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“BREAD… That’s ALL I’m Eating Today!” – #LifeWithEvan

any one of mine suckers gonna come and

crush this class of way better so I’m

really really excited well I almost

wanted to tell me that to go up and

start teaching this so should I go and

learn the Botox Juvederm class and do

your makeup class happy vacation whoo

All Stars All Stars here All Stars

our I believe nation welcome to day

three of our creepy and adventure I

realized it didn’t update you on what

was happening last night so we got back

on the boat I mean basically just

crashed I skipped dinner what Nina

bought me a bunch of bread which is what

I eat so I had fresh cookies and bread

yes happy vacation whoo I’m feeling

better today I slept a lot I was in bed

all late afternoon and evening I guess

head fever but feeling better feeling

better now

go eat a bunch of crap right now you’re

gonna get a gentle be gentle today’s our

day at sea so we’re gonna look through

the itinerary see what see what there is

to do and take you guys on their ID with

us let’s go we’re vlogging Ritchie where

where’s your blog Aidan who’s Peyton’s

I really want to come mother

pancakes and bacon and maple syrup all

the yummy food these guys don’t have but

you’re gonna play it safe with some

cereal and almond milk try not thinking

cereal me too

how the Cheerios let’s see what son nina

picked for us to do today fitness class

when we miss that Zumba at 10:00 okay

ballroom dance class salsa Nina wants to

learn salsa Nina I think you know to

leave that class what Elsa she margov D

or makeup master class facial workshop

Botox and Juvederm okay spirit of taste

try before you buy

Greek goose tasting celebrity Showtime

so it looks like a lot of Nina centric

activities okay so should I go to learn

the Botox Juvederm class and do your

makeup class so you’re not gonna go to

them we’ll see I have to find my own

things to do today I think let’s see

what Nina dark here she is

light light Wow I don’t know how light

that is Bob he’s pretty good I’m missing

mushrooms what’s around two for Haven

oh all right now like that

Nina’s back she’s back for round two

eating late today eating late today what

do we got oh we got fruit vegetables and

vacant light okay so I dropped the kids

off at the kids program leave them there

for a couple hours and Nina and the

cousins are gonna go salsa dancing it

says new dance that we haven’t heard of

called salsa we’re gonna see what kind

all right Nina hi had some fun we should

try this whole salsa thing when we get

home maybe sign up for a class – yeah it

was fun but you know what it’s always

great doing these lessons because it

reminds me of how much my instructors

are amazing any one of my instructors

gonna come and crush this class way

better so I’m really really excited well

I almost wanted to tell Nina to go up

and start teaching us she is

they’re going swimming after lunch in

King Kong right now and the blog for

they found it what was that All Stars

all right we had a few moments of

relaxation there did you can’t Antonina

okay look at my shoulder he was getting

a tan on I watched some league of

legends games catch up watch some news

and now we’re gonna get some lunch

are you hungry I’m not hungry I played

some more bread that’s all I’ve eaten


more bread but gotta keep the stomach we

I really want to try to butter chicken

pizza or put enough squash it says but

instead I have a slice of bread oh nice

what are you eating Richie Havens got

his ice cream on looks like vanilla with

caramel sauce and M&Ms oh the wife

decided to get me some yummy pasta with

no sauce so when upset my stomach Thank

You Nina

we love you thank you for thinking of us

lunch is done stomach is getting a

little upset so I’m gonna go lie down

Nina’s gonna go check out jewelery stuff

but Nina’s gonna go look from jewelry

step to bed


so it’s just past 6:30 came back to the

room crashed pretty hard you me she

crashed that had a nap she’s off to have

dinner with the kids and the rest of the

family the sea is moving a lot so I’m

staying on lower grounds to hopefully

rest up I did have a massive plate of

crackers decent for the stomach

I hope so I’m gonna get to work done I’m

gonna review the clips for the YouTube

channel maybe record a couple clips if

not today then tomorrow and get things

ready the work must continue awesome

videos must be posted to the new channel

so that’s what my night’s gonna look

like well Nina’s up having dinner it’s

also Nina’s birthday coming up in a

couple days I get head the spa and see

if I can organize something for us to do

as a special birthday surprise while

she’s stopping dinner I got it

papers in hand got a deep tissue massage

for 50 minutes in the couple’s room so I

asked him not to send the confirmation

to the room so that Nina does not find


they’re pretty excited she’s gonna like

it just been a lot of pain recently

so hopefully the massage helps and she

has happy birthday Lina’s back from


how you doing me too much so what you

all right all right I’ll stay here I’m

gonna keep working on the YouTube

channel have a good time drink for both

of us don’t come back

alcoholic okay love you have fun I got

some good YouTube video research done

super pumped for the new series that are

coming out but getting hungry so I’m

gonna head up to the dining language see

what kind of easy to digest bread and


this is what I really want but I’m gonna

be happy if my stomach if I do alright

here it is I got some peas white rice

and peas a bunch of crackers olive roll

and some other car be whatever those

things are happy dinner look we just

came back

how you feeling how’s the vodka drink

that water


okay it’s just past eleven o’clock

getting ready for bed it was not the

most eventful day even shaking her head

but tomorrow hopefully I’m gonna feel

hundred percent we’ve got a big day

lined up going to Costa Maya in doing

Ariel Park so doing some water slides

doing some zip lines the kids were

really looking forward to it I’m hoping

that my stomach will be a hundred

percent and I can eat real food and do

exciting things with the wife this young

man survived so thank you for joining us

for another day we believe in you hope

you two need to believe in yourself and

remember your one word is he doesn’t want to turn in much love what’s easy

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