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DEFEAT is a beginning of many victories – Jose Mourinho – #Entspresso

good morning believe nation today’s
message is defeat is the beginning of
many victories over to you josie marino
there are some matches where we feel
that is not all day and i think that
applies to football and for any other
sport even tennis but in all pride and
play for the people that is behind him
and even if he knows that is very
difficult to beat Roger tonight give his
best and sometimes a bad defeat is the
beginning of many many victories and
hopefully next season will be a much
better season for ending so one thing
that’s important to remember is that
whenever you try something new you’re
gonna suck at it right you’re gonna fail
you’re gonna fail fail fail fail and
then you’re gonna get good at it I’m
here at the sage summit in New Orleans
and I did a couple of speeches and
people say well wow you’re really good
to speak it how did you how did you get
that to happen and it’s because I
practice this because I failed so many
times is because I’ve put up I’ve
recorded 2,500 videos not all of them
are live my youtube channel but I’ve
recorded 2,500 YouTube videos right I
practiced and I practiced and I
practiced and I failed this crazy rain
happening missing here I failed over and
over and over again and I think
entrepreneurs just expect to get it you
expect to get it on the first time right
whatever you trying to learn you’re
gonna suck at the side you want to learn
how to be a speaker you want to learn
how to ride a bike you want to learn how
to pick up Italian you want to learn how
to cook pizza whatever it is you’re
probably gonna suck the first time out
and through practice and through
mentoring and through learning and get
better so don’t see an initial failure
as something that is gonna be a buck
just because you’re failing now doesn’t
mean you gonna fail in the future you
got to stick with it you got to get
better you got to practice and on the
path to your success those failures will
start turning around and you start
achieving your goals so failure is is
gonna happen you will know failure don’t
expect to not ever know fail in your
life because it’s gonna happen so stay
strong keep practicing to you to believe
so my question of the day for you today
is how many times did you fail on the
path of success when you are learning
something give me an example something
you are trying and trying
trying and trying wonder how many times
we failed before you achieve success
with something leave it in the comments
below thank you guys for watching have
an amazing day and I’ll see you tomorrow
for another shot event specimen
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