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Discovering the best turning point | Kensei Dojima | TEDxAnjo

It was a beautiful weather today
From now I will talk about the weather
Although we say weather, this ironware
Talk of life’s turning point
Perhaps you guys have experienced a few turning points in life so far
But it is surprisingly few turning point of my life
Servants my life is it overwhelmingly are more number of times involved a turning point in the lives of others than the turning point
For example , I entered a child , moved a graduate friend, and got married to a colleague, so I actually worked on today
While introducing the turning point of the two people’s life
I will talk about how to relate to the turning point of other people’s life
First, the first person is
At the time I saw her she was studying to become a dietician at college
You have acquired a nutritionist qualification successfully
I graduate from college and get employed and start working
I just got a consultation email around 3 months after I started working
I want to talk a little bit by your job, but do you have your time I’m at a ready-to-time
I decided to meet her .
So if you summarize what she was talking about, it is like this
I do not want to do my current job different from imagining when I get a job
It is not such a rare trouble if you do not know what to do after quitting
Maybe even if some people are having one and now the same problem that has been a woman consultation does not, such as the same even in this
I do not think so.
Well said
What should I do
She said that it would be impossible for him to continue the same work as it is her element at the time
I felt it.
As you talk a little deeper
Obviously, there is a moment when her expression gets brighter
It was when I was talking about the camera
If you hear it is taken with a digital camera that my relatives had bought a picture of the rice that I took each day
Moreover, I like it I can watch pictures on aa and get tired of how much I think about the camera
If I like that much
Trying to make the camera work
At that time she did not even have a single lens reflex camera so I took the camera I had
I gave it a present.
And let’s keep taking the best picture before making a promise
Specifically, she sent a piece of the best to the north from a lot of photographs taken by her day
I will
I made specific feedback on the picture and released it one day to the web every day
To go
This working North 2 people continued for 100 days
You can see everything for 100 days every day
Especially in her case I clearly understood the pictures with the feelings and the pictures that I do not take
It is clear
This is a picture she took at that time
Photos of this job and person
This is tremendously taking good pictures
But one
Picture with scenery and building theme
This did not sound much on my mind
But I felt the same thing exactly like this not only for me but for herself to shoot
So at this point
I decided to throw a bad picture only with pictures of people and good foods that I threw away
Even if you think that you do not have to tell likes and dislikes if you do as a professional
Maybe there is enough I can do one thing I like really enough as a professional
I believe we can do it
Especially I like it so much that he can spend all his time in his life time
When it can be immersed its possibility is overwhelmingly high
I think that the picture for her
I could spend all the time
And around the end of the 100 day effort , her original shooting style was completed
Everyone comes up with a picture of my family
Photo taken in your out
It’s is reflected only children because through most dad or mom
On the other hand , there are many pictures decorated a little because there are so many anniversary celebrations on the pictures taken outside .
But it is this natural look of the mother who looks at the child as if she really wants to leave the family
I am under the tsunami and I surround the table with my family
I think that it is natural landscape
Photographer Meg actually bothers himself at home and records on the daily record of the process
A dining table photo project was born
In where I am allowed to shoot a lot of process
I got a letter from my family this half year after shooting
last month
My mother died of sickness
The picture at that time was exactly the testimony of my daily life that we and my mother spent together
I think that I will definitely revive my memories with my mother forever
As soon as I realized that I was sick and could only spare a limited amount of time I took it at that time
I thought it was really nice to receive it
Once again thank you.
Receiving this letter
I felt that my clasp was meaningful to start a table photo
Two more years since then
Meg now has voice from overseas as well as all over Japan
I became a photographer
And the second person is Masato Kudo
At the time I met him, he attended acupuncture vocational school
The chance for encounter was that he participated in the workshop of the body I broke up
It was a beginning, but he was not at all motivated just to be brought to a friend
It is
The workshop itself was something very long lasting for half a year, but from the first one
I did not listen to you at all
That’s it.
I decided to eat with only two people when I met two months ago
I still remember the fact at that time
If orders and meals are brought and I try to eat
Unusually he opened his mouth from him
I think that it is what
I said I’m not good at me .
Usually it is not graceful to enter Kyuin-inin like this
Now that he got angry and confident for the first time he got me real from my distance
Then, as I talk about various things, in fact he just observes things quite a lot by poor hands
You are thinking deeply
So if he finds one perfect expression method he is such a funny funny person
I felt that it was going to be
However, you suddenly have insufficient expressive power so you are told to do this person
I do not do it
Perhaps at such times I feel like going to attack from that person’s interest point
Keyword that his curiosity at the time is the most exciting was the Africa
Well then let’s go see Africans
Just at that timing
World jamboree event where children of boy scouts from all over the world gather
In beneath I know that will be held
There are over 30,000 children all over the world gathering there
Moreover, I was recruiting an acupuncturist ‘s volunteer staff
It was a perfect timing
Between myself and Mr. Kudo applied immediately for a week
Acupuncture and moxibustion were given to children coming from all over the world
The experience here was really wonderful but there is a better encounter than that
It is a member of an acupuncturist who participated as a volunteer staff together
Even if it is called a volunteer, it seems that each of them opened in various countries around the world and returned to Japan
It was people like Japanese All-Star Acupuncturist
Volunteers during the day with them
Hari and moxibustion are given to children all over the world and everyone eats rice at night
I also went up there is a very tension I’m us to the story of the sometimes around the world
It was
Of course, Mr. Kudo continues to rise tension steadily and rarely speaks of dreams from myself
I I I want to go to be sure Africa Once reached 30 years of age
Perhaps I think that Mr. Kudo was expecting words to say that he is great though he is young
But the people who were experienced were not sweet
Taraa saying he is I want to go to the transfer Once you become a 30-year-old
Why is not the liner going?
How long did you postpone it started getting angry?
And he was caught up with anger and he was already on the spot
I was made a declaration I went to North Africa on Raiden’s birthday
Whatever the reason is, it is strong if humans decide after all
He really departed to Africa’s Kenya well as declared and on his blue birthday
And in Kenya I made a lot of friends and volunteered to massage and the first overseas
I seem to have enjoyed my life a lot
One day when I withdraw money with the atm of the city and go outside
It was carried by the unknown African quadrupeders with hands and feet and taken away by car
My family was kidnapped.
As it is, take the unknown place and have all the money taken
But it seems they did not resist anything
It seems that it was safe.
I ‘m scared, is not it? It really is that incident has a tremendous impact on his life
Since he is no more money from there is Tarashii was sleeping in the poor village where the rainwater
Although I seem to live had a like drink
Children of where I met a child
It seems that their smile was really poor
Just because the village is too poor, the state of the expedition is bad
I’m heard these children is no longer getting more and more sick Te every year since
He saw the environment that children can not even become adults for the first time in their birth
So I started thinking about what I could do now
I still have not found the answer yet
But I think that he will find the answer from now on with his own hands
Mr. Kudo who came back to Japan was really a strong person
From that time I will communicate confidently so that I can not think about it,
It seems not to be weak
That’s what he is saying What I am doing now
I stab a needle in a foreign country
I want to jump in Guatemala of the lake
I am taking a walk of a horse in Shibuya
Perhaps you may wonder what you are doing but it’s definitely worth mentioning that his life is
I think that it seems to be fun . It is very important.
I’ve introduced the turning points of the lives of two people so far, but everyone will probably have lots of things to come
I think that it is related to the turning point of the person’s life
So I summarized three points that seemed to be useful at that time
The first one notices the full length
The overall length says that small changes before the change takes place
The full length appears in various places , gestures, words and circumstances
Just to find this full length is very difficult
Because changes are understood only after comparing this before and after state change
So to notice the full length it is important to know the person’s daily life well
If you observe this firmly what kind of things you usually do and what you are thinking
You can notice the change of
There is always a precursor before the turning point of life
The second
Fire the path
People see long-distance admiration and goals look dazzling
But I do not know how to go there so I can not take the first step by any means
It was When you think of the path and I do give to us shines
For example, in case of Megu
Advance one step at a time by giving concrete feedback to the photos sent everyday
When the case of the Kudo-kun take me to the entrance of the world began to freely walk even one person from there
It was
Never not hold down the back
I who just happens to be the case today in life
Not continue to walk together on the way of life to the end, so I just met by chance is
There is none
I will light a fire on their paths on the premise that they will die forever
The last one makes a reason
But even aware of the feelings you say you want to your change is way in front of the eyes were illuminated
There are a lot of people who can not take a step yet
Then I will make a reason
But I think it is world peace like a such exaggeration is nice to not ‘s reason
Sometimes it starts from a strong thought that Megumi likes pictures, but forcedly weakness like moral
There is also you E that the date refers to be the reason
Still if it is strong towards the general
Even if it fails with the first one, it will be okay if it fixes with the second one
If you fail with the second one, you can fix it with the third one
If I could not find a reason at all
Please give me reason
Maybe I also I think that there is to say I was hang in there because there was a that person
That person for someone may be you
Finally, my main job is treatment.
It is work to cure diseases and injuries
So photographs and Africa do not really matter
Yet why would you be doing such a thing with his neck I bother from their
I thought about it again.
That’s what I figured out
I just want to grind by seeing their growth
Of course Once everyone is me become a great man but it is do things very happy
I also usually the laid-back life is I think pretty good
So, respectively I think the best kana After me to find their own way of life seems to
Besides, it is certain that my own life is rich by plunging my head from myself
It’s really nice weather, is not it?
Thank you very much
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