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The Importance of a Breakdown

One of our greatest problems as humans is that we are always successfully squeezing ourselves to move forward
We are experts in surrendering to the demands of the outside world, and striving to be on a level
All that others expect of us, and continue to arrange our priorities according to what others are asking about us. Always
We want to succeed in appearing as an excellent boy or girl. We succeed in this heroic heroic action
For decades without crumbling or cracking under this effort. And one day we suddenly break
Our refraction is a surprise for us and for those around us. This refraction takes different forms.
We can not get out of bed. Soak the prey of depression paralyzes us. We are overwhelmed
My illness is concerned with normal communication with those around us. We refuse to eat healthily. They were obsessed with incomprehensible words. We lose control of part of
Our body. We feel a subtle force forcing us to do something utterly shameful to the contrary
Everything we do in normal circumstances. We become obsessed with doubt in some field. We refuse to play according to
The usual rules of our relationship: fall in betrayal of life partner and increase the rates of quarrel.
We may also stick a big stick in the wheel of our daily lives. The falls are tired and never fit
for anyone. Therefore, as expected, we are rushing to seek medical medicine to solve the problem
We try to eradicate the problem from the scene so that life will continue as it was again. But
This is a misunderstanding of what happens when our strengths collapse. The collapse that we are not
Just part of a fit or craze. Although it is difficult to be clearly described
It is a real attempt to reach mental health. Serious attempt of part of our minds to force the other part
On the process of maturity, self-understanding and self-development. That process is rejected by this part of the mind until this moment
To take responsibility. In a paradoxical way, we can say that it is a powerful push to start a process
Return to good health through the stage of falling in the disease. So there is a risk represented behind
To consider this breakdown as a physical problem is the only solution that is a drug that immediately eliminates the problem. The danger is that we will not learn
The lesson that this disease carries. The collapse is undoubtedly painful but also
An exceptional opportunity to learn. The reason we break and fall apart
Is that we for many years did not relax our nerves well. There were things
Within our minds we need to pay attention to them, but we always ignored them, and there were messages
To pay attention to them, and there was a need not to get to know our feelings and learn some ways of communication. And now that we are patient
For a long time – too long – the emotions of self try to force us to listen to them
The only way these feelings are available now. We have lost hope and must understand
We sympathize with her silent anger. What the breakdown is trying to tell us first of all
That our lives can not continue in the same way as the present, and that there are things that must be changed or
That death has become a better option than the current situation (this is terrifying for those who witness it). Why can not we
Simply to listen to our mental needs in a timely manner and quietly! And thus avoid all
What is the collapse of drama? Because the conscious mind is inherently lazy and quickly insulted
And very reluctant to deal with the important things that the collapse attempts to tell us in the end with all ferocity.
For many years, the conscious mind refuses to listen to this unique feeling of sadness, or there is a defect in this relationship
Or that there are desires that are swept to disappear under the carpet out of sight
We can compare this process with the revolution. For many years the people have been insisting on the argument
In order to listen to his demands and correct their situation. For many years, the government has been making dramatic changes
But it is deafening to the voices calling for real change, until the day comes when people can no longer afford it. And the people are upset
In the gates of the palace, destroy this luxury furniture or randomly shoot the innocent
And the comet. During revolutions – most often – the outcome is not good. Legitimate grievances and needs
The people were not dealt with seriously and sometimes there was no awareness of their existence. Sometimes revolutions lead to ugly civil war
And sometimes – literally – to suicide. The previous description can be used in the case of mental breakdowns. But maybe a good psychologist is trying
To listen to what the disease is trying to tell us without trying to subject the disease messages to censorship. He finds among the wonderful symptoms of illness
SOS and asked to devote more time to take care of ourselves, more time for close relations to our hearts. SOS for a more honest lifestyle and more satisfaction
SOS to accept our sexual nature .. Because of neglect these appeals we resorted to alcohol
We became more isolated, suspicious, or obsessed with being sexually attractive. This crisis crosses
For an open appetite for maturity, she found no other way to express her existence. Lots of people yet
Shocking months – or years – of psychological collapse will say: “I do not know how you were
I would be together if I did not order this health crisis “in the midst of the collapse we wonder a lot
Did we get crazy ?! No, this is not crazy. Our actions are undoubtedly strange, but under the cover of this nervous turmoil
We are looking vaguely – but logically in fact – about a way to become a loyalizer. We have not become satisfactory
We were already satisfactory. Our health crisis – if we skip it peacefully – is an attempt to make us jump
Away from the poisoned status quo. It is an urgent need to rebuild our lives more honestly and beyond falsehood
On an authentic basis.
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