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A Call to RIOT | Duncan Burnett | TEDxYouth@KC

my name is Duncan Burnett I am 28 years

old and I’m a rapper

yes as a profession that most kids dream

of I was born and raised in the grimy

and gangsters streets of you guessed it

Oh Blake became the mecca for young

talented minds trying to break into the

rap game grabs me now for about two to

three years give or take a few months

and while it’s been a great experience

has definitely been interesting to say

the least

over the last two or three years I’ve

worked to build a movement by the name

of right and I know what you’re thinking

and no it’s not that type of right I’m

blowing up buildings I’m not starting

fires flipping over cars looting unless

it’s a shoe store I might get some free

shoes one time that’s not what I want to

do all I wanted to do was make a

movement that can inspire and motivate

kids with positive information and I

thought was build that I thought was

fresh that adults could do too and

something that wouldn’t be labeled as

corny hits Wright was born my definition

of right stands for realized is our time

the dictionary definition of rice says

is a disturbance of the peace about

three or four more persons assembled

together acting under a

intent or go I believe that this

definition in my definition combines

perfectly embodied when I arrived is

also referred to as which is which is an

occasion of boisterous merriment I

absolutely believe that when people

realize that their time they truly can

become unstoppable

what does the world look like with

everyone following their passions

knowing their purpose and inspiring

others to do the same I currently don’t

know but I am willing to find out

so today this 28 year old drummer

turned rapper producer will properly

teach you how to ride in hopes that you

would teach others and she said I love

words that start with the letter P just

the name of you you got passion peace

positivity power patience progression

purpose my favorite one needs is passion

and purpose which brings me to the first

step in learning how to realize is your

time and that is realizing your pensions

parentheses P work ultimately to find

your purpose passion a strong and barely

controllable emotion purpose simply the

reason why something exists I believe

that everybody in this room is

passionate about something and wants to

find that purpose in life raise your

hands you agree you didn’t raise your

hand get your life together

if you’re one of the few people who are

living your purpose right now great keep

going it’s rare teach anybody else how

to do if you are like most of us and


you’re still wrong you’re still working

to find your purpose good news is still

very possible you can start right now

another could be work it’s still very

possible you can start right now

I believe that knowing and operating in

your passions will ultimately lead you

to finding your purpose you hear this a

lot you hear this question that’s a lot

what is the one thing that she would do

for free the thing that you would do

that nobody would have to pay you for I

asked myself this question and I began

to discover my passions yes

plural another good keyword because

don’t limit yourself you can have more

than one for me growing up I’ve always

loved music play drugs since I was 2

years old so I could rap now play beats

listen to songs and sit in my room and

working music all day every day

ever since then I discovered that I have

many more passions like learning

I love learning teaching skating

yo-yoing I’m professional yo you’re

Duncan yes

and you guess it rapping I discovered

rapping back in high school with my

friends Jory and Jose we probably in the

width bump in the low flip and I go it’d

be my turn and I’ll be like yo I’m gonna

back it a wig take it over that little

flip looking extra fresh with big nose

and lips somebody called the doctor

doctor beats I’ll sit flamin hot on you

suckers like shingles chips woo that’s

an alibi gun whoa you know

that’s a great line a wonderful line oh

man I’m kidding I didn’t I didn’t blow I

didn’t I’m famous but you know so make a

list find your passions make a list

write them down it’s the artist tip

because you will forget you’ll forget

make a list write things down

some people might know exactly what they

want to do some people have no idea

others have so many ideas that they just

get overwhelmed and never actually get

anything done I say try everything

eventually you’ll find the one two or

three things that you would do for free

that nobody would have to pay you for

play To Your Strengths and we think was

people have said before that YouTube and

Google existence you can figure out how

to do anything online no excuses be

about that action overcome your fears

step two step one and learning how to

write completely can I be honest with

you guys real quick I was real infeed

about becoming a rapper right I’m 28

which is kind of old in the rap game I’m

a guy and I’m a black dude and you can

laugh at that cuz that’s funny because a

lot of black people rap nowadays you

know like

like you couldn’t pick something else

you know like but you know what I

realized it was one of my passions and

that I had words that people needed to

hear and you know what that trumps fear

any day so the second step in learning

how to realize it’s your time is face

your fears facing your fears is one of

the easiest and most difficult things

you have to do for the rest of your life

isn’t it amazing how you and I can think

of a hundred to a thousands of reasons

why you can’t do something when most of

the time the simple answer is like Nike

just do rap rock out bars I’m doing it

it won’t be easy but in the long run

that will pay off God put the mom game

and I promise you that a hard work part

will never leave you either deal with

the hard work now or you deal with the

later for me I was a drummer I played

drums my whole life I toured as a

drummer I have the symbol endorsements

have the drum response if you had a

German Rock opened up and played drums

for everybody from BJ Thomas to Dru Hill

and that was wonderful but now I want to

be a rapper in there front of keys and

positively positively impact like some

of the most mean this generation I’ve

ever seen so the rapper you know like


now there’s no drums in front of me

there’s nothing just look down the

steroids just me and you like even

though I just got this cute right here

another thing about rapping I hate my

boys here my boys I kind of sound girl

you know I’m from Olathe

I’m from Johnson County the birds you

know top rope rock that’s not gangster I

give you a rapper with a high vis booty

you know but here I am and then this TED

talk last year at our turn I had the

pleasure of performing and I just got

good at rapping really like oh they

invited me back here today I was like

yeah rap and she’s like how about you do

it talk I mean what I must say I just

got good at rapping you know but I’m

here and I made even this week there is

a few times like man I don’t know how

I’m gonna remember all that stuff I I

just know what I do sometimes but I

overcame those fears so if I can do it

I say this a lot believe in yourself

plus the drop zone that’s my price plus

Bob don’t remember them believe in


plus pop something I learned this cult

is what I live by linnaeus says this in

life there are no losses only lessons

you win or you learn you have to learn

to be positive in all aspects of your

life you have to learn to push past

doubts fears and people are trying to

encourage you not to do what it is that

your little aka haters how many you got

haters version if you don’t have haters

that means you’re not going some privacy

people are hating on you that means

you’re doing something worth hating them

I heard this quote this the fact that

she said it says that your brain only

gives you five seconds to do something

before it processes the fears attached

to that something that’s not a lot of

time so make it happen overcome those

fears be about that action step two and

realizing it’s your time completely so

the funniest thing about time though is

that time waits for no one

in fact even when you choose

move time keeps going on so the third

step in learning how to write might be

the most important and that is make the

most of your tongue

more specifically make the most of every

opportunity that you have been given a

lot of us just wait we have ideas that

we wait and wait and wait for that right

time to do it what we thought up but

then you know what happens is you see

somebody else or not or something and

you like I just thought of them and

nothing how you’re killing yeah her just

doing exactly show ideas make it happy

like man if I would’ve just did it not

only distantly came then and you is that

they decided to act on my channels me

two years ago two to three years ago I

was a cable guy climbing up poles

bladders instant was real scared was a

lot of work and I always know pursue

music full-time was my thing I always

knew I was supposed to do this but I was

waiting for the right time you know

everyone waits for the right time pull

all the stars we’re gonna mind

everything is gonna happen it’s not a

good luck this is Nick Duncan quit your

job and become a rapper yes but that

never happened it never came

it turns out I wasn’t a good cable guy I

ended up wrecking my van you know I

stepped through a couple groups in the

real home so if you really think about

what that is like yeah I stepped a hole

in somebody’s room it’s like hey

so you can imagine I took some long

lunches – I was hungry I got lost a few

times so no GPS wasn’t working my phone

that was expected but you can imagine

after that the person like that

you were probably fired so they fired me

so the first few days I was scared y’all

was like man what am I gonna do what am

I gonna do but you know what I said I

thought my passion is I’m gonna face my

fear it’s not make the most of the

opportunity so what I did is I called

every musician and artist in my phone

and I books get that week and for a year

now I’ve been in a full-time position

no cable drive making money doing what

it is that I love what could I have done

had I’d made this decision two years

earlier how much more time to have got

back how I got back those 40 hours a

week but I learned that you can’t change

the past and you can’t dictate the

future but what me and you can do right

now it’s changed what we’re doing right

now I would like to say I learned this

lesson for the both of us the perfect

time will never ever ever ever come

never choose to move right men choose to

make your opportunities happen right now

you do that you have way there

step 3 and learning how to write

completely before the final point this

is I’m always on Facebook Instagram

Google YouTube Netflix Hulu watching dr.

minis all that just trying to get a

spark because I want in order to inspire

people you have to first inspire

yourself so the last step in learning

how to

your tongue is aspire to inspire I’ll

finish by telling the story I had I had

the pleasure of being a camp counselor

at an inner-city program this summer for

the the bad class you could say 11 to 12

girls mind I had no experience being a

counselor kids I’m just a guy trying to

you know do something positive in the

community and so the first day I meet 27

kids and I’ve never had before no

experience we go on a field trip right

I’m like whoa 27 kids on a field trip

but they say mr. Duncan that’s what they

call me

mr. Duncan what is it that you do and

here’s that question again I’m already

there like if you rap mr. Duncan why

don’t you rap for us I did this if they

ask why are you doing this you don’t

know what this you pretty nice on them

drums but this rap is foolishness they

say why are you pursuing this telling us

what I got to do we’ve got a speech then

you got move and it made me not

stoppable think impossible possible

I’m Jordan in the final seconds Russell

throw as I step up on this soapbox and a

little yard it’s message is passion

peace positivity power paces that

progression whoa it’s time to wake up

and cried you speak out my kids quit

being a silent you need some help my

movement dr. Tyler Burnett that is my

name I’m ordinary God doing

extraordinary things I got a lot to say

a lot to prove it needs a lot of

changing or time to lose this one up

here y’all doing what it is that I do

that for you you you you Oh mr. Duggan

is licked they love me so I learned that

actually these kids weren’t bad at all

they just needed somebody they believe

somebody they trusted somebody who was

there for them and today solidified my

dream of like now I know what I want to

do Oh

impact kids with my music and then three

weeks later I got the call to do a TEDx

youth crazy how life works you don’t

remember anything from Debra Burnett

remember to be yourself it’s the most

unique thing about you three years ago

was the German cable guy now I’ve had

the pleasure to open for if you know any

of these names make some noise

I’ve had the three years ago drop the

cable got rapper I had the pleasure to

open for Vince staples Rory the Internet

okay for my old school pants George

Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic price

that was two times and this is what I

really gets good coochie-man is not even

a whole race sure it is I don’t even

know a little movie burden playboy cardi

super duper Kyle is goes home my name is

Duncan Burnett I’m a rapper from Olathe

Kansas I hope that you realize the short

song because I realized it was mine that

together we can realize it’s our time

follow me on instagram at the name is duncan cuz i’m a rapper i need you

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