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Exporting Business – How to launch an exporting business – Ask Evan

hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to
another edition of ask Evan in today’s
episode I’m going to answer a question
from one of my newsletter readers
Solomon who is a budding entrepreneur in
Columbia and wants to start an exporting
business to export sugar coffee t-shirts
and a whole bunch of other products from
Columbia and one of my advice on how to
get started so Solomon congrats on one
instead of new business very exciting
time in terms of my advice for you what
you need to do I would suggest is start
around what you’re really passionate
about so you want to tap into one of
your passions you listed off a whole
bunch of different products in your
email to me and that’s great okay what I
want you to do is focus in on one that
you really are passionate about I know
you can have a real impact with so if
you look at the most successful
entrepreneurs they didn’t start the
business because they want to make a lot
of money although that’s helpful but
it’s not their only ambition they
usually are super passionate super
excited about whatever product line
they’re getting into the ones who get
into juice or money funny enough really
make a lot of money so pick one of the
ones that you’re really excited about if
t-shirts are you know your passion you
love t-shirts you can make money with
t-shirts and you’re going to spend a lot
of time going out and finding the best
people to make your t-shirts and
sourcing the best cotton for your
t-shirts and building a whole process
around creating some of the best
t-shirts available in Columbia Tax Board
so whatever it is I want you to really
focus on finding something that you’re
super passionate about that you really
want to export and you’re not just doing
it to try to make a quick buck the next
thing I would do is start to define who
your customer is so who’s gonna buy your
t-shirts or whatever product it is who’s
going to actually be the ones buying it
so are you selling to a North American
market you sell into European market and
if it’s you know once you figure that
out who are the individual people going
to be so if you’re selling to North
American market who’s going to buy your
t-shirts they’re going to be retailers
manufacturers business owners consumers
you want to make sure you do your
research to find out who are the type of
people who are going to be potentially
buying your product and tailor your
solutions to be able to service
demographic so if I’m a manufacturer my
needs are gonna be a lot different than
if I’m a retailer if I’m a consumer so
you don’t want to just go in and say hey
I can selling t-shirts to anybody you
want to make sure you have your process
in place and you know exactly who you’re
going to be selling to so you can talk
to them a little bit better more easily
their story it’s gonna be more
believable because you’ve done your work
and you’re able to show that you’re
really targeting that specific community
so customers really buy when you’re the
everybody shop right if you’re selling
everybody it’s really hard to actually
go out and sell everybody so you’re
you’re a lot better off target a
specific customer really showing that
you understand their needs and then
tailoring all of your marketing all of
your advertising towards that target
market so since you’re kind of starting
up you may not know yet what your
passion is and what your product is what
you might want to do the start is talk
to potential customers and figure out a
zero pain right so I’ll put a question
mark here because a lot of entrepreneurs
start their business just because it’s
exciting but they’re not actually
solving a problem so with your own
business think about something you’re
passionate about and you can also solve
a real problem with so maybe t-shirts
are your passion but is it really a pain
in the North American market where
people want to buy t-shirts and they
have a huge pain in the huge problem
that they have right now and you can
help them solve it by exporting your
t-shirts from Colombia so is there a
pain so you want to start doing your
research they’re talking to potential
customers and I would even do that
before you start your business and
commit to it start talking to potential
customers try to get somebody lined up
the best way to start a business is
around the pain customer who has a
problem and who’s willing to pay you to
solve that problem so I make sure that
there is a pain in the market start
talking to potential customers and
seeing if you can help them solve that
pain so if you find out that there’s no
pain you can still have the passion but
you may have to start finding a
different customer who has a different
pain that you can go in and help them
solve so this would be kind of my first
steps to helping you get started it’s
great that you have the ambition
excitement to get your business off the
ground to improve the chances of you
being successful I’d really encourage
you to tap into your passion define your
temir and then again make sure that they
have a pain that you can help them solve
so hopefully that helps Solomon if you
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