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okay let’s do the workshop now and
setting goals developing a good plan for
the next 10 years especially some of the
things you want to accomplish that our
dreams pull us through our objectives
sustain us get us up early keep us up
late or drive us to do the disciplines
read the books take the classes study
whatever is necessary if the dreams are
strong enough and the purpose is strong
enough we will pay the price then after
we’ve accomplished here’s what you’ll
say small price to pay okay so let’s go
to work entitle this part of it now
workshop and under the workshop I’m
going to ask a series of questions and
it’s gonna serve as a model so that you
can teach this to your children you can
teach it in classes you can teach it
anywhere and I’m gonna give to you the
question first and then give you time to
work the exercise okay so you jot down
the question and then the work the
exercise and if for lack of time we have
to cut you working nexor sighs a little
bit short it’s something you can
continue you know after you’ve gotten
home or whatever you can continue doing
the exercise but I want to make sure I
get through it all so that you have this
format to follow on setting goals
because I think it’s so valuable okay
under the workshop now here’s the first
question what five things have you
already accomplished that you’re proud
of let’s take some credit before we go
to work on the future we’ve accomplished
some things in the past let’s give
ourselves credit for that when you’re
working with kids this is important what
five things have you already
accomplished that you’re proud of so I
want you to make a note of that question
and then I want you to do the exercise
make a list of five things that you can
think of that you’ve already
and we’ve probably got some gold medal
winners and you know no telling who
we’ve got in the audience I did a tour
of Australia once with mark Tewksbury
gold medal winner and I’m sure under
this exercise he would have put that on
his list won the gold medal in Barcelona
I also did that tour with David Chilton
who wrote the book the wealthy barber if
you haven’t got it you got to get it
might add it to Charlie’s list the
wealthy barber by David Chilton it
became a number one bestseller in Canada
best-seller in Canada is like fifty
thousand sixty thousand six hundred
thousand and David you to say you know
I’d be number one in Canada if Jim
Rowland could push in the Bible so list
five things that you’re that you’ve
already accomplished that you’re proud
of I graduated third in my high school
class I was really proud of that took a
lot of hard work now if there’s only
three it’s not that great we got that
now a list of five things you’ve already
accomplished that you’re proud of
sometimes even for kids you have to do a
little coaching you know sports or
school whatever did you win a blue
so this is part of this formats to do a
little coaching to help people you know
get through these exercises okay five
things you’ve already accomplished that
you’re proud of okay now here’s the next
exercise and this is gonna take some
time next question what do you want in
the next ten years I want you to make a
list of at least 50 items now this is
not what you think you can get this is
what you want if everything fell into
place and you could have anything you
wanted in the next 10 years what would
that list be not something you think you
can earn not something you think you can
buy not something you think you can you
know finally be so successful you can
get this is what would really do it for
you the next 10 years I want you to make
this list and here’s the deal now I want
you to put each item one under the other
not side-by-side but one under the other
and make a lot as long a list as you
possibly can in the time I’m going to
give you one underneath the other
because we’re gonna do some things with
this list when you finish okay just
start writing now as fast as you can
abbreviate where you can to make a
longer list if something’s private put
it in code so nobody could figure it out
they got ahold of this list one
underneath the other as fast as you can
right just let your dreams
okay run free here not what you think
you can get look what you want if
everything fell into place and you could
have whatever you wanted the next 10
years what would that be little things
and major things insignificant things
places you want to visit I’ve been to a
lot of countries but I got a long list
last year I checked Cyprus off my list
what countries haven’t you been to that
you’d like to visit the next 10 years
cities you’d like to visit I’ve never
been to Venice I’ve been around the
world and all over Italy and I’ve never
haven’t been to Egypt it’s on my list
haven’t been to Saudi Arabia you’d think
I’ve been everywhere you know 39 years
what experiences would you like to have
in the next 10 years parachute out of an
airplane star in a movie playing a rock
when a gold medal in the Olympics start
learn to play a musical instrument try a
they’ll Bailey’s after me to go skiing
you know I’m not really a winter person
I let my friends go north I go south
they say do your ski I said yes water
ski but he’s got me convinced I have to
he likes the snow I like the sand what
now I’ve got to learn to play golf John
boutté auntie Bill Bailey on my case now
it’s a test of friendship learn to play
what do you want for your children
that’s a whole list in itself education
pleasures you want to take him
my parents traveled so valuable for me
I missed 21 weeks of high school my
junior and senior year combined 21 weeks
I missed still graduated third because
my parents took me my parents took me
everywhere they wanted me to meet and
they wanted me to see and they wanted me
to do what new skill would you like to
learn over the next 10 years when I
started learning new skills at age 25 it
changed my life
I learned sales multiplied my income by
five first year I learned how to find
good people
recruiting multiplied my income some
more learned how to organize learned how
to promote rewarding people for small
steps of progress I became so good at
maybe you’d like to give seminars rights
the next 10 years some things right away
within the next year some on out there
some changes you’d like to make some
habits you’d like to drop some new ones
you might make a list of the people you
want to meet over the next 10 years
I got Buck Owens coming up right into
this month me and buck Bakersfield oil
patch country it’ll be so much fun to
I’m Savin breakfast in the morning guess
who was there Milton Berle uncle Miltie
93 years old going strong – is it
incredible because I’ve never met him
benevolence goals maybe you’ve got a
long list of project you’d like to
support now this is not what you think
you can do this is what you’d really
like to do Mark Hughes had a passion for
helping kids that had drug problems one
year he gave eight million eight million
dollars when I first met him he couldn’t
give 800 finally he could give eight
million Wow Andrew Carnegie said I’m
gonna spend the first half of my life
accumulating money and I’m gonna spend
the last half of my life giving it all
away that’s big-time and the first half
of his life he accumulated four hundred
million dollars which back then was a
lot of money guess what he did the last
half of his life he gave it all away so
keep your list going what’s got you
turned on maybe you’ve been turned off
until you got here this weekend I want
you to start working on turning your
lights on for accomplishments you can’t
believe what you can accomplish if
you’ll just work hard on this list now
you know it’s amazing how adults have
you know a problem with this right let’s
see and kids don’t have any prob they be
asking for extra sheets of paper by now
I mean you know kids say you mean
anything I could anything I want the
next ten years yes write it all down
a cabin in the mountains upstairs maid a
cook a chauffer how about your
investments properties one of my goals
was someday to be financially
independent we’re gonna talk about that
a little later
my father convinced me years and years
ago that someday I should be debt-free
my mother and father practiced that when
I inherited the estate all the lands and
the house and the buildings and the
things and the cars and everything guess
how much was owing when I inherited it
all zero not one penny everything free
it is a glorious feeling for no one to
maybe you want to be in the top 10 and
whatever maybe you’re working on a new
invention congratulations
someday who knows make a list of your
health goals that I have a good physical
support system over the next 10 years
how healthy do you want to be eliminate
some illnesses eliminate some weaknesses
get strong for competition in the 21st
one of my goals was to have a residence
in each season for each season finally
check that off my list
it’s like it’s been winter here and
summer here
autumn here and spring here residence
for each season an apartment in
Manhattan a ranch in Brazil what would
okay are you doing well does anybody
have fifty yet okay we’ve got quite a
few we’re gonna take up like three or
four more minutes so just start putting
everything you can think of on here I
put a little revenge on my first list
some of the people that said I couldn’t
do well they were on that first list I
couldn’t wait to get my new car drive it
up on their lawn and say oh pardon me
here’s the money to have it fixed I mean
I I had some stuff on my list something
that would give you incredible
satisfaction Old Testament God says
vengeance is mine all mine no wonder he
wants it all it feels so good if I was
God I’d want it all what would really do
it for you some scores to settle gently
my Japanese friend Toro akkada San Jose
California put on his first list a
Caucasian gardener I thought hey that’s
good Doro what would do it for you okay
become a wine connoisseur I’m learning
more and more how to make wine it’s an
interesting process a hobby you’d like
I got Sonique little motorhome right put
the dirt back on the back way I go I’m
now putting a fax machine in my motor
home so I could be a little more in
touch even when I’m gone
here’s my new mode for the future in
touch and out of reach that’s the new
deal say yes you can write you can
contact him but you can’t find you for a
while he’s gone so you know what is your
goal for the future to get away
something that would really serve you
well in terms of refreshing change of
pace skills you want to help teach your
children I taught my girls how to swim
how to dive such a great satisfaction
when they used to say watch me daddy
watch me look how good I am
you taught me watch me it’s not a good
phrase for you this is a good one to put
in here all life seems to wish to reward
its benefactor all life wishes to reward
its benefactor if you take especially
good care of the flowers they will bloom
especially bright for you if you teach
your children they will want to show off
for you daddy look how good I am you’re
the one that taught me you want to watch
me do it again all life takes delight in
my friend Lydia cologne who 21 year 20
years ago invested a dollar now she’s a
millionaire one of her specialties is
helping young parents do a little
marriage counseling alright some of
those early years right two three four
five years those early years are pretty
tough to get through what specialty
would you like to learn make a
contribution to society make a
most everybody have a list of 50 now let
me see the hands how many’s got 50 ok
that’s almost everybody okay now put a
little star there right that says you
can continue this list this doesn’t mean
this is all you get say no this is just
to get you started because I promise you
when you get back home you’ll think of
50 more and 50 more and 50 more that you
couldn’t think of while you were here
and and this list can grow and grow and
grow now here’s what this also means if
you have a lot more time than we have
today you can take plenty of time to
just have people make as long a list as you know possible
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