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This 1960s Group Empowered Black Youth in Brooklyn | National Geographic

best I use in action with youth
organization that was established in the
60s they would have these activities
that would provide young people with a
sense of empowerment and they were
engaged with their community and that
was the other thing there was a sort of
a real activists component providing
young people without lips to try and
counter balance some of the racial
tensions that are occurring within
America and the fencing component is
really interesting these are not
activities that she would imagine would
be taught or played with in an urban
environment such as 1960s Brooklyn you
see a variety of Ages that were
participating in this program so it
wasn’t just you know making sure that
our young urban teenagers are off the
street but it was really like we need to
look at this from you know the cradle to
college how can we address the fact that
there’s been this kind of neglect and
you have Jackie Kennedy and Senator
Kennedy coming in participating so again
it was a real important conversation in
terms of this war on poverty in the ways
in which the country was really trying
to address some of the racial and
economic challenges that were facing the
country this is a community that may
have been often overlooked but there is
a power within the crowds well
supporting in a larger movement in the
african-american community
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