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2019 Stay Woke Guide | Full Disclosure | You Won’t Believe This!

deep divers have you seen the movie they
live where the guy has these special
glasses on and he starts to see the
illusion all around him the subliminal
messages conform obey submit well deep
divers I was born with those glasses on
peace and Finnick waters diving deep
once again beautiful deep dive is
another day in the heart of nature baby
I’m sending you tons of amazing energy
take that take that take that
let’s just wolf breathing in that good
oz prana baby the 2019 stay woke
guide are you awake are you aware now I
get a lot of messages from people who
are telling me about their awakening
experience Ralph it’s like I don’t see
the world in the same way it’s like I
can see the world as this massive joke
right now and am I the only one
well you’re not because thousands of
people message me Ralph I’m going
through an awakening as well and I’ve
been through my own awakening and we are
gonna talk about the 2019 stay woke
guide what’s coming deep divers you
won’t believe this and we an even had
breakfast yet can I get a hello so right
now there is a massive global awakening
people are getting knowledge of self
they are becoming empowered and it is
liberating at the same time
we have to learn how to navigate in the
matrix now there was a movie called a
live and this guy put on the glasses and
he started to see all of these
subliminal messages powerful film obey
conform and my awakening happened when I
started to realize that my entire life
has been a lie every thought everything
deep divers everything I thought I knew
was true actually was a lie and the
ancients talked about this being the
Maya that the whole world is an illusion
and a whole quest in life has to be to
free ourselves deep divers it is time to
stay woke now what I’ve realized on my
journey is that staying woke comes when
you realize that there is more than what
meets the eye we are only seeing less
than 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum
which is visible light we are literally
blind in the universe mmm
slow motion this side so nikola tesla is
great scientist who was very woke said
if you want to understand the universe
think in terms of energy frequency and
vibration when we realize that there is
so much more to this world than we can
actually see we start to realize oh my
gosh we aren’t seeing anything we aren’t
seeing all the frequencies in existence
we’re not seeing x-ray we’re not seeing
infrared without special devices so we
have to realize that
we’re not seeing the whole story we’re
not seeing the whole picture and what
was empowering for me was to realize I’m
not just this physical body I have a
gift of clairvoyance which is where you
can see beyond the ordinary
I can see auras I can see energy and I
started to realize that I am a
multi-dimensional being having a human
experience slow motion this side and
this is where we find our empowerment
the 20:19 stay woke
guide deep divers was help me along my
journey is to realize this I have been
programmed you have been programmed now
right now it’s not about focusing on
problems it’s about looking for the
solutions but we have to address this
first and foremost they call it a TV
program because you are being programmed
they call it a remote control because
you are being controlled remotely they
call it a TV channel because you are
channeling in information into your mind
that is programming you they call it
Hollywood because the druid priests in
ancient Europe what happened they were
taking word from the holly tree and
casting spells with it
stop it Ralph slow motion this side what
that’s what we get the word Hollywood
from from the ancient druid priests who
used the Hollywood to cast spells they
call it a movie cast because once again
when you go to the movies a spell is
being cast on you to change the way you
think and your perception so the stay
woke guide right now is to be aware of
subliminal messages subliminal
programming and all of this we have to
be aware we have to be aware we have to
be mindful that there is also subliminal
suggestions okay you can watch something
and it can actually persuade you how to
think in a certain way
advertisers are doing this all the time
you have to know about Edward Bernays
okay the father of PR who actually
helped a lot of women to smoke who
weren’t smoking before through
successful advertisement can through
successful advertisement campaigns okay
and this is very divisive and we can
realize that the media plays tricks the
media we have to go back to the ancient
Greek goddess Medea that’s where we get
media from and Medea study Greek
mythology she was very cunning very
vindictive very evil okay and that’s
what the media do they control they try
okay to control the way you think and
therefore you have to be aware of the
media tricks to stay woke in 2019 and
beyond so Edward Bernays had Lucky
cigarettes okay he would create these
advertisements with women who were very
sexy and alluring and it would have
something like you’re a lucky girl and
women would be smoking so you kind of
change woman’s mind
so it would seem that smoking cigarettes
was a good thing you’re you are
sophisticated people will respect you
and that was all just by manipulation so
you have to be aware of the medium and
you have to be aware you have to be
aware of the media manipulation read
between the lines not everything you see
is the truth in fact none of it is right
staying woke the stay woke died in 2019
right now it’s about staying empowered
so yes I studied psychology and
university also criminology now I’m
fascinated deep divers by all the latest
research from top universities Oxford
Stanford Harvard everyone’s talking
about it now social media is giving more
people depression than before social
media right also suicide apps like
Instagram are making people feel
unworthy is giving people anxiety
depression suicidal thoughts why because
people comparing themselves to other
people so staying what staying woke
staying woke in 2019 is about using all
of these apps wisely they’re not bad I
don’t see them as bad but they are tools
we have to realize that as a
psychologist myself people for instance
in Facebook there was a whole
documentary on it they don’t even give
their children Facebook I wonder why
because they know it’s addictive they
actually pay psychologists to get you to
stay on these apps longer on Instagram
okay the liking button creates more
dopamine it creates this feedback loop
and that’s why you’re hooked on it and
you can’t get off right so to stay woke
you have to realize that you are being
programmed even through these apps and
right now on the planet to really be
empowered the solution is to head back
into nature that’s why I’m always in
nature practicing daily eco therapy just
whoa breathing in that good Oz prana
baby nature is the truth mother nature
is the truth and we have to embrace it
the stay woke guide right now staying
woke in this new age seven day vegan
challenge is all about realizing that
being plant-based is the way forward
okay and that’s what I’ve seen along my
journey not only is it healthy but we
have to start to realize that over a
hundred and fifty billion animals
billion animals are killed every single
year now if we understand what energy is
energy can never be destroyed it can
only be transferred so if you are eating
slaughtered animals who didn’t want to
die you are now
absorbing their pain their torture and
their trauma and you are becoming that
right so staying woke is to realize you
are what you eat every 35 days your body
makes new cells from the foods you are
eating right so shout out to everybody
who is going vegan going Kwan based this
year and beyond your entire life has
been a lie
in fact you didn’t even name yourself
right that’s not your name who were you
before the world told you who you were
hmm what slow motion this side if we can
realize that we have to start learning
to think for ourselves we have to
question our reality because what we
call our reality is nothing more than a
program that has been given to us so we
have to free our minds we have to be on
a quest for truth staying work right now
comes when we start to realize that it
is all about letting go of this need to
externalize our power a lot of us do it
through religious institutions
government all of these things we have
to take back our power and realize that
we are gods and goddesses we are
literally made of Stardust we are made
from the same fabric as the universe
slow motion inside okay so once we start
to realize we are the power I’m not a
guru I’m not telling you what to do I’m
sharing with you and that’s why I’m
connecting with so many people because
I’m telling you that you are the power
like in The Wizard of Oz the witch told
Dorothy the power has been with you all
along that’s how to stay woke
right now and stay empowered deep divers
every time you go on the internet a mind
file is being created and this is how to
stay woke right now and in the years to
come when you go on a website that’s
being recorded even your phone can
actually watch you when you’re sleeping
your laptop someone can hack into it and
they can actually spy on you this is
common knowledge
right so the mine file is that every
website you’ve ever gone to is creating
a mine file so you have to learn how to
stay anonymous on the Internet you are
being tracked and you have to learn to
disconnect from all of these devices
once again like Elon Musk said we are
becoming cyborgs so the only solution
here is to head back into nature
planting your feet earthing the earth is
full of negative ions we are full of
positive ions due to this pollution all
around us however once we place our foot
and our feet on mother nature the
negative ions neutralize the positive
ions and thus we become healthier
reducing inflammation slow motion this
side so so there you have it deep divers
that’s how to stay woke
that is how to stay woke this year this
new year and beyond and stay empowered
realize the power has been with you all
learn more grow more and then deep
divers but you just say feel so good to
be alive baby can I get a hello
beautiful deep divers would just whoa
breathing in that good oz prana baby
with these special glasses on that can
see subliminal information everywhere
shout out to everybody who’s been
getting the amazing good oz prana shuts
up Ralph smart dog come slash clothes
check out the new book on Amazon where I
go into the concepts like these feel
alive by Ralph smart get more daily
inspiration on instagram at infinite
waters ask questions they’re too deep
divers you are appreciated have a
beautiful day infinite waters diving
deep once again stay well stay healthy
peace you oh you put those glasses on –
oh yes looking really strange right now
it reminds me of ancient agent K and men
in black he said a person is smart a
people are dumb dangerous panicky
animals and you know it free your mind
give divers
[Applause] you

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