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Evan Carmichael Believe – What’s my story?

what’s my story so I got a question from
one of my new YouTube subscribers
Kenneth love you guys welcome to the
team and Kenneth 19 years old he wants
to become a success in an online
business and he wanted to know what my
story was so I’m gonna share now for
those of you who’ve been on my channel
for longer you’ve heard me talk about my
story in a couple different ways but
you’re gonna get it again cuz Kenneth’s
ass so here we go so Kenneth this is for
you I’m gonna tell two stories okay the
first one is about how I became an
entrepreneur and the second was how I
found my passion about helping other
entrepreneurs so starting up when I was
young I had a whole bunch of different
business ideas
most of them small things like selling
art and doing garage sales and selling
baseball cards small ventures but I
never thought that entrepreneurship
would be a career path for me I never
thought this what I would be doing for
the rest of my life that changed in
university when I was in university I
met up with two friends and they had a
business that that would they were
trying to get off the grounds a software
company and they put so much into this
company but it wasn’t taking off and so
I joined on the business side I didn’t
know anything about software I didn’t
know anything about biotechnology but I
came out on the business side said hey
I’d like to try to help and up until
that point I always thought I’d have a
corporate job I looked at Mike in my
high school yearbook recently and I said
where do you see yourself in 10 years
you know that stuff and I wrote down I
see myself as a VP at a major investment
bank that’s what I thought I was gonna
do I was gonna be in the banking world I
need a change University I started with
this company and I and I just I loved it
and at the start I wasn’t making any
money you know I was barely surviving
not even getting enough to survive I’m
at 300 dollars a month that I was taking
out from this company and just doing
everything I could just to get bar just
a scrape by in existence you know eating
beans for lunch and and the way I was
living was just terrible but I didn’t
really mind because I was doing
something that I loved doing that I
hadn’t experienced this kind of
action before and when I was graduating
University I got called on by two
companies who I would have previously
loved to work for is McKinsey Consulting
the number one strategic consulting
company in the world
and Merrill Lynch one of the top
investment banks in the world and if you
ask me just a couple years before I
would have been drooling like what
really these companies are coming asking
me to work for them and my friends were
all jealous and and I was a little sad I
don’t know I wasn’t as excited and they
flew MIT in New York and they put me up
in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and they
mousse me and and I just I don’t know I
just kind of bombed everything I wasn’t
I wasn’t into it like why why am i this
is my dream like right like I was
growing up thinking this is what I was
gonna do with my life and here it is the
opportunity in front of me and I just
mad I didn’t do any preparation as
because I discovered this business and
my friends were saying what like what do
you are you out of your mind
like these guys paying 80 to $100,000
starting salary and you’re at this
company making 300 bucks a month and
this is that’s the choice you’re making
what’s wrong with you but I had to I had
to do it I had to give it a shot I don’t
know there’s something in a said I’m
gonna live with regret if I don’t try
this out I could always go back next
year and and and take a job but I don’t
know I have to try this out I know it
doesn’t make sense in my head but I have
to try this I owe it to myself to try
this and so I did and I never went back
to to getting a job again eventually
things worked out with that business and
I built it up and we went from having
you know little sales to building it up
to having customers in 30 countries and
I sold to NASA and Johnson Johnson and
got tons of media and I and my company
got acquired and after I sold my
business I was asked to do a lot of
speaking it was a young entrepreneur
success story I was 22 23 doing a lot of
interviews and one of the things that
saved me through my business at that
point where I thought like this is not
gonna work I need to make money to
survive like I I’m not talking millions
of dollars I need like
money to survive right one of the things
that helped get me through that crisis
in my business was modeling success I
looked at the guys who had built
software companies I realized I’m not
the first guy to try to sell software
before people have done this before and
I can model their success and I looked
at bill gates from Microsoft and looked
at McAfee I looked into it look at how
they got started and applied those
strategies to my business and I started
seeing some results and so after I sold
my business I thought this would be
really cool to share with other people
this really helped me I think we’ve
helped other entrepreneurs and one near
the YMCA I guess they saw one of you
know my interviews or whatever after
selling my company and they said we’d
like you to come and speak to our group
of entrepreneurs and they’re all you
know small entrepreneurs just getting
started up just an idea and and lot of
didn’t have lofty ambitions I’m gonna be
a dog walker or something else I said
yeah I’d love to be this is great I’d be
happy to share my experience and I spend
all this time working on my slides and
my preparation and I want pack
everything I had in my head into this
presentation was gonna be amazing and I
started pulling it to the people that I
knew and said come on out in my audience
and talked about in the media and the
YMCA opponent did their their audience
their group of entrepreneurs that they
already had and a day came the
presentation and and I was nervous and
excited and my heart was pounding I
remember walking to the door and I’m
sweating a little bit and I wanted to
just provide great value and I get in
the elevator and I go up to the room
that has my you know name on it and with
this big room full of chairs and I walk
in the door and and my heart stops
because only three people showed up to
that first event three people for a free
event with all this promotion happening
three people are you kidding me I’m like
I thought this that what this was a
stupid idea like what did I just do what
did I sign up for you know I didn’t I
didn’t want this failure on my record
and from the outside the world that
would be seen as a big failure right
free event weeks a promotion from two
different people do different parties
and you can only get three people to
show up that’s a failure
but I had to know I was there people
showed up so I had to I had to do it for
the three people and it was it was
you know his nervous getting started but
but it it was an amazing event and I
changed the lives of those three people
that day and they walked out having
answers and having confidence and going
off to you know being ready to go and do
their business and having helped those
people overcome their problems and have
the confidence to keep going inspired me
and after that presentation I knew I had
to keep doing this I knew I had to keep
helping entrepreneurs I didn’t know how
I would do it I didn’t know if it’d be
presentations or you know like Twitter
didn’t really exist back then I didn’t I
didn’t know how I would do it but I knew
I had to keep doing this and even though
I had no idea how it would make money
from this right like nobody came to a
free event and entrepreneurs don’t have
money to spend in the first place so
what am i doing trying to help
entrepreneurs and make money even if I
couldn’t figure out a way to make money
I realize I had to keep doing this
because I needed to get that feeling
again I love that feeling of helping
entrepreneurs I kept working at it and I
kept doing things that weren’t for the
money but were for helping entrepreneurs
and slowly built up a website and build
up a following and started doing videos
and more presentations and has become
what it is now all right we have a
million views on YouTube I’ve done all
these videos 20 million people on the
website and I wish I could say this was
my vision you know I had it I knew I
knew what was gonna happen this was all
planned out from the start I’m a genius
but I had no idea you know and and I
didn’t know if I was gonna make any
money from this at all and that’s gonna
happen in your business you know the
plan that you have going in is never the
plan that you end up with businesses
continue to always change and evolve and
you have to run with that and my
business is not the same as it was 10
years ago 12 years ago
it will constantly be a reflection of me
and my thinking and what I want to do –
entrepreneurs so that’s my story two
quick stories hopefully that helped
inspire you and give you some knowledge
that helped you go and build your
business thanks for the great question
and and believe you know believe in what
you’re doing believe that it’s important
believe is gonna work out for those
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