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“Learn HOW to Deal With FAILURE!” | Yuval Noah Harari (@harari_yuval) | Top 10 Rules

if you go to do an exam maybe the most
important thing you can learn from the
exam is how to deal with failure if it
was easy to get to know yourself better
everybody would do it long ago
and we would be living in a very very
different world if you want to study
something really practical in the 21st
need motivation watch top ten we believe
what’s that believe in nature that’s
Evan I believe in you and this channel
is designed to be a part of your daily
success routine so let’s get your
motivation to attend and get you
believing in you grab a snack and chew
on today’s lessons from a man who went
from being born in Israel and being a
professor in Jerusalem to writing three
international bestsellers and being a
sought-after speaker on the topics of
the future of humanity
he’s you’ve all know a Harare and here’s
okay let’s kick it up with rule number
one be adaptive even if people if the
lifespan remains as it is 80 years every
10 years you have another big shock
I mean people one of the things many
people don’t realize about the AI
revolution and the automation revolution
they imagine it is some kind of one-time
event we have the big AI revolution in
2025 you have all these truck drivers
and taxi drivers and doctors and
whatever losing their jobs you have a
few difficult years of adjustment and
then eventually you have the new brave
new world of AI with a new equilibrium
and this is an extremely unlikely
scenario because we are nowhere near the
maximum potential of AI the speed in
which it develops is only likely to
accelerate so what we are really going
to face is a cascade of ever bigger
revolutions in the job market and in
many other areas of life relationships
politics and so forth so you have a big
disruption in 2025 you have an even
bigger disruption in 2035 an even bigger
one in 2045 and so forth and if you look
say at a job market so ok you were a
truck driver and they no longer need you
but there is no demand for yoga teachers
so you somehow reinvent yourself at age
40 I’m no longer truck driver nominate
your teacher it’s very difficult to
somehow do it 10 years later no need of
yoga teachers thank you very much we now
have these amazing applications
connected with biometric sensors to your
body they know exactly what you’re doing
with every tiny muscle as you do this
posture of that posture
no human yoga teacher can compete with
that you’re out of job you have to
reinvent yourself again as a designer of
virtual world games and you do it
somehow but 10 years later you have to
do it again because this too has now
been automated
and even if you get support from the
government and there is all these
education for adult a system the really
big question is again it’s psychological
do or do we as human beings have the
mental stability and the emotional
intelligence necessary to reinvent
ourselves repeatedly and you know when
you’re 20 what you’re doing is basically
to reinvent yourself or to invent
yourself for the first time and it is
very difficult when you’re 30 it’s even
more difficult but you sometimes we but
you somehow do it but when you get to be
40 50 60 it becomes more and more
difficult you have more to let go of I
have invested so much in building this
career this personality these skills to
give it all up and start again from from
a new it’s so difficult the best
investment I would say is in emotional
intelligence and in mental balance and
these kinds of skills of how to keep
changing throughout your life how to
keep learning throughout your life now
how do you learn that that’s very very
difficult we don’t have a college degree
in mental flexibility but these are the
most important tools rubrics you learn
to deal with failure if you go to do an
exam maybe the most important thing you
can learn from the exam is how to deal
with failure what if you got it hard on
the exam that’s wonderful okay great but
if you got if you failed that’s an even
more important thing to learn how do you
pick yourself up and how do you go
forward from failure this is going to
help if you manage to do that if you
fail it in exit in an exam and you know
how to deal with it that will be far far
more important for your future than
getting a straight a rule number three
be a storyteller
it’s just our fortune and misfortune as
a species that we think in stories so if
you want to make a point
you have to take the tit to take the
messiness of reality and cast it as a
story otherwise people don’t understand
and we have now all these you know
discussions about for example climate
change that how to make the general
public understand what is happening what
is the enormity of the crisis we are
facing what is the evidence supporting
it what should we do and the problem is
that scientists including climate
scientists they think in facts in
numbers in statistics in equations in
graphs all the things that make most
people alike fall asleep oh just not get
it if you really want to make the public
understand climate change you need a
story my perception is that in the end
the economists and the engineers and the
soldiers they are very often just
working to realize something that came
up in the mind of some point and this is
also why there is so I think there is a
huge responsibility on the shoulders of
poets and screenwriters and actors and
artists that you know you think that oh
we just entertain people but this is not
the case it goes much much more deeply
it provides the kind of scaffolding for
people to make sense of their individual
lives and of their collective lives and
good stories create a very good world
and problematic stories create a very
problematic world and the human ability
to create fictions on the one hand is
responsible for all our amazing
achievements as a species but also to so
much harm that we have done to ourselves
and that we have done to two other
animals that as far as we know I would
say one of the main differences is for
we know between us and the other animals
that they can’t create these kinds of
fictions but their lives and death is
often determined by the stories that
this particular eight species is able to
tell and believe rule number four get to
know yourself there are many very
intelligent people in the world who
don’t know themselves at all which is an
extremely dangerous combination
now some people explore themselves
through therapy some use meditation some
use out some uses sports they like go on
a long hike go for a month to the
Appalachian Trail and and get to know
themselves on the way there are many
ways to do it which are not necessarily
about intellect it’s not like reading
articles about brain science and that
can help in some ways and in this sense
I think it’s a very kind of
democratizing ability or force to get to
know yourself after a frozen you you’re
always with yourself if it was easy to
get to know yourself better everybody
would do it long ago and we would be
living in a very very different world
when you really get to know yourself you
realize that when you ignore others and
when you mistreat others very often it
hangs you even before it harms them it’s
a very unpleasant experience to be angry
so your anger may have harm other people
or maybe not maybe you’re boiling with
anger about somebody and you don’t do
anything about it because she’s your
boss but you don’t harm her but your
your anger harms you so the more you you
understand yourself the greater
incentive you have to do something about
my anger about my hatred about my fear
and most people discover that as they
develop more compassion towards others
they also experience far more peace
within themselves rule number five
practice with husana meditation I
practice the personal meditation to see
reality more clearly to be able to see
what is reality what is really happening
right here right now I’m not doing it as
any kind of religious exercise to get in
touch with this force or that force with
this toriel that story it’s really for
me then the least dogmatic thing I ever
encountered in life is the personal
meditation it just tells you just
observe what is really happening right
as it is without trying to impose any
story on it without trying to change it
in any way I mean I remember the first
time I went to a course and the first
instruction I got from the teacher was
observe your breath not observe God not
observe the soul just observe your
breath coming in and out of your
nostrils and just accept the breath
whatever it is if it is strong if it’s
weak if it comes from this nostril oh
that was it doesn’t matter just observe
the reality as it is and what amazed me
was that I couldn’t do it for more than
ten seconds immediately the mind ran
away to some stories and fantasies some
memory if I can’t observe the reality of
my own breath for ten seconds how can I
hope to observe the reality of the
global political system of the global
economic system and I don’t think I
could have written any of my books
without the help of of the focus and the
discipline the Ender and their clarity
that this kind of meditation gives I
think many people make a mistake about
meditation that they think meditation is
a tool to get all kinds of special
experiences like I go to an amusement
park and this is another kind of
amusement park I’ll use meditation to
have all
of special experiences and actually I
think the most important benefit of
meditation is to get to know the most
ordinary daily natural patterns of your
mind and of your body to get to know
your anger your pain your joy your your
boredom because this is what you have to
deal with a lot in life if meditation is
a kind of vacation like for a couple of
days I have these spiritual experiences
but then for most of the year
I still have to deal with my anger and
my boredom it didn’t really help me rule
number six engage with spirituality
morality is about reducing suffering in
the world you don’t need to believe in
this God or that God in order to act
morally you need to have deep
appreciation of suffering I don’t think
that we need spirituality as against
religion in all times in all cases but
for me spirituality and religion are
totally different things they are almost
the opposite of one another
spirituality is about questions and
religion is about answers spirituality
is when you have this big question like
what is consciousness or what is the
meaning of life or Who am I or what is
the good and you go on a quest to find
to find out the answer to this question
and you have the courage the willingness
to go wherever this question takes
because it’s very important to you
religion is about answers it’s when
somebody comes and says this is the
answer you must believe that
if not you will burn in hell or we will
burn you and this in the innovates the
antithesis of spirituality and I think
that in the 21st century we need
probably spirituality more than ever
before because a lot of spiritual
questions and philosophical questions
are suddenly becoming practical
questions questions about free will
about what is the meaning of humanity
what does it mean to be human which you
know people argue about for thousands of
years but had very little immediate
implications what you think is just you
know a pastime for philosophers suddenly
it becomes a question for engineers
because we are able or soon we will be
able to start reengineering humans so a
question like what does it mean what
does humanity mean what is the essence
of being human it moves from the realm
of abstract philosophy to the realm of
engineering and this is why we need to
engage with these kinds of questions far
more and even corporations like Google
and Facebook and so forth I think they
really need to kalasa firs and they
really need experts and spirituality to
understand what they are doing
rule number seven study philosophy no
questions like free will like the
meaning of humanity philosophers have
been discussing this for thousands of
years with almost zero impact on the
rest of humanity because it was most of
the time irrelevant it didn’t really
matter what you think about these issues
but now these problems are suddenly
becoming practical problems of
engineering and of politics so this is
the time for the philosophers and the
historians and the people in the
humanities to go out there and to talk
about these issues it is suddenly very
very urgent things that weren’t very
urgent in ancient Athens they are now
extremely urgent and what you see is
that the engineers are taking over
because philosophers maybe they are just
too patient well we’ve been debating
this without 5,000 years we can continue
to debate it
five thousand years more but engineers
are impatient when you design a
self-driving car you can’t wait five
thousand years you need to decide
ethical questions and philosophical
questions now or in the next year oh –
sure should these Silicon Valley
companies be hiring resident
philosophers they are doing it or in in
different ways either engineers that
reinvent themselves as philosophers oh
there are some philosophers who are also
in at least type of philosophers who are
being hired or play a part in this and I
think again that if you want to study
something really practical in the 21st
century philosophy is a good vet more
than ever before more than many of the
other things that that people are
studying there are so many things that
AI is going to do better than humans in
the in the coming years maybe eventually
also philosophy but this will be one of
the last fields to fall to automation
rule number eight read a lot of books I
read very eclectically like no book is
bad from from entering the the book list
but then I tend to be extremely
impatient about the books I actually
read I would begin like 10 books and
drop nine of them after ten pages it’s
not always the wisest policy but it’s my
policy that if a book didn’t really
teach me something new had some
interesting insight in the first 10
pages the chances it will it could be
that in on page 100 there’ll be some
mind-blowing idea that I am now missing
but there’s so many I keep thinking
there are so many books out wonderful
books out there that I will never read
so why was waste time on a less optimal
optimal book so I would try like a book
on biology and then economics and then
psychology and then fiction and
and whatever and just go through them
quite quickly until I find something
that really grabs me rule number nine
develop your social skills when you look
at UN societies there is no consistent
match between physical strength and
social and political power in many cases
there is a huge mismatch there like in
most societies people in their 50s and
60s and 70s dominate people in their
twenties even though people in their 20s
are physically stronger if you look at
organizations whether it’s the Catholic
Church whether it’s the United States
whether it’s the Mafia so very often the
the Pope is not the strongest Catholic
around you know it’s not like they had
this big Boxing Championship of all the
Catholic males in the world in France is
you know defeated all the competition so
he’s no Pope I even in criminal
organizations very often they’re you
know the the capo di tutti capi that the
big boss he could be in many 60s who
doesn’t go around beating people up but
he has the power to tell much younger
and stronger men go and kill this guy
and they obey and usually social power
depends on social abilities the ability
to build alliances the abilities to
reach compromises with potential allies
the ability to understand what the other
person is thinking either in order to
reach a deal or in order to beware of a
trap and rule number 10 the last one
before a very special bonus clip is find
your mission I want to bring more
clarity to the public conversation on
what’s happening in the world I think
that too much of the public discussion
is focused either on the wrong issues or
is extremely confused and unclear and
people are flooded by enormous amounts
of information which they don’t know how
to make sense of and what I see my
is bringing clarity to the public
discussion especially in terms of
focusing people’s attention on the most
important questions I try to give some
answers to but I don’t care a lot if
people don’t agree with me about the
answers about the solutions the
important thing is I think is to agree
about the questions and I would end by
saying that there are three big
challenges to humankind in the 21st
century there are nuclear war climate
and technological disruption and these
should be the first three items on the
political agenda of every country this
is not the case right now I would like
now I’ve got a really special bonus clip
on how to keep a broad perspective that
I think you’re gonna enjoy but before
that it’s time for the three-point
landing questions time to move from just
watching another video to taking action
in your life or business and if you’re
feeling bold answer these questions in
the comments below here we go question
number one what is your mission number
two what book will you start this week
to further your mission and number three
what is your story and how can you use
I don’t think we can predict the future
but I think we can influence it what I
try to do as a historian and I even when
I talk about the future I define myself
as a historian because I think that
history is not the study of the past
history is the study of change how human
society is and in political systems and
economies change and what I try to do is
to map different possibilities rather
than make predictions this is what will
happen in 2050 and we need to keep a
very broad perspective one of the
biggest dangers is when we have a very
narrow perspective like we develop a new
technology and we think oh this
technology will have this outcome and we
are convinced of this prediction and we
don’t take into account that the same
technology might have very different
outcomes and then we don’t prepare and
we don’t and again as I said at the
beginning it’s especially important to
take into account the worst possible
outcomes in order to beware of them so I
would say whenever you’re thinking about
the future the future impact of added
technology I’m developing create a map
of different possibilities if you see
just one possibility
you’re not looking wide enough if you
see two or three it’s probably also not
wide enough you need a map of like four
or five different possibilities minimum
raise your standard Apple at the core is
core values
is that we believe that people your
passion can change the way people not
one drop of my self-worth depends on
if you want to learn the 10 skills that
are hard to learn but will pay off
forever check out the video right there
next to me I think you’ll enjoy it
continue to believe and I’ll see you
there one of the things you would want
to be sure to do is whether you like it or not get very
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