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Do we need pessimists?

do we need pessimists in the world I
mean sure we need a little bit of
everything in the world I am an optimist
so we can tell the pessimists the same
thing don’t you want some optimism in
the world I think I think I believe in
balance in the world you know and and
where I get uncomfortable and I think
we’re life gets uncomfortable is when we
when we face imbalance when there’s too
much pessimism in the world I think it
brings us all down and the way to defeat
pessimism is with optimism but at the
same time as all you have as optimists
then I think we’re gonna be living in a
cloud and you know then we become blind
as well so I think balance is key I do
my job I’m one of the optimists in the
world I frustrate pessimists and we need
pessimists in the world and I frustrate
them so you know what it is but yeah we
need we need balanced long-term needs
short term you know short term these
long term it’s it’s it’s all the same
thing so I would rather have an slight
imbalance towards optimism I would
rather have a slight imbalance towards
long term of a short term I would rather
have a slight imbalance of people over
profit I don’t think there’s such thing
as perfect balance and those that
there’s no such thing as 50/50 you at
some point we’re gonna face decisions
where something has to give you can’t
have two things be equal all the time
and so I do believe in biases so even
though yes we need pessimists we need
slightly more optimists even though yes
we need short-term thinkers we need
slightly more long-term thinkers even
though yes we need finite thinking we
need slightly more up infinite thinking
and and that kind of thing so that’s
that’s yeah I think I’ll take an
imbalance towards the positive anyway [Music]
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