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5 Minutes To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind | Mind Opening | Law Of Attraction | Joe Vitale

but you can have do or be anything you
want if you controlled your mind what
can people know right now or learn from
you right now about this concept of this
law of attraction as far as what you
think about and what you really
concentrate the ends up what you bring
into your life I mean what are some
basic elements of that because I’ve
heard you talk about this in detail but
I still think most people don’t know how
to actually practice it the very first
step is you have to become aware of your
current thinking most people don’t
realize that their thoughts are in the
toilet but they’re read they’re
listening and and to themselves say
negative things about 70 thousand times
a day 70,000 70,000 there are some
research studies that are showing it’s
higher than that and the other thing
that’s more startling is that they’re
mostly repetition they’re the same
thoughts there are things like I’m not
good enough it’s not going to work out
this stuff works for other people works
for Joe Vitale but it doesn’t work for
me works for the people in the secret
but it doesn’t work for me
they want to do things but they think
you know the economy’s wrong the
president’s wrong the timing is wrong I
don’t have enough education I don’t have
enough experience all of these kinds of
negative thoughts keep people shut down
they don’t go for the dreams they react
to life that kind of crawl through life
with no enthusiasm no sort of energy and
no belief in themselves or the
possibilities of something better the
law of attraction and the law of
attraction is basically saying whatever
you focus on with energy and repetition
is what you’re going to tend to bring
into your life with the law of
attraction is teaching people is that
you have a choice you can change your
thinking one way to look at this is the
thoughts you’re having right now are
primarily negative so that’s the first
thing to notice your thoughts are
primarily negative the second one is
your not your thoughts you are separate
from your thoughts and this is massive
earth-shaking news if somebody’s hearing
it for the very first time there have
been books that are called you are not
your mind you are not your brain and
what they’re saying is these thoughts
that were
we’re having them we’re not them that we
can detach enough to go oh here comes
that I’m not good enough thought again
and let it go by we are one step removed
from it now we’ve clipped off that
energy that was causing us to feel bad
because of that thought so that’s the
second step is to become aware that I’m
not my thoughts third step is to start
to generate what you do want to think
and this is where things like
affirmations positive thinking positive
statements instead of saying I’m not
good enough beginning to say I am good
enough begin to say this can work out
for me if this material has worked for
other people why can’t it work for me
too you know I’m human they’re human and
you can start to rebuild you are
software of the mind if you want and
these are all elements and then there’s
you know we can get into details like
what you’re going to tend to bring into
your life or things that you think about
a lot most people think about the things
they’re afraid of the things that
they’re worried about I tell people why
don’t you start thinking about the
things you love the things you’re
passionate about you’re going to go in a
new direction you’ll be happier you’ll
be healthier you know you’re gonna have
better momentum better enthusiasm so the
repetition of that is gonna be a big
thing emotion going with those feelings
of passion is going to fuel you to go in
a direction that you prefer and actually
having an image and the image could be a
graphical representation of what it you
want it could be a house it could be a
car it could be a job it could be a pile
of money could be spiritual awakening
whatever you can do because the brain
the reticular activating system in the
brain responds to repetition imagery and
emotion you can program it for what you
want you’re getting your own reality you
are creating your own reality from your
beliefs you change your beliefs and you
will get a different reality
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