have to
you have to worry and I’m finishing
with great pleasure with the photo of my
children because ultimately it’s them
who teach me I could have I could have
finish with the picture of my students
because I find that teaching
receives more than what we give we have
face-to-face 20-year-old people who have
puffed the world
well I think it’s important that
you eat the world
but that you get up puffier with
this intelligence of interaction
between the virtual network and the network
real and keep feet on the ground
Thank you
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