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Positive Morning Motivation (audio)


something absolutely incredible happens

to you when you make a conscious choice

every single day to enjoy yourselves

during the process of whatever it is

you’re trying to achieve see ignite a

massive amount of positive energy want

to know what that energy is called it’s

called passion and enthusiasm keys to

leading a successful life keys to

getting the results you want that work

to achieve that unique guest experience

to be optimistic all the time I know you

all know you’re smart enough to know in

order to get something done you have to

take action but here’s the thing taking

action without passion and enthusiasm is

just merely going through the motions

you’re just taking steps it’s the

passion and enthusiasm that pushes you

to go that extra mile it’s the passion

and the enthusiasm that makes you

realize you have to take a couple of

more steps to help that person to help

that guest okay it’s the passion and the

enthusiasm that gives you the

bounce-back factor and it’s the passion

and the enthusiasm that makes you

realize if you screw up if you made a

mistake it’s cool if you learn from it

and move forward and you make sure you

don’t do it again

you see enjoyment is the spark that

ignites passion and

soozee azzam so what I’m asking you to

do is to get your shift together in

other words what I’m saying here is

rather than focusing what it’s not

working and all the things that need to

be done shift your focus and your way of

thinking to the things in your life that

are working your first goal when you

open up your eyes should be to focus on

the things that ignite your spirit and

bring you joy I want you to focus on the

things that you appreciate in your life

the things that you’re grateful for I

don’t care who it is what it is maybe

it’s the person lying next to you maybe

you’re thinking of your children maybe

you’re thinking of the dog or the cat

lying by the side of the bed a

particular goal that you achieve that

maybe there’s an event coming up on the

weekend maybe maybe you’re meeting you

with your friends for lunch

you see folks it doesn’t matter who it

is or what it is there’s always

something to be grateful for to

appreciate what I’m asking you to do in

those few moments before you kraang can

get into your day is to focus on these

things now you may ask yourself why am I

asking you to do this because an

attitude because an attitude of

gratitude simply makes you feel good and

feeling good is the fuel that drives

motivation and you keep this stuff going

throughout the day whenever you’re

feeling stressed out a word and you’re

feeling that the challenge is really

getting to you

maybe it’s an irate customer maybe

orders didn’t come in

you know maybe things just aren’t going

whatever whatever it is rather than

trying to tackle that situation allow

yourself to temporarily walk away from

the moment that’s bringing you down and

stressing you out okay and immediately

start focusing on things that makes you

feel better then ignite your spirit that

brings you joy and then when you

eventually do go back to that moment

that’s stressing you out which you

haven’t if you have to do you are going

to realize that it won’t be as

overwhelming as it was before

why because you’ve calmed your nervous

system down to the point where you are

now embracing the situation okay rather

than having that situation control you

and I promise you you’ll find solutions

to the problems a lot quicker and you’ll

be able to deal with the next challenge

that will probably come upon you moments

later people we go through the course of

our lives every day and we allow

situations circumstances events

challenges people to literally suck the

energy out of us because we don’t know

that you have the strategies or the

tools to turn these things around and

I’m telling you that you do and again

it’s your choice and it’s your

responsibility and I want you to have

fun in your life and you’ve got to do it

when life is really stressing you out

that’s why we are here on this planet

you are here to experience to learn to

grow and to become how you experience

everything in your life including your

challenges will determine what’s user ok

what you learn will determine how you

grow how you grow will determine who you

become as a person you wanna we all if

you want to become the best person that

you can be humor nips negative thought

patterns in the product before emotional

have of blossoms and that’s what you

want to do you want to take more control

nothing can help you to enjoy our life

then unleashing the power of your human

being and unfortunately today enjoyment

today is something that most people

believe by the wayside especially when

we were setting out to achieve our goals

and you’re trying to beat the

competition you’re trying to do the best

for example you’re investing all this

money in social media not even knowing

if it’s working even if business is

prospering you’re not sure it is the

cause of the social media you don’t know



these are the things that cause us to

get stressed out of all this dress comes

self-doubt overwhelming fear anger

resentment indecision without you even

realizing it enjoying yourself become

secondary think about what it is you

have to accomplish every day because

that’s when it has to become primary why

because the people who make a conscious

choice to enjoy themselves during the

process of whatever it is they’re trying

to achieve are more creative okay

they’re more productive they’re able to

bounce back much faster from life’s

challenges and they’re able to find

solutions to problems a lot quicker you

see truly successful happy optimistic

people know they’re going to have good

times and they know they’re going to

have bad times they’re not exempt from

the trials and tribulations of life my

friends in fact some of the happiest

most successful most optimistic people

that I know had to overcome

insurmountable odds to get me where they

are today in fact some of them are going

through some major stuff right now was

on token TV but they all have this

uncanny way and I want you to get this

they all have this uncanny way of

shifting their focus that is to say they

allow themselves to temporarily step

away from those moments that are

bringing them down or causing them pain

and they immediately engage in


lit their spirits and bring them joy

they concentrated what’s working in

their lives instead of staying fixated

on what is not working I really want you

to get this they bless the things that

life has given them instead of cursing

what life has not given them or what

life is currently throwing at them and

they all have this magical way yeah

that’s the best way to use this magical

way of finding the laughter in between

the top two times listen to me my

friends we all have the power to do this

you all have the power to do this this

is what I call a power shift and focus

okay a power shift in focus replenishes

the spirit it nourishes your soul the

very essence of who you are so that when

you eventually do go back to those

moments that are bringing you down or

causing your pain which you need have it

subdue them you are going to realize

that it won’t be as noble whelming as it

was before why because you’ve calmed

your nervous system down to the point

where you can take control of the

situation instead of having that

situation control you a power shifting

focus does not make your problems go

away it just makes you realize that no

matter what happens to you or around you

life still goes on

and so does your rights to enjoy it it

totally blows me away if you looked up

in the dictionary right now and you

looked up the word success it’ll just

tell you achieve your goal getting that

which you desire it amazes me that

nowhere in the definition of success are

the words happiness or joy or enjoyment

and in my view I don’t care who you are

or how much money you make everyone in

this room could look at you as the

ultimate success story but here’s the

bottom line okay

and only you know this only you know

this if you’re not happy you’re not

successful if you’re not enjoying

yourself during the process of whatever

it is you want to achieve there’s a

problem to me the biggest disease on the

planet is unhappiness and the reason why

people are unhappy is because we have

the tendency to keep focusing as I say

on what you don’t have and what’s not

working on guys instead of allowing

yourself to shift our focus on our way

we literally create self-fulfilling

prophecies by saying things like on an

unconscious level you don’t even know

what you’re doing I still do it and I

have to catch myself we do it in little

ways you say things like I’ll be happy

when the weekend gets here I’ll be happy

when this person gets off my nerves I’ll

be happy when the kids get out of the

house I’ll be happy when I get more

respect I’ll be happy when I get

appreciated I’ll be happy when somebody

loves me I’ll be happy when I get a

better job I’ll be happy when I get

married and so on and so on you see if

your journey towards the goal is

polluted with negative energy of any

kind whether it’s unhappiness whether

it’s fear or

or jealousy you’re only going to create

the same results when the goal is

achieved because you take that stuff my

point here folks is that there is no

reason why you cannot set out to achieve

your goal whatever it may be to get

things done to make a difference that

you do do in people’s lives and enjoy

the process there’s no reason why you

can’t do that and it is all based on

choices and if you do that’s the

ultimate success because once you get

there you’ll have such a profound

appreciation on how you got there

does that make any sense okay it’s all

based on choices your whole life is

based on the choices that you make for

every choice you make there always be a


always [Music]

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