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Is having a job we love a right or a privilege?

so I talked about that having a job we
love is a right not a privilege but
there are many people who push back and
say to me yeah but having a job you love
really is a luxury and mmm a lot of
people just need a job to survive at
some level everybody needs a job to
survive and regardless of what our needs
are and where we work wouldn’t we rather
work for companies that care about us as
human beings a company doesn’t have to
make be glamorous for us to love the
work there are many companies that do
glamorous things that are terrible
places to work and there are lots of
companies that do some pretty mundane
things that just make some random widget
that are wonderful places to work this
is what my whole movement is about I
want to create change I want to drive
change in the business world so that
everyone regardless of what our income
is regardless of what we’re making
regardless what our position inside the
organization is that every single one of
us gets to go to go to a place and work
in a place where we feel that people
view us and treat us like human beings
rather than some disposable thing on a
on a financial statement so to all those
people who say yeah but some people just
need a job to survive I say absolutely
and they should have the opportunity to
work in a place that they love going to work also
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