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Jackal vs. Ostrich Eggs vs. Vulture | National Geographic

here we are a nasara’ Getti plane in
Africa where an ostrich is a bend in an
egg and a hungry jackal means to make a
meal out of it
what we’ve got here is a highly
motivated animal trying and failing to
figure out this culinary conundrum it’s
just a little too big a little too
slippery a little too everything for the
jackal there’s three pounds of food in
there and it’s gonna stay in there right
not if this Egyptian vulture has
anything to do with it
these birds are always on the lookout
for edible orbs and jackal proof
packaging ostrich eggs are an important
source of protein and this vulture has a
strategy to get at its contents the
Egyptian vulture is one of the few birds
in the world to figure out how to use a
stone as a tool some scientists feel
that this isn’t intelligence so much as
highly evolved instinct
whatever it is it works the vulture
finally cracks a hole big enough for its
the vultures one step closer to Meal
Time than the jackal but it’s not home
free yet you see here on the Serengeti
the sound of a cracked egg shell is like
a news flash the word is out and other
diners are ready to line up a tawny
eagle shows up to share in the bounty
but an even bigger customer is about to
check out this lappet-faced vulture
would you want to mess with this bird at
nearly 4 feet tall it’s the largest most
aggressive vulture on the Serengeti when
it comes to a food find like this
pecking order is strictly observed the
biggest bird gets the booty
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