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Why Is It so Hard to Tolerate Nice People?

just feel like there’s no point anymore
I call me well let’s go on any more
dates you don’t want to know what it’s
like out there you deserve someone so
it’s so nice and everyone I meet is
either a psychopath or a freak they’re
all weirdos oh my god do you read the
jack jack oh my god it’s so even like
I’m trying to be that picky I just want
someone who’s friendly and kind he
doesn’t have to be loaded he doesn’t
have to be really good-looking he just
has to be nice well I guess it’s like
12-hour days and it’s good that’s
amazing I mean it’s amazing you juggle
so many different responsibilities at
work it and how you dirt oh I don’t know
it’s something major it’s just how it is
really it’s just everyday well I’m
it was just everywhere it was
that’s so bad it was gross there’s a
second yeah it’s lovely
sorry I realized I stupidly arranged
that I’m gonna be somewhere else that’s
right it’s like have sex and yeah there
was it was I had a great time I’ll text
you yeah yeah how’s work then hmm yeah
it’s all right it’s fine like I think I
might drop down to four days definitely
he’s taking someone else on so maybe I
could definitely yeah but it’s so boring
anyway it’s home about you tell me what
you been up to well I went on that date
last week okay yeah with that guy
yeah Graham remember yeah yeah yeah it
was good you’re not sure no we I had a
good time okay yeah he’s nice right I
was it pleased for you yeah
hey hey how are you yeah I’m good what’s
going on yeah I just wondered if you
fancied meeting up or hanging out with
something oh yeah I could hang out maybe
in a couple of days see I’m going to
Berlin for a few weeks
but yeah I’ll let you know when I’m back
give me a call
ya know cool do it
yeah no that’s okay that’s that’s fine
honestly i-i understand great I’ll ask
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