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Imperfect Heroes | Seema Yasmin | TEDxOakLawn

when you lose your hair now I bet you
think they are perfect because we have
this way don’t we my heroes way up here
imagine mother Teresa brilliant princess
style permanent Alice Walker incredible
and we love talking about our hero we
love talking about our heroes
accomplishment and then athlean
all the great things that they’ve
achieved you know really it’s what about
our heroes don’t talk about their
mistakes recently this hero is on the
hunt for a cure
that HIV this arrow is so close to
figuring out how to write HIV now is it
after now and that just started he has a
whole vision of how to wipe HIV
his name is not terrific back up
everyone knows him attea and he
pioneered away the most expensive HIV
medicine you will cut out drug company
executives in their suits and ties and
saying you mean for cut the cost of your
drugs and your being my ethical give me
your drug for free so I put them in a
clinical trial attack your gold mining
I first met him when I was 17 I was a
bit of a slacker back then wasn’t really
turning up for class or high school very
much it just wasn’t interested in the
academic side of things and then I heard
about this this Dutch doctor / scientist
called look with changing the world you
were saving lives and so when I ran into
him in this conference in London when I
was 17 I can’t just would not let it out
I want to be like you and you looked at
me and said okay and I said well I wanna
be like you because I want to save
people’s lives I wanna help people and
you said you really want to help people
first you need to learn how to take care
of a person learn how to look after
someone doesn’t medical school that’s
all I did in the lab this was his life
he was real
frequent while he was waiting and on
this day in July 2014 he gets on a plane
to go to the International AIDS Society
in Melbourne Australia but he never made
his plane an hour and a half into his
flight the plane was shot at it was and
he crashed and burned in a field in the
Ukraine shut up I rush level who ain’t a
beautiful grass and it’s all right
and everyone every single pass on
Malaysia Airlines flight an accept or
298 children babies man with my hip and
so I guess they should tell you more
about my hero’s accomplishments in him
accolades he’s amazing 41 good thing is
often you’re dying
eyesight an interview in his friends and
his family members I started
interviewing his that amount of patience
I wanted to did he get to know this man
who would be my inspiration with
becoming a public health doctor and they
told me lo the stories they maybe we’ve
looked at papers to learn more about all
these experiments he did the things that
Ukraine me is they also told me story
but I think she did that got everyone’s
nerves they told me stories about his
screw-up is the same I want to tell you
one of those things to your was really
impatient like oh you will get mad if he
thought you weren’t like you quickly
wherever it was on this last Merman why
is this rule already was everyone in
here doing with that
progress was never picking up you cannot
are pretty far tether to what were just
let’s draw a company execs in that suit
since I said he would shout out
sometimes it’d be his friends or his lab
mates it can be kind of push you to like
I mean literally pushing I heard stories
about just how patient he was and how
you didn’t want to be in line with him
if you will wait to get into smaller
this he’d be like cooking over your head
they’re trying to get it now first he
wanted to be the first one in and the
first one out I talk scientist who works
a lot funnier than they said he’s a good
scientist maybe what are the past
I talked to doctors who worked alongside
it and they said yeah
decent doctor and not the past
in fact some of his patients complained
about especially your pet just returned
from a trip because they sometimes show
it is awesome look at me I please don’t
from this Europe and your consent anyway
if you need to defer to work at the
World Health Organization you know just
the world’s largest health you uppity
and when he was never get invited to the
gatherings of science Nobel laureates
that people who discover cures and the
way that he would respond to these
invitations with pom
well authorization official benefit you
would say yes sir thank you for your
kind invitation I am NOT looking forward
to the presentation he’s very boring and
I will bring the box of rotten tomorrow
to parrot this other dog fur any of you
had a petition your facility like that
it was just really out he can be
forgetful to you I heard stories of
habitat cycle really important that you
can reading them on the travel matter
now put them on the seat next to him
talk about the next stop to go to the
hospital and watch
we’re passing carrying half of his very
expensive notes those of times when he
liked the preface for the document
industry and his whole family was left
to traipse around the streets about town
trying to locate this briefcase and
there’s one other thing that I heard to
start our romance like he loved women he
loved being in love it was so
affectionate and caring but when it came
to seduction
he was horny as hell I had this one
story of how he got hit was lost in the
hospital to write our time to this woman
that you have admired and he got his
boss to put it into curtain of the woman
that you really liked at the time he’d
get everyone involved in these elaborate
corny games of romance I mean he was the
and that’s what I love listening to be
stories I learned that my hero was the
whole human being was a multi-faceted
person and then that you don’t have to
be perfect to be the person in the room
who makes the biggest impact of everyone
out there you don’t have to be perfect
to be a hero you can be like you you can
get off your implant the awesome work
your empathic skills and just try your
imperfect hardest after the tragedy of
malaysian airlines flight mh17 there are
bitchin areas written about Europe there
were obituaries who talked about this
man we would pioneered a way to help
pregnant women that need to be give
birth to healthy babies imagine that the
women carried the infection that their
children were born without HIV were born
healthy even pioneered a way to give
health insurance to fishermen and
farmers in countries like Nigeria who
before if they got injured on the job or
a kid was sick at home they were just
emptying out their pockets empty on
their land accounts going
both illness and you’re found way to
protect their life feelers by some
people’s estimates you’re saved hundreds
of thousands if not millions of people’s
lives and I think more than anything it
is down in slanty your service that you can be your any perfect
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