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HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF NOW *life changing*

peace and finit waters diving deep once
again beautiful deep divers we are out
here in Jurassic Park in the heart of
nature baby
the birds are saying they love you the
cat down the road is like I love you but
do you love yourself that’s the question
deep divers how to love yourself 100%
let’s just whoa breathing in that good
oz prana baby sending you tons of love
yourself energy just take it take it
take it take it right now deep dive if
someone asks me that they’re like Ralph
please do a video on how to love
yourself 100% so that’s what we’re gonna
dive into I love myself right now
and my life has never ever been better
and Wayne even had breakfast yet can I
get a Hello they’re so wonderful deep
divers let me share with you was helped
me along my journey loved myself 100%
now why is loving yourself so important
because if you don’t love yourself you
are gonna turn in on yourself there’s a
reason why some people are full of
anxiety depressed stressed out all the
time and it has a lot to do with
self-love that was me alone my early
journey deep divers always trying to fit
in always trying to be accepted and
guess what deep divers I didn’t love
I would look in the mirror and say Ralph
you’re not good enough
Ralph you are so not good enough now I
look in the mirror and I’m like oh damn
you fine can I get a Hello
oh I absolutely love myself 100% why is
it so important to love yourself because
your confidence grows it helps you to be
more of who you truly are
so how I love myself every single day
let me give you the formula deep divers
is to go to the place where I find my
greatest power believe it or not that is
skating I’ve been skating since I was 13
whenever I’m skating this helps me
become more in tune with who I truly am
I’m going to the place where I find my
greatest power so a simple technique to
learn how to love yourself what makes
you happy what brings a smile to your
face go to that place right now hmm
slow motion this side mmm
you see too many people do not love
themselves because they are in places
not serving them they are around people
not serving them not helping them for
their greatest good and the best way to
love yourself is to go to the place that
empowers you the most listen to what
empowers you surround yourself with
people who empower you seven day vegan
challenge eat plant-based food then eat
plant-based food that empowers you what
are you eating right now
acai bowl and you’re not sharing any
with me cool right deep divers how to
love yourself 100% expose yourself now
expose yourself that’s a paradox yes it
is because the more you the more you
expose yourself the more you love
yourself there’s a reason why only do
these videos in one take because deep
divers whatever comes out stays out
on the Internet and I take full
responsibility for it
oh that’s out there now okay cool
that’s how you love yourself you love
yourself when you can learn how to
loosen up when you can learn how to
relax a lot of people Ralph it’s going
to be perfect I gotta be a perfectionist
what happens you’re perfect is never
ever quite perfect so you end up hating
yourself it’s not that serious
that’s how to love yourself 100% start
living for you start saying hey is good
enough for me right now stop living to
impress people who don’t even care in
the first place impress your damn self
can I get a hello deep divers how to
love yourself 100% embrace your floors
embrace your perfect imperfections you
don’t have to look like a model cuz they
don’t even look like that that was
photoshopped if you’ve got spot who
cares the cat down the road gets spots
like every single day but it’s proud it
accepts itself to love yourself you’re
gonna learn how to accept yourself that
includes your floors deep divers how to
love yourself 100 percent every single
day to love myself I stop comparing
myself to anybody else stop realizing
that you are one in a billion there is
nobody like you on planet Earth how cool
is that start embracing your uniqueness
to learn how to love yourself start
praising yourself everything you are
instead of hating yourself everything
you are not stop saying actually I may
not be where I want to be right now but
I love myself
coz I’m alive I love myself because I’ve
survived that even rhymes right I
survive baby deep diamonds to love you
100% was helped me is to not put myself
down even when things are really ugly
don’t put yourself down everybody screws
up we make mistakes we fall on our ass
but we live to see another day in times
of in hard times ok lawn to give
yourself a big hug even when you’ve made
a massive mistake you can’t forgive
yourself for maybe something you did in
the past console yourself hug yourself
like I love you right now that’s
the more you can do that now you become
your best friend
there’s an African proverb when there is
no enemy inside of you the enemy outside
of you cannot hurt you mmm
slow motion this side from Africa become
your greatest fan become your greatest
cheerleader start clapping for yourself
cuz you are amazing and realize that you
aren’t finished yet your story is not
over yet you see you can be the
masterpiece and the work in progress at
the same time you see loving yourself is
a process is something that happens
gradually you don’t just wake up and say
oh I love myself a hundred percent you
got to prove to the universe that you
love yourself by every single day
focusing on one thing that you’re proud
of that you did
what are you proud of right now deep
divers what are you proud of oh my
goodness that’s amazing ok I’m proud of
that too should I tell them we keep it a
secret between us ok cool right I’ll
tell them I’m proud deep divers that I
can share my gift with the world I’m
proud that I had the foresight to say
actually I was onto something so many
years ago that’s how to love yourself
start giving yourself more credit for
what you’re doing right now with what
have stopped being grateful – that’s how
you love yourself a lack of gratitude is
a recipe for self-hating a bucket full
of gratitude it’s a recipe for self-love
you see to love yourself a hundred
percent start expressing yourself to the
world like yeah yeah yeah now you’re
loving yourself when you stop caring
what other people think now you start
loving yourself Oh Ralph I’m scared what
are they gonna think of me you don’t
love yourself to love yourself learn to
realize that the only opinion that
matters the only thought that matters is
your own
how do you see yourself because the
perception you have of yourself is
greater than the perception other people
have a few so deep divers how you see
yourself is the only thing that matters
to love yourself 100% focus on the
feeling focus on how you feel
stop living for the world start living
for yourself what I call what I call
deep divers wait for it living from the
inside out because a lot of us we’re
living from the outside in oh how do I
look do I look good enough do I have a
nice car no no no to love yourself 100%
start living from the inside out and
that means it’s feelings over looks
feelings over looks feelings over look
oh this feels good that’s how you love
yourself forget about it looking good
this feels good exactly
make sure it feels good first before it
looks good
make sure you feel good within yourself
first before you’re fronting to the
world like hey everything is cool but
you’re really crying inside lawn how to
have this inner experience this inner
connection with yourself and
a deep divers you are loving yourself
100% and then you’ll just say
so get to be a live baby can I get a
Hello know your history as well to
really love yourself you see I’m from a
lineage of kings and queens know your
bloodline ancestry where you came from
and all of that will help you love
yourself you are kings you are queens
and you are cats have a beautiful day
deep divers getting a good-ass Prada
shirts a Ralph smart come slash clothes
get the new book feel alive by Ralph
smart on Amazon follow me on instagram
at infinite waters deep divers I love
myself love yourself today
have a beautiful day infinite waters
diving deep once again stay well stay
healthy peace you fill your own cup first and then give me some

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