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This Is Something You Really Need To Watch! An Eye Opening Video

how many people here work somewhere but
really want to have their own business
or hustle
raise your hands a lot everybody’s
getting a job and getting into the
eighth hour of day crying everybody’s
doing like you know you’re either a
chemist you’re a doctor you’re a lawyer
or you’re a shipping clerk you’re doing
some dumb thing over and over and over
again you get caught into the stricture
what you’re supposed to be and you’ll
have no other choice
you’re finally mold it didn’t melt it
into what you’re supposed to be I didn’t
like this so I decided I’d rather star
live on the edges of nowhere and do
anything at all and become anything
label we don’t have to have fast-food
workers we don’t we don’t have to have
people who were jobs we don’t have to we
just need to figure out how to
restructure society so everybody
somehow or another plays a part has
something to contribute has something to
share I mean that’s what a real society
is supposed to be like we got
sidetracked and diverted into these
boxes that they call companies and
corporations and we got stuck into these
containers they go cubicles or offices
and we got forced into this system so
our time instead of it being invested in
making pottery or fixing cars or doing
something where you have a passion or
you have some sort of a connection to
instead of that you’ve sold your life to
sit in a box and work for a machine an
uncaring machine that demands
productivity if I live for the weekends
it is broken look if your best moment is
Friday afternoon
that means you hate your Monday through
Friday and people get mad at me again
because like Gary and I look forward to
the weekends I love my family it’s not
about money you’re sucking at well it’s
family I’m like no no
not listening do you understand that
most people think they need to make a
million dollars a year to be like
winning meanwhile in America one of the
richest countries in the world four
hundred forty thousand dollars is the
entry into the 1% we have we have
success completely completely
misunderstood we have success completely
misunderstood let me tell you what
success looks like when you wake up in
the morning and you’re happy your gift
will make room for you now what is your
gift it’s the thing that you do the
absolute best with the least amount of
effort that’s your gift quit running
away from the gift your gift will make
room for you stop trying to be something
you ain’t gifted at nobody asked you to
go down here study to be a dentist and
you’re a really good at that listen to
me all of you have this guilt identified
it’s the thing that you do the absolute
best with the least amount of effort
that’s what you should be doing
maybe you hear because you need to hear
this hear maybe you hear because you
need to dust off your dreams maybe you
need to explore your imagination
maybe you just need to identify your
guilt so you can quit tripping in your
own life trying to figure out what you
can do when God already to plant it
you [Music]
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