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Ma Vai a Dormire! Perché non puoi Funzionare Bene se non Dormi Bene.

if you do not sleep well you can not work
now there is a quantity of studies
scientific evidence that shows that sleep
deprivation the fact of not sleeping of
sleep a few hours per night
it just does not go well
I do not know if you saw it there is this
unified theory about trump the theory
of the fictional universe concerning
donald trump that simply saying
another ambition so many crap not
because he is a bad person but
because he does not sleep he sleeps 3 4 hours a night
already from before in more now in the country
electoral never sleeps it is clear that
he does not even remember what he has
said 10 seconds before
this that should be an obvious one
ulissi but truth to the problem that yes
clash with what in ours
society and the myth of not sleeping are you
cool if you do not sleep I’m one
generation that is 44 years in which it was
cool do not sleep the mythology that there
they told about it for decades
a portent of six if you sleep a few hours
at night the rest gives you the big one
this wave however of the six cool if not
sleep is according to me changing is seen
such as Arianna Huffington wrote
a book by the ECHR and volution and plenty
of bells begin to say I pay attention
sleeping is the new status symbol
sleep and the new status symbol is true
tony manero that is in you and you free it
readers so you remember it
free only if you can give value
to sleep it grows to sleep and so on
generation do not sleep after a while you go
ahead and too many or it does not work well
an interesting book that I have finished
read this john’s smarter silipo
stevenson made a good collection of a
some tips to sleep better with the
dutiful premise that each of us a
different times each of us functions
different way and maybe there is someone who
it works perfectly to sleep an hour
at night but the appeal of this video is
sleep but go to sleep here sleep
then how much do you decide to sleep?
be careful with some advice
useful however from this book sleeps
smart that I remember you I did not write it
and no longer a lira to give you advice
whether or not to take advice from here
part that surprised me is that of
take more light during the day
talk about a daylight deprivation more
interesting to pay more attention to
be more in the light not artificial
natural because to say to a slew of
long tips total common sense
remove the caffeine or limit it
exercise and possibly the
morning in the afternoon because in the evening
it would seem that it is not too suitable
for the son and big or that means to have
a great orgasm translated trombare
going to sleep helps the order
hard to stop drinking alcohol at least
3 hours before going to bed
good luck with this at least here in
England and then I have to say the point on
which drives the author sean flight of
drastically remove cell phone
electronic devices from the room from
read when you sleep leave for said
cell phone turns it off not to keep it there if
you have to use it for the alarm clock use another one
stuff and so on and choice personally
I have to say using a lot of cell instead
in the bed room I will test more
this system
then another whole series of tips
I repeat the basic concept of common sense
that we are not nocturnal animals, we are not
designed to live at night be
designed to live by day not
we have the sight of the nocturnal owl that
he sees understood as if he had gods
we do not have X-ray lenses
the hearing of the fox that cook has a sound
40 yards away is a super good
idea at a glance if we go to bed
soon and we get up early morning
next time then that insult us
saying but go to sleep that when
I was elementary from the nuns was
the insult by definition here is not
let’s take it as an insult but
let’s take it as advice from
carefully consider a
return to common sense as you would say
we do not need to change one
cosmetic surgery we need
an ethical surgery when talking about
sleep from now on we have to
simply make up your breasts
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