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How SPANX fosters innovation

so I often get asked if there’s a person

or company out there that that I find

inspiring who I think is out there

helping others and work in a unique and

special way and the answer is of course

of course of course one of my favorite

examples is Spanx founded by Sara

Blakely Sara is completely reinventing

how business works she’s bringing this

balanced feminine energy into business

things like caring empathy patience but

what I love about what Sarah’s doing for

her people is she treats everyone like

an entrepreneur entrepreneurs generally

start businesses and know nothing about

what they’re doing and have to figure it

out along the way Sara tells all of her

employees pretend you’re an entrepreneur

and pretend you have no idea how to do

this job and you have to figure it out

along the way and what ends up happening

is the people in her company are finding

new ways to do old jobs better because

they’re treating it as if it’s an

entrepreneurial venture like there are

no rules here that I can figure out how

to get this job done in a way that I

think is new and better instead of

worrying about have I learned the right

things Spanx has been a hugely inspiring

company both internally and externally

and I love learning from Sara and from

all the things that she’s doing so Spanx

is a great example that’s a company doing things differently

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