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Let There Be Light | Steven Dunn | TEDxOakLawn

we know that eating disorders as a
disease are just inundated with fat and
many people today believe that eating
disorders are a relatively recently and
yet they have their roots going back
thousands of users in fact we know as
early as 2500 BC the Egyptians were
drawing hieroglyphics depicting monthly
purchase to ward off illness
well time goes by and by the time of
Christ we know that ancient Romans went
to lavish vendors banquets and gorged on
food and then they were supposed to go
off to a room vomiting and return to the
well if absolutely a battle that was
took place but above notorious actually
just a Latin phrase to attention to see
when time must bind and finally in the
sixteenth eighth the dr. John Wharton in
England for the first time
reporters illness now Terry is the one
starts to speed up and we know that out
that Sir William goal with 1873 recalls
the term progressive in a medical
journal for the first time well an
interesting sideline is that rumors
persist to this day that either knew the
identity of Jack rivers but we now go to
19 this isn’t a personal suffering from
is one example and the medical industry
for the first time diagnosed eating
disorders as a physical a physical
hormonal imbalance or in decrypt
efficacy they were going in the right
direction but advancement of progress
could not be made because technology did
not exist and as a result modern
medicine came into play in not away from
the biological causes of this disease so
how this eating just order being treated
to death well we know that it’s being
done largely through talk therapy and
different types of counseling via the
Maudsley method or FBT or CBT or DVT
dizzying array of prescription drugs
particularly visited by a space there
treat the symptom ologies for the
disease outcome not the disease itself
for the symptoms now let’s look at how
effective the treatment is today we know
that treatment resistant eating
disorders today one-third of our
patients who do one third will be
chronically ill Rico life about one
third will recover some type of
functionality and I believe that is not
I believe that we have too many people
afflicted by this disease we need nicely
we need be more progressive in our
thinking and the advancement of
technology to address this disease now
I’m often asked
see how prevalent is this disease well
they’re about 325 million people in the
United States at home about 29 million
live here at the great state of Texas
the 29 million number is significant
because that’s approximately the same
imagine every person you breath run into
today every person the st. Patrick’s Day
parade or the American Airlines Center
for the basketball games every man woman
child Henry home state of Texas has this
disease next question I’m often asked is
how severe is this well I can go into
numerous statistics box go into two the
first one is the eating disorders had a
highest mortality rate out of all mental
illnesses and to every 62 minutes
someone dies as a direct result of
eating just one and well statistics are
statistics there a number until they’re
not until it impacts you or involves our
balls on October 30th 2016 it happened
to me my 23 year old daughter Morgan
died after a 7-year fight with eat just
orders that is the reality of this
disease it crosses all racial gender and
socioeconomic families it takes us all
in this society for the most part seems
rather ignorant even a radical industry
is going in without at once let’s let’s
look at that last part
we know that Internet
three-year medical program and doctors
are receiving on average one hour of
eating disorder training three years one
imagine if everybody in this auditorium
today is receiving one-fourth of the
training our doctors received during
their medical residency in 2012 the
American Medical Association had an
optional 17 minute online course on
eating disorder that it offered its
members point zero four percent
father-to-be the educators that means
for every one thousand medical
professionals in the AMA for bothered to
educate themselves and then even more
concern this past week the medical
ambivalence in the North Texas community
is specially marked one of the oldest
established groups or programs in North
Texas if not the entire state of Texas
Texas Health for each source of
Presbyterian Hospital and as they were
closing their doors after being open for
one in twenty years it’s not because of
lack of patients or people who need help
and so our general practitioners
pediatricians our primary care
physicians who should be on the first
line of defense are dealing with to
recognize diversity treat this disease
now part of the title of my talk is let
there be life and I think that the first
line of illumination has to be a
mandatory increase in education and our
medical schools and training programs or
our doctors so they are very
to handle this disease we haven’t given
the problem to solve we need to take
bolts yes there’s always a risk of a
salt but unless we take the ball
solution it’s a certainty we will so
let’s look at a possible solution the
one of the last great mysteries medical
yet it is the key to be needed this our
research scientists believe that there’s
a dysfunctional favela a hormonal
balance Alavi like electrical activity
with certain areas of the brain for
example starts in the insula you see the
heart the brain would that processes
feelings at all and as a person who
didn’t know the type of his work they
have process did the anterior cingulate
cortex first of all and that is a part
of the greatest bubble decision make go
out how to play the preachers to finally
the dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex
party is involved which regulates all
control and as you can see in people
suffering from an effects there’s a
greater sense of self controlling I
think that but the finish eating
disorders less but what does that really
look like in the brain of a person
suffering from an eating disorder it
basically you have a weak sense of self
and the first place in the world so in
this problem I’m not
I have to change my appearance and how I
feel that is what we want to do that
I tied in purging and binge in the
meantime the lens of protein in our
blood the neural circuitry and upgrade
are negatively impact and had people who
suffering from an eating disorder are
receiving we must take steps to find a
way biologically to address the brain
and to find solutions and to do that
bears now have on the market and happy
and clear Pollock traumatic might
therapy device in essence what this does
is the device is put on a patient’s head
for up to 20 minutes and different types
like red blue and near-infrared are
pulse into the brain cells being of
course is first to determine a treatment
baseline and then the process is
designed to impact parts of a breath and
yet how is that done basically it’s done
through the process of photo file
modulation with photo of course meaning
light and biodegrade population that
we’re trying to change or impact now we
know that blue red and near-infrared
light penetrate the dermis in the skull
in penetrates to certain levels over and
then you know if the red line was
designed to stimulate the mitochondria
in the bracelet which release ATP and
nitric oxide the nucleus
then absorb nitric oxide and interact
over the cell ribosomes release oxytocin
don’t mean it releases anti-inflammatory
analgesic immune boosters endorphins
these things that are that are being
provided we think by prescription drugs
are being done by this
photobiomodulation the impact almost now
this the box is a contestant on
returning military vets with severe PTSD
with severe traumatic brain injury and
has been tested the success but there
are other types of like therapies that
have been used in ela hast a tree
seasonal effectiveness order and
millennium and depression but this
system is designed to go into those
parts of the brain that not only eating
his orders are believed to be involved
but other mental illnesses as well and
this type of treatment empowers a person
who has a severe disease to have more
control over their they’re not it gives
their family their love it was hope that
we can overcome but my favorite close
but before I’m gonna make yeah make no
mistake this approach this disease
one of my favorite quotes when Teddy
Roosevelt is far better to do five
things to win glorious tribes the
shepherd with failure to take rather the
Foresters neither enjoy much more
something whether you live in the people
we need to have people love efficient
people who challenge the status quo and
everything they do to embrace this Bible
might they’re appropriate the old manner
in which we treat this disease doesn’t
work and it’s not sufficient so for
those who do challenge the status quo
who believe in challenging everything
tellers be the voice for those voices
you [Applause]
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