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High-Tech High-Spirits | Mette Sillesen | TEDxOdense

I have a question for you do you believe
that the future is friendly or do you
believe it’s unfriendly just two times
Albert Einstein once said that the most
important question a person can ask
herself is whether she believes that the
because what we believe about the
universe directs however use our
technology of scientific discoveries and
our natural resources I will argue that
the exact same is true for the future
that what we believe about the future
determine our visions and that our
visions determine our strategies which
again determine our actions and knowing
this I’m not especially proud of but I’m
going to tell you now I’ve been anxious
I’ve been scared
I’ve been fearful about the future it
was not on to recently that I discovered
that this fear that I have been wet was
actually related to the future and when
I saw this I of course started to
question why what happened I mean I’m a
futurist for God’s sake and I’ve always
been so super excited about the future
so why was an hour fearful why did I
believe the future to be an unfriendly
place and what I found was that my limbs
had somehow shifted I had started to
almost obsess with technology
I’ve been spying starting to buy into
this notion that technology that
artificial intelligence and other
exponential technologies they will just
take off and we don’t know where to we
just have to prepare and accept that the
complexity of tomorrow would surpass our
intelligence and that’s just what it is
half of the jobs that we have today will
be gone in a few decades that’s just the
premise and what I also found was that
this this was the message I’ve been
passing on to my audience and to my
clients about a month ago I spent five
in ten days with these young students
discussing the future and I could
recognize this fear that I had in their
eyes I could almost hear them say I’m
not good enough I will have no value in
the future I don’t have what is needed
that fear is not the right foundation
for building the future it’s one thing
and now the same news that technology is
so much more than this and also the
future is about much more than
technology there’s also this other side
the human side and that’s actually that
side of the future that I know most
that’s what I’ve been researching for
many many years
consumer trends what we will want but we
will need we will value in the future
I’ve talked to psychologists
therapy’s priests leaders everyday
people about their experience and what
they see I know that there’s this one
thing that not just want and spend our
money and a timeout but this one thing
that we will need it will become a
necessity one thing there will be the
foundation for happiness and our
survival almost in the technological
world and you can access it we can all
access it this is one thing you already
have it and I have it and I also have a
story I would like to tell you where
this one thing is revealed are you up
for it I just need to download it two
just a moment okay I got it now so
there’s a story about a little egg I
cope up but before I start I want to say
it’s also a story about you and there’s
a story about me and I’m about a
relationship to this guy called Bob and
Bob awakener Bob was born out of the
status of the universe he was such a
pure Sparkle as a baby he spent his
first five years on a cloud and he had
this strong connection to technology so
he could plug his organic cloud to the
digital cloud of the human inhabitants
on planet earth so that he did plugged
it in sat on his cloud and looked down
and this big digital map where I can see
all these humans what where they were
what they talked about what they shared
and he could also follow them in the
real life through their microphones and
cameras so Bob
he went into bars and he went to the gym
in classrooms and toilets and many other
interesting places he thought this was
so fascinating and he also thought it
was beautiful the way they were so
interconnected yet truly unique but then
one day one day Bob gets this thought
this thought that maybe they had forgot
that because of their busy lives and
external focus and digital identities
that they that all this those thing was
at the expense of knowing their true
nature and Bob couldn’t let go of that
question and the more he thought about
the more convinced he got and Bob knew
that for big breakthroughs to happen you
need a big breakdown
so he needed to be extreme so Bob turn
on all his signal article powers and
turned himself in to technology he
wanted to waken the human inhabitants he
wanted them to see that they just like
him a spirit so he set off heading for
planet Earth first he showed up as
smartphones tablets computers and then
he just started bussing bussing bussing
bussing just adding more more
notifications more apps more social
media more memes emojis fake news and
what have we just passing buzzing
buzzing buzzing and then this happened
digital detox became a phenomenon people
were flocking to the yoga centers and
went off for meditation retreats and
they did ceremonies and went to the
sauna and this thing this thing nature
became popular but this was not just a
new luxury or new social status this was
a necessity and with time it became a
lifestyle Bob was happy but he still had
two more steps ahead of him before his
mission was complete so what baptized
now is to turn himself in to a part and
many other technologies he went to the
job market and practically what he did
was to take over everything that was
routine repetitive and predictable and
just started typing taking everything or
that you can repeat oh that is
predictable and just as bob had
predicted it the human inhabitants
transferred to jobs that required more
all of the essential humaneness they
essential human competences such as the
creativity imagination holistic thinking
and social and emotional intelligence
with time Bob could also do creative and
social work but not in the same way as
humans Bob never became a bartender
neither a soccer player no an artist he
was never a teacher a doctor he never
became CEO but he he collaborated with
most of them humaneness experienced the
Renaissance and people got so curious
about their own and each other’s
individuality and unique gifts and
higher purpose just as bob had predicted
it Thoth was happy but he still had the
third and final part of the mission
ahead of him and this one he needed to
prepare he knew it was going to be a bit
tough on him but you gotta do what you
gotta do so he a populace its transmuted
to a sex robot and for mysterious
reasons it also meant that he had to
change his sex so Bob is now Samantha
Samantha was the perfect woman she had
the perfect meshes she never said no she
was always in the right mood and there
was no limit for the number of multi
orgasms he could provide she could even
add human smells and chemicals if that
was with her Lauer wonder
Samantha was also pretty intelligent and
she could talk about social things and
emotional stuff and private things and
often she knew more about her partner
than he knew about himself but
yes this Bob had predicted it samanda
didn’t bring any real happiness a
satisfaction because even though they
talked they didn’t really bond and even
though they had sex there was no real
connection and even though she said I
love you she didn’t mean a thing with
time it also became possible to
artificially create the entire human
body and to digitalize memories and
thoughts and to connect them with
artificial bodies but it had no interest
because in the mean time the human
inhabitants had awakened they had come
to see that their defining difference
technology has no soul no consciousness
no feelings no subjective experience of
reality as the only thing spirit is
beyond cells blood streams neurons and
bones when everything can be yet
officially produced you fall in love
with the real when you can have exactly
what you want you start searching for
what you need when data can tell you
everything about who you are you start
asking what you are and when the world
is abandoned you discover that bliss is
within these kabobs final words he was
thrilled he was fulfilled he had
completed his mission he unplucked
returned home and lived
bully ever after here they were the
human spirits realizing that they are
life and that life is a miracle thank
you mother thank you very very much
thank you
[Applause] [Music]
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