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Gratitude – Thank you, Random Order! – Thankful Thursday

welcome to other thankful Thursday I
believe it’s important to thank the
people in your life who have had an
impact on your business on your personal
life because you can’t do this thing
alone you need people’s help and it’s
great to once in a while just say thank
you so today i want to thank random
order random order is a band and they
are the music behind my famous failures
that come out on sunday so if you ever
see those videos that have all the
famous people and their early feelers
and people who didn’t believe in them
and they kept going and they persevered
and they made it the background track on
that for a lot of the videos is from
random order and it’s a it’s a really
catchy song to our grows them every time
i listen to what i start dancing a
little bit more so random order thank
you guys so much for contributing your
music i love it it’s it’s such a great
new addition to the videos that we’re
putting up there and for everybody
watching I want to do a quick shadow
because random order is actually up for
a fan favorite award I’ll include the
link below the you guys can go check out
and click and go vote for them I already
put my vote in there on to the next
round and they could use a little extra
push so go vote for random order and for
everybody watching just take time today
to thank somebody who’s had an impact on
your business somehow you know they
believe in you or they give you some
advice or they put you onto a connection
whatever it is because again you can’t
do this alone and taking five minutes to
say thank you if it’s a phone call if
it’s right at an email making a video
whatever it is you’ll feel better
they’ll feel great and you’re spreading
some good karma which we need more of in
this world believe you guys like this
video you want to see more just like it
subscribe to the channel thank you so
much I’ll see you soon and go vote for
random order if you want the real goods
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hi I’m Jason J reyez fonseka of ra’s
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prioritize and look forward to period
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