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These Twins Show That Race Is A Social Construct | National Geographic

my name is Marcia and I’m 11 years old
my name is Mary and I’m 11 years old
when they see us together same don’t
believe that were twins they don’t
believe us like they’re like oh really I
never noticed that like I thought you
just friends because we’re different
racism is where somebody judges you by
your color and not like by your actual
I think racism is it a negative thing
because sometimes it can hurt people’s
feelings just because you’re different
Craig doesn’t mean that you have to
change very much to be like someone else
if the world has to say only think about
was then if it’s gonna be a rude comment
and don’t bother say Allison just don’t
listen to just take a lot of but ending
up there if it’s gonna be a nice comment
then go ahead I’ll turn tonight
like like these people say don’t do the
books but don’t judge other people by
their looks but there could be so much a
different on the inside if you’re happy
with the way you look then you should
stay the way you look just be yourself
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