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How Hockey Taught Me to Smile More and Worry Less | Seth Wyatt-Manning | TEDxSaintAndrewsSchool

this look this little guy right here is
me I remember when I first started out
lacing up the skates for the first time
of many I was using a walker type
contraption for old people help me stay
up my mom and dad told me that I cried
the entire time and wanted to get off a
little bit of exaggeration but you get
my point I played hockey but when I
started hockey
I played forward and was forced at the
age of 12 to stop and play defense
instead this was the first real
challenge of hockey I would have to
overcome this then a funny and get me
down or making me quit hockey I used it
to my advantage you see this previous
four experience made me a very dynamic
offensive defenseman most offense in our
stay at home players and only play
defense since I was previously a forward
I had hunger being in the offensive zone
so I made the entire ice my home this
offensive ability worked to my advantage
it still does this day making me an
asset I overcame this challenge
successfully and learn from it instead
of letting it get me down my perspective
of the instance what really helped me
looking at it in a positive way from
this you may be able to tell haven’t
always enjoyed hockey
I actually just kind of just like it I
was not always a good hockey player and
when you’re building packing something
you don’t enjoy it I would come home and
I’ve built my dad electrum you know why
should I’m better and what I needed to
work on that’s not fun today however the
sports where I live for it I have never
been able to imagine a life without it
hockey used to just be a sport to me but
as I grew older it became so much more
it’s change on how I viewed hockey came
as I grew up maturing with age maturing
came with age and my perspective on
everything I encountered including
hockey of course changed I learned that
the way you live your life depends on
perspective to worry less and smile more
a perspective change in my life made
everything I would ever encounter a new
journey being an athlete specifically a
hockey player it can be tough to try and
stay positive all the time every time
I’m on the ice I have to get better so
Chris hasn’t has to take place after be
able to take any criticism I’m given and
not let it get me down the other thing
about being an athlete every once in a
while to go through slump it happens you
get angry
frustrated and things only get worse –
counting these feelings and views I
developed a tactic that I never thought
of using I develop what we call
superstitions to get through slumps and
I was convinced these super
superstitions actually helped me those
are our familiar superstitions are like
routines we use to kind of give
ourselves at ease as something good is
gonna happen now we’re in control but it
was little things like the order of my
gear on and how nobody could touch my
stick after I taped it that may seem
silly but to me they seemed saying but
eventually I took a microscope and
looked at what I was doing
saw something amazing I noticed that
wasn’t actually these superstitions that
were helping me I was really going on
was inside my brain the way I was
thinking was changing I realized if I
focused more on the good stuff more I
would think gain confidence the more I
focused on these positives the less I
saw the negatives of course I’m not
perfect I had mistakes and I need to
look at those in order to get better but
it happens you know so I love this quote
by Stephen Leacock he says I’m a great
believer in luck and I find the harder I
work the more I have of it
this quote best fits the situation
because when I think of positive
thoughts I honestly feel like I have a
lot more good luck in my life I’m more
motivated and I work harder at opening
doors that flowing rivers of good luck
maybe wondering though what really made
you change the way you think there had
to be something much bigger than this of
course there is we all know it’s tough
to stay positive when you’re injured as
an athlete I’ve had many injuries and
played through them I’m a very stubborn
player I would play even from not a
hundred percent I don’t like to get off
the ice or field especially for an
injury I fractured many bones in my foot
in fact my arm but the worst however
came two years ago playing an
unimportant game in Virginia which was
actually this team of cirrhotic it was a
morning after Halloween of 2015 14 years
old to keep that in mind it’s pretty
young during the game I felt great the
first period I already had a goal in
assists and everything on the ice was
going my way it was just one of those
games I remember in the second period I
was sitting on that bench looked over to
my coach and I said a few laughs three
goals today man looking back now the
smartest move
that’s called jinxing it the ironic part
is after that I sustained one of my
worst injuries ever since I started the
sport so here’s what happened I was
going through a neutral zone and is the
center of the ice for this window and I
try to size up the kid
she was coming at me and I jump to the
side and what happened was you went to
hit me and miss my body but put all his
power and it went into my right wrist
clipping it I immediately fell to ice
and my bells went flying
I knew that Mobius something was not
right I’m throwing my gloves why not a
good thing because I made it worse and
we think about it but marheine was
completely straight but in s shape my
teammates like naturally in a so my
teammates are flipping out right but I
was only angry cuz whenever I get Andrew
I just get angry and I went right to
locker room and I just can’t help but
look down although I tried I couldn’t
help it I was so horrific yet I had to
look at it just make sure it was real
didn’t feel like reality but I was
taking the hospital and when I got there
they had to straighten the bone and
temporarily and so I went back to North
Carolina and I was that was mentally
tough seeing something like that right
in front of you you can imagine how much
that hurt physically and mentally a
young kid thinking his Hawk career was
coming to an end just as he had started
to really enjoy it I arrived back home
and let’s have it checked out I was
there was pins in it sucked was I was
walking around school with a messed-up
wrist for a whole day which was really
weird but imagine experiencing like a
gruesome injury and going to school in
the next day with a blue and black only
being supported by a temporary cloth
when I went to the hospital went back in
then see it was diagnosed a clean break
of my radial bone and I bent my ona
I need surgery and those do you aren’t
familiar the owners the inside zone as
the outside bone and the the radius is
the is the installed but known as the
outside race is the inside and so I
completely broke the radial bone and the
owner was bent this way so luckily that
didn’t break which helped a lot because
I would do way worse but this got there
oh it took three pins to put it back in
place which that was a weirdest part for
me could I move in I’d feel it like
creaking around and my dad messed with
me which was the worst part he told me
that they’re gonna leave the pins in and
I was freaking out I was so young but it
took about thankfully but it took about
2000 months to heal I do physical
therapy but it sucks but I’d do it how
to do this event it really stuck with me
every time I get on the ice realizing
you’re so close losing something you
love really hits you hard and then you
realize that I was not guaranteed the
sport and it made me realize to leave
on the ice because it couldn’t my last
time I used to take hockey my hockey
career for granted and I didn’t realize
how blessed I was ever since that moment
I realized that life is really short and
I one day it can be turned upside down
that life is too short to go around
thinking negatively to short out to
smile every day I like to say I’m here
for a good time not a long time in order
to achieve that to think and act
positively I’ve experienced so many
events in my life both good and bad
because of that I’ve been able to change
the way I view life how I view myself
the way you view life determines how you
live life it’s not simple he’s hockey
related events that helped me realize
that perspective is everything hockey
was just a doorway to much bigger
picture it changed the way that I lived
everyday life outside of hockey as well
the way I do friends school anything a
life throws my way the way you see the
world is up to you but I know the world
changes when we change our perspective thank you
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