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“Be IN IT to WIN IT!” – Gabriel Iglesias (@fluffyguy) – Top 10 Rules

if you’re looking for ways to find your
passion build your brand and not
overthink things then this video is for
you when I was 10 years old I saw Eddie
Murphy Rob for the first time we’re
talking about that and then I tried
mimicking what Eddie Murphy was doing
and I found that I was pretty good at it
you need to have a level of consistency
you need to be able to market yourself
need to be able to brand yourself if you
got a good product who’s gonna find out
about it unless you sell it the right
way I tried not to overthink things and
just try to go and have fun with it and
I think if the people see that you’re
having a good time then they’re gonna
have a good time need motivation watch a
top 10 with belief nation what’s up it’s
Evan my one word is believe and I
believe in you I believe you have an
amazing gift inside you that I want to
see explode out into the world so let’s
take your motivation to attend and get
you believing in you grab a snack and
chew on today’s lessons from a man who
grew up in Long Beach section 8
low-income housing to becoming an actor
entrepreneur producer voice-over artist
and being called a comedy genius
he’s Gabriel Iglesias and here’s my take
on his top 10 rules of success enjoy
let’s pick things up with rule number
one make sacrifices a lot of people
think that it you know to get into
comedy is really easy but there’s a lot
of sacrifice you know the fact that I’m
away from my family away from my friends
I don’t see birthdays I don’t see
holidays I don’t see anniversaries I
perform under any situation you know I’m
not there for important moments I wasn’t
there the day of my mom died I wasn’t
there the day they put her in the ground
I was making people that when I was sad
I’m sorry to hear that
no yeah just the bestest to think a lot
of people don’t understand there’s a lot
of sacrifice chosen to what we do and
when people start saying oh why that guy
why’d he make the why’d he do it why hey
zo how come he’s doing this why not me
sure why because you’re not in it to win
it I really like the rain to kick us off
everything comes with opportunity cost
if you’re not doing this then you’re
doing this if you’re doing this you’re
not doing this your time is your most
valuable asset and it’s limited so by
definition by doing one thing you’re not
doing something else and are you willing
to make that sacrifice for your business
let’s go to rule number two find your
passion when I was 10 years old
I saw Eddie Murphy Rob for the first
time we’re talking about that and I
tried mimicking what Eddie Murphy was
doing and I found that I was pretty good
at it you know as a kid I did a school
talent show and I was supposed to go up
there with a friend of mine we were
gonna do this whole sketch on Saturday
Night Live and at the last second when
the curtains opened up he backed out and
I’m on stage by myself and so the lady
tells me she goes well it looks like
you’re on your own do you know how to do
anything on your own I said well I know
how to do voices
and she was what do you mean and there
was a microphone right there and 10 year
old I’m doing impressions of Yogi Bear
Ronald Reagan pee-wee Herman I mean
that’s you know who was at the time and
they were laughing and they’re like oh
this is great you’re on like really next
thing I know I’m at the school talent
show that Friday and when I went up on
stage I had no idea how the people were
gonna react I was also a big fan of a
guy named rich little who’s in a guy
that does impressions and so when I did
my first one which is Yogi Bear the
crowd started laughing and I’m like is
that the right response you know aren’t
supposed to clap I’m thinking that was
supposed to clap and so I did another
one and it was funny because I’d go for
my next impression I
gonna do a Mickey Mouse and I’m like hmm
and as a tang girl I was freaking genius
all right nobody was doing that and like
he’s great and the reaction that I got
at the end people were standing up on
their feet and they’re going crazy and
I’m like oh wow
and I went backstage and my heart was
you know trembling I’m like this is this
is freaking cool and that’s when I first
got the bug for it I’m like yeah I like
this I like this a lot super important
rule the number-one rule in the book the
number-one rule that is brought up by
every single person who achieved success
you got to do the thing that you’re
passionate about and if you don’t know
then you have to get more exposure just
like he went up on that talent show
he got exposure and he found the thing
that he loved if you don’t know what you
love to do just increase your exposure
to more things until you find the thing
that you want to go back to time for
number three build your brand well they
gave us this you know all this
information on you about fluffy and I
thought this was a joke so I tested it
to see if it was a joke it said if you
google fluffy it’s you and then it’s a
bunch of bunnies and I googled it and
that’s exactly what happened how do you
come up first and then three or four
down as a bunny I’ve been well I’ve been
branding the fluffy name for over 15
years I caught on early that you know
what there was something there and I
just went with it because I used to get
upset when I’d say the joke and then
people would come up to me afterwards
and they wouldn’t say great job Gabriel
they would say hey good job fluffy and
I’m like really times I said fluffy ones
but fluffy is what stuff yeah so while
getting tired of being upset over it I
just embraced it I started marketing
myself that way where I’m always the big
guy with the Hawaiian shirts and I’m
fluffy and so uh you’re recognizable
yeah everything has and then see that’s
a problem to a lot of entertainers they
keep changing their looks but before
they become famous it’s like you need to
have a level of consistency you need to
be able to market yourself need to be
able to brand yourself if you got a good
who’s gonna find out about it unless you
sell up the right way brother you
wouldn’t do the Puff Daddy thing and
change your name to fluff one day you
know what I could do it I could do it
now just because now people know who I
love they’re right but back then no I
mean you got to get yourself to a point
where everyone knows who you are and
then you can pull that move super
important video great concept it’s why
having a logo is important a theme song
is important your one word is important
like people know me for believe what if
people know you for and the more that
you can create a personality or create a
brand around it whether that is again
your local colors design your one word
like what is the message that people
will remember you for if you make it
easy for people to remember you then
guess what they will and they’ll tell
people about it and you meet that as an
entrepreneur time for rule number four
freestyle you do those specials is it is
it harder when you have to prepare to
put together your dialogue or is it like
harder when you write in front of the
people but sometimes the preparation is
harder than the actual performance so
what is it for you what’s not the
preparation because I it’s hard for me
to plan I’d rather just go up in front
of the crowd or yeah yeah I’ll freestyle
it the first time and then if it gets a
laugh I’ll remember it I repeat you know
step repeat and stuff until I have a
whole set but everything that I say on
stage was said in the moment at that
time you know so it was not pre it’s not
I didn’t write stuff like I’m gonna try
this tonight I got you know I got shot
there’s a foot you know I’m not there’s
no you know comedians usually average
Road era right I wasn’t very good in
school I was a freestyle run for that
reason because I didn’t want to race I
don’t write it down yeah I say it and I
will remember it or even if they take me
that’s it so I get it but a lot of
comedians based a off of written
material or something that they you know
practice and performed over and over
again so when they finally get in front
of the crowd is perfect but Joe thing is
a free step the first time out the first
time oh yeah so it’s not like every
single show is brand new it’s you know
like I said whatever works I keep on
whatever doesn’t I’ll try again until I
make it work so this is a great clip I
think what’s most important is that you
have to find the process that works for
you some people need to have the whole
thing right now and they memorize it and
they and they act it out some people
like to have bullet points and that’s
how they remember and some people just
go totally freestyle and that’s how they
get into it it’s great to learn how
different people are doing it at the end
of the day you’ve got to experiment
yourself try multiple versions and then
you find the thing that works for you
you go all in on it let’s go to rule 5
show vulnerability so how you avoid you
know controversial topics how would you
describe your comedic style um ice I
tell stories about relatable
relatable issues so I’m always talking
about family friends being a fish out of
water being the new guy somewhere you
know everybody can relate to being the
new person somewhere whether it’s at a
job or just at an event or or traveling
and so I think by keeping it like that
and showing people that I’m flawed
because I am and I’m not trying to go
out there saying oh I’m this or I’m that
I’m like look I start off my special by
talking about how I’m type two diabetic
and I’m dealing with some issues right
off the bat people are like well what’s
going on here and it’s not the norm you
know what I mean so I think by Shawn
that I’m vulnerable to people that it
makes it so that people want to connect
this is such an important piece for
entrepreneurs too because your story is
how you’re gonna win you’re not gonna
beat the big guys off of price or you
shouldn’t off of reputation off of
history you win based off of story you
win because they feel like they know you
they connect with you they want to work
with you they feel your why is so big
they feel your passion that’s why people
want to buy from a small business
otherwise if they can’t tell the
difference they’re gonna go buy from a
big company so be able to share your
story your passion your vulnerabilities
let that be known let that get public
let people feel like they know who you
are as a human being and why you’re
doing this when they feel that love then
they’re gonna come to you and they’re
gonna tell their friends about you
they’re gonna buy more from you you’re
gonna have loyal customers for life so
start showing some vulnerabilities and
let’s move the point number six don’t
overthink things are you being a Mexican
mexican-american overweight like you
know how do the jokes about me affect my
audience which audience is with me which
audience is laughing at me did you have
those feelings as well for a while not
that much already you’re making me think
way more than I thought about it in the
past and I think that was one of the
keys to my the success of my stand-up
career is that I tried not to overthink
things and just try to go and have fun
with it and I think if the people see
that you’re having a good time
then they’re gonna have a good time and
if they see self-doubt then they’re
gonna have doubt about laughing I think
people in general like to over plan
there’s just way too many over planners
and you need to do more now doesn’t mean
just do whatever and there’s no plan and
you have no vision and no goal for
yourself that’s its own problem there
you need to plan a little bit more but
most people I think just playing too
much you daydream you plan you have your
vision you know where you want to go but
then you don’t do
not for the work you’re just planning
planning planning you should be spending
five percent of your time planning and
ninety-five percent your time executing
doing the actual plan stop thinking
start doing time for point number seven
love what you do would there ever be a
time when you quit stand-up comedy never
never and I say that club for with
confidence because I love it too much I
love stand-up comedy you can’t beat the
freedom you can’t beat the instant
feedback the love I mean yeah you can be
in front of a camera all day but you
don’t know what’s going on on the other
side until you’re there in front of the
people you know so this is what I love I
love traveling I love going you know
city to city states this you know state
to state I actually like being at the
airports to I get some of my best sleep
on Southwest Airlines yeah I only need
one seat now so yeah I love it too much
and I am getting more offers and
opportunities to do film but this time
super well with rule number two follow
your passion and it’s fantastic that he
was able to continue to love what he
does over so many years I love helping
entrepreneurs I may not love YouTube
forever YouTube will likely fall off at
some point and I’ll go through something
else but as long as I love helping
entrepreneurs I’m gonna be here for you
guys creating content to help you grow
and I hope that thing that whatever you
love doing that you don’t quit on it and
you keep going every day move a little
bit further towards accomplishing your
goals let’s go to rule number eight make
it happen it’s hard to breakthrough in
comedy you know you there’s millions of
people trying to do comedy and it’s just
you what what helps you break through
for those people that are struggling out
there well see when I started doing
stand-up we didn’t have the luxury of
Internet YouTube of that stuff it’s like
if you want to get people to come out to
your shows you had to make flyers you
had to make your own poster and go out
and and perform in bars and free rule in
the walls and you know some truck stop
that had a little stage I mean anywhere
you could get up on stage most of the
time comedy clubs wouldn’t even give us
an opportunity to go up until we were
established and so in the beginning I
was you know I’m in Long Beach but I had
to go to El Paso Texas to get on a real
comedy club so that’s a long drive yeah
even a job but I had I took a week off
to go out there and I loved it and I’m
like I want to do this I think the
problem is in thinking that whatever
business you want to get into is gonna
be easy
it’s never easy look at all the people
that we profiled on this channel
nobody says yeah that was easy it’s a
hard road every industry comedy is a
hard road youtube is a hard road selling
shoes is a hard road every business if
you want to do it well and you want to
win and you want to be at the top it’s a
hard road so stop looking for the easy
road and then start doing the thing that
you love and make it happen
time for rule number nine have role
models Eddie Murphy was the inspiration
for me wanting to become a comic when I
was 10 years old and I was at a video
store with my mom and she said basically
babysit yourself because that’s what she
would do I was a latchkey kid there was
no you know a sitter back in the day for
us it was here’s a you know VHS tape go
play your Nintendo and I’ll see when I
get back from work so Eddie Murphy
obviously has a very unique style what
are some other comedians that have
influenced you and what is it about
their approach that you love Robin
Williams definitely because he’s very
spontaneous at least with his bro you
know presentation Eddie Murphy obviously
because the characters and the voices
and just the the whole rock star appeal
about him you know it’s like every time
you walk out on stage knows it was like
is he gonna sing is gonna dance what’s
the oh you’re just gonna tell jokes cool
so it was them two and Paul Rodriguez
I’m obviously a huge fan of model and
success is why I started this YouTube
channel it’s the name of my channel I
encourage you to look for two things one
people in your industry who you look up
to and respect they’ve done it they’re
the kings and queens of the pioneers and
then to just people who you look up to
period who have nothing to do with your
industry you can still learn from their
success and apply it to what you want to
do to accomplish success for yourself
let’s get to point number ten my last
rule before getting to the bonuses
perform amazingly I give a lot of love a
lot of credit but you know people go
hits such a loss to the Nature community
you know he taught us so much about
nature and I got mad when I heard this
lady on TV saying that he taught us a
lot about nature and it was like no he
didn’t really teach a lot about nature
if you
learn about nature you watch Discovery
Channel or one of these you know nature
programs where they have a guy on safari
and he’s studying from afar crooked a
hundred and all come on every episode
hey all you doing look over there right
there it’s a tiger a tiger weighs 800
pounds and it could kill a man in ten
seconds I’m gonna touch it
next episode that’s a king cobra the
most venomous snake and all the plane
one point now I’m dead I’m gonna pick it
if you really wanted people to think he
was out there man America we should have
borrowed him and sent him to Iraq with
no gun just a camera crew you imagine
how bad that would have freaked out the
enemy you know you’re freaking a soldier
working for al-qaeda and you’re out
there you know okay what a good America
and he’s walking towards him wearing
oh the parole he’s walking on tool I
look over there that’s an arcade a
member that records soldier one of the
most dangerous creatures in all the
planet one push of a button and I’m gone
I’m gonna poke him with a stick
thank you guys so much for watching I’m
gonna have to go with rule number eight
make it make it happen as my personal
favorite I think people just too often
come up with excuses and reasons why
it’s not gonna work out and here he is
in Long Beach having to go to Texas to
be able to get his startup gig that’s
what you have to do every road is a hard
road and you have to put in the work and
make it happen
nobody’s gonna give it to you it’s gonna
be way harder than you think it’s gonna
be and you just got to get out there and
actually go out and do it so I took some
inspiration from that that’s my favorite
rule I love to know from you do you
agree with me is rule number eight make
it happen your favorite or is there a
better one for you let me know leave it
down in the comments below now I made
this video because Jacob colons are
asked me to if there’s a famous
entrepreneur that you want me to profile
next check out the link in the
description for the request line and you
can go and cast your vote I also want to
give a quick shout out to Gabriel Angel
Lilly thank you so much for picking up a
copy of my book your one word and doing
the review on your YouTube channel I’m
so glad that you enjoyed the book and I
really appreciate you sharing it with
your audience today’s episode is about
Evan Carmichael’s book your one-word so
thank you guys again for watching I
believe in you I hope you continue to
believe in yourself and whatever your
one where it is much love I’ll see you
you’re following when it comes to the
social media side Twitter it’s intense I
mean your Twitter following your
facebook following you saw it today how
do you come up with such a creative
witty side and keep your you’re
following entertainment I think my
posting real situations not just all
catch me here catch me there promoting
because a lot of times people will get a
good following but then all they use it
for is just to promote promote promote
promote but they don’t try to you know
have fun with the people and interact or
people think that it’s someone else
speaking on their behalf because if you
go to Beyonce’s account do you think
Beyonce’s really just sitting there
going oh let me tweet my fans or does
she have a few people that are out there
speaking on her behalf and this is
talking about 6.5 plus million followers
and we’re talking about it eight strong
following there yeah there’s a lot of
people but I it is me that runs my
social media you could tell based on the
messed up spelling and the random
pictures of food and alcohol cuz yeah I
post all of that it’s him controlling
the pages you’re in charge and you’re
talking directly you know it’s me cuz
sometimes you always get a freaking 3
o’clock in the morning drunk tweet and
yeah what’s up people hey go to sleep
why did you want to become a comedian in
the first place I love the attention I
love the first of all the acceptance of
it you know when I was a little kid I
wasn’t very popular I’ve always been a
chubby kid I’ve always had just issues
with either mine I had acne and
messed-up teeth when I was little and
you know comedy was always been that
whole when people are laughing and
having fun with you it’s I see that as a
form of acceptance when I saw Eddie
Murphy and he just walked out and
everybody’s chanting for him and they’re
they they just loved them I’m like I
want that and on to be in that position
now it’s it’s amazing you know I go
places and people people’s faces light
up you know you go my god it’s you and
I’m like hey it’s me and I enjoy it and
you know I’ve always wanted to do that
material how do you come up with the
things you’re gonna say things happen to
me and then I instead of just going to a
shrink or something I sucked it up and I
come up here like when I did the joke
about the frickin Volkswagen I really
used to own a Volkswagen
I didn’t just go let me see if this is
funny I had a book sighing no I lived it
people who why do you wear Hawaiian
shirts I’ve always worn Hawaiian shirts
bottom line is simple why do I wear them
because they fit they’re colorful and
I’m sorry when you wear a Hawaiian shirt
and you’re living in the ghetto people
don’t think you’re up to no good
you’re not a gang member wearing a
Hawaiian shirt nobody’s gonna take you
you know were you from Honolulu eh
you can’t be hard and colorful no way
man I believe me I’m out of my
encounters I had a little encounter one
time on the plane some guy was getting a
little weird
nah no more for me every time I get on a
plane there’s always drama always one
time I’m flying to Florida and our plane
got hit by lightning uh-huh
the plane dropped 600 feet straight down
that’s better than any ride you’ve ever
been on I don’t care who you are you
could have been freaking doing 20 years
in prison you killed up under people you
can be the baddest toughest dude ever
when you’re in a plane and it just drops
out of the sky I was gay for five
all the brokeback Mexican yes I was
raise your standard Apple at the core
its core value is that we believe that
people with passion can change the way
people not one drop of myself work
depends on Europe that’s supposed to
mean I don’t ever give up I’d have to be
dead or completely infested
hey believe nation if you want to see my
all-time favorite top ten grossest
success I have a very special secret
video for you these are the individual
clips that I have personally learned the
most from and applied to my life and my
business check the link in description
for details
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