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Through the Lens | National Geographic

photographer Carsten Peter always needs
a red-hot adrenaline rush and he finds
it coming face to face with Earth’s
volcanoes it’s something like my
religion depend a little kick yeah I’m
addicted to the repayments to feed that
addiction Carsten and his team traveled
to Ambrym a remote island in the South
almost 1200 feet or 360 meters below the
surface lies the maroon crater one of
Earth’s rarest phenomenons it is a lake
of molten lava Carsten has come to
capture this infernos tremendous size
and power by descending into the boil
inner the hardened lava is their biggest
danger yet every edge every corner could
be disastrous for the Rope the Rope goes
upwards downwards and it will easily be
cut because the volcanic rocks are very
Kirstin is obsessed photographing his
beloved volcanoes even on the descent
finally he stands on a ledge above the
lake of boiling magma if you step one
step too much over given its it could be
your last step the lavas temperature
rockets to 1,000 degrees Celsius or
nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit Carsten
Braves the heat that can melt solid rock
volcanic eruption are the most powerful
events here on earth it’s like
witnessing the creation of a planet from
the bottom of the inferno Carsten
struggled to show maroons
awesome force he suddenly realizes how
to create that image but needs help he
turns to his partner and volcanologist
from Tessier
I saw Frank down there in close to the
pit and and I just couldn’t believe that
him and the comparison to this huge man
but I needed him to climb up a little
higher he barely could understand myself
because it was so loud and so noisy
a gust of hot gas could erase from
toonami still he carefully inches along
the ridge until silhouetted by the
belching vent
for Carsten and from getting that shot
is a risk worth taking even in the
danger zone
in this extreme moment Carsten manages
to show man’s frailty against Earth’s
ferocious power if there is no one in
the frame you don’t have any comparison
and you are lost in the scale and that’s
important and touch to that image
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