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MAKE THE MINDSHIFT – Best Motivational Videos Compilation 2017 (very powerful)

You are one of the richest people in the world. Translation (رفاء الطائي rafaa tai)
The company is one of the richest companies in the world.
Is, without a doubt, one of the greatest business leaders, investors,
Good people of all time.
Warren Buffett.
If we want to change the world, we change ourselves.
Changing ourselves is more important.
And easier.
You are by far your biggest asset.
I mean, you’ve got all kinds of potential.
Most people go through life using very up,
A very small part of their potential.
Thus, anything that does not invest in yourself,
This is the best investment you can possibly make.
To convert what you see abroad, you’ve got to
Convert from you inside.
Just like human growth.
This body can never grow, grow, grow, and grow.
Some time, the flow of body growth has slowed.
But you must grow your mind.
Grow your culture.
Grow your value.
Grow your wisdom.
You can control your destiny.
You can create what you want to create.
You have gifts that no one else on this planet has.
You have talent. You have everything.
All you need to become what you want, is here.
Believe what you are doing.
Love her. If people like it, do not like it.
Be simple.
Like a word, life is like a box of chocolate.
You never know what you can get.
I did not know I would not be here talking to you and talking to Charlie Rose.
I did not know.
I made one choice when I was 16, and I will no longer be a victim.
I would become a hero for myself and the first was a wonderful change of my life.
I have no idea that would lead me here.
I have no idea I’ll be here, in a group I’m talking to you,
Do what we do. There is no idea. It was not part of the plan.
The only thing I know is that I did not want to be the victim on this other path of life.
I want something different.
So make this option.
Choices you make today, tomorrow, because they may affect you
For the next year, five years, ten years,
Or for the rest of your life.
A lot of young people have raised hope.
Seeing lose.
And start filing a complaint.
What is a victim getting to you?
nothing. Nothing at all.
So if you get anything from one direction,
Why not turn around and go to the other direction?
The path of victimization is nothing.
Path Hero may also give him a shot.
And all the different cool things that happen along the way,
They are just amazing.
There is never a chance. Start.
If you do not think there is a chance and then you have not found it.
Thus, it is not an opportunity, it’s you.
Remember, the mind controls the body, and the body does not control the mind.
What makes these men special and successful in whatever they do,
Not a physical gift. It’s mental thoughness.
Things are only happening, not because of his choice.
That’s it.
So if you listen to this, you’re thinking you’ve done it all
These different options, your life in one direction,
Make another one option.
one only.
And see where to go.
The most important thing is to have a vision.
Have a goal.
Because without this vision and without this goal,
Once again you drift around and you will never work in the end anywhere.
People do not become successful just by accident.
I would like to follow my passion.
I mean, everything you see.
I was lucky, I found something early and that turned me on.
But, you do not want to take on a job just for the money,
You do not want to take on a job for an organization that you really do not feel good about,
Or work for people you do not feel good about.
You know, you really want to be happy when you get out of bed every morning.
Follow your feelings.
Do something you are very passionate about.
And, do not try to chase what kind of warm emotion of the day.
You gotta find out what you’re good at.
You must know where your marginal in,
And you gotta find out what you suck at.
And you gotta find people who compliment your skills.
As you know, you gotta know what kind of thinker you are.
And you gotta know how it works.
Once you begin to understand who you are,
Then you can start finding places that will be successful.
And you will not lie to yourself.
You can have any habits you want.
You can be lazy, you can be prompt, you can be late, you can be honest,
You can cut corners. I mean, you have all these options.
And those are the choices you make.
No one else is gonna make it for you.
I would suggest you play this little game when they are too.
Think of someone you love to be in life.
Maybe she is one of your contemporaries, and maybe someone was a little old.
But pick up the person you admire the most.
The person who will change places with her if you can.
And then write down why you liked it.
Just put them on a piece of paper.
And then, find out which person you least want to change places with you.
Which really turns off you.
Who do not find disgusting.
And a list of reasons why this person turns you off a lot.
And then look at that list.
You will find that everything is the left hand side that you admire in other people,
The qualities they carry in life, you will find all those things that you can do on your own.
It’s very simple.
You must apply yourself. But the habits that make up and do
This early on most of her pregnancy for life.
If you do it, two or three years from now, if going through the same process,
You have to know that the person you admire the most is yourself.
Child steps also continued.
As long as you are going forward.
And one day you’ll add all those kid stepping up and,
You may be surprised at where it can get well.
So, you got to be really for a certain order.
For me, this vision that I want to be the master of the universe,
Who I want to be the greatest bodybuilder of all time.
That was, a great sight and that was specially designed to look like a reg park
To reach down that stage, lift up the cup,
And to win the championship again and again.
So it was a great nucleus.
I put pictures of Rich Parker and Sony Leston, of Boxers,
Ali and Raba’in weightlifting
All around my bedroom in the wall.
So that every day when I go to sleep, every day when I wake up
Take a look at those pictures, and they motivate me.
You need to be motivated therefore, you have this kind of
Fingerprint in front of you all the time, you know exactly what you chase.
The people you look for, are going to shape your vision
What the world looks like and how you want to be in life later.
That’s why I always smile when I’m in the gym.
People always came up to me to ask: Why are you smiling? You work five hours a day.
You do the same thing in the rest of the players,
But the rest of the players have a sour face, they are pissed to death to do another delegate,
Or another group or something.
I’m looking forward to. I looked forward to a thousand other groups or representatives of sit-ups.
I looked forward to another 500 pounds of leg press or sitting squatting.
I’m looking forward to doing more and more curls so they fall off my arms.
why? Because I knew that every actor that I did and every group that I did,
The more weights you have raised, the more you will get to move this vision into reality.
You have to work on passion, you have to work in your internal drive.
Do not let these feelings stay inside of you.
You gotta know what to do with them,
You gotta know how to make it work in order to get what you want.
Do not keep it inside.
Most of you have not done what you want to do in your life because you are worried about someone else’s opinion.
Do not let anyone steer you away from where you want to be in life.
No cock, not teachers, not your mentors.
If you have passion and feel that you are confident that you can do it,
You go then.
Hell with everyone.
This is your life, you have tools and resources.
When you wake up every day, you know that you are blessed.
And you’ve been given the opportunity that most people in life have not done.
You have the ability to live your dreams.
he decided. Committed. Act. Succeeds. repeat.
Good, great, unstoppable.
Each team, each atmosphere work, no matter what you do,
It must consist of those three characters.
If you have these three characters, you can identify individuals who have those three characters,
You succeed in whatever you do guaranteed.
All the great famous people you hear about,
As you know, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg and Irwin.
They are no different from you.
70% of the world’s billionaires are self-made.
Therefore, you can achieve this.
Now, it’s not gonna be easy, do not just wake up on Tuesday and become rich on Wednesday.
But because they do not take any more effort than going to work that you hate.
All you have to do is think, believe your heart, and will achieve it.
this is not true.
There are many people who think wonderful, great ideas.
They believe that “I deserve this, I can have this.”
But they do not do one thing, which is what causes their problem.
They do not take consistent actions every day.
Most people are not willing to commit to the transformation of what is comfortable
To what not, long enough for the new to be comfortable.
I have been asked hundreds of times why you are as, why do not you stereotypes like:
“You are the aggressor, I went through this, your father is an alcoholic”
Why are not you in this gathering?
I made the choice. This is.
I made the choice. I made the choice that I did not want to be.
There is nothing special about me.
Things are just happening, and it’s an option for anyone.
That’s it.
So if you listen to this, and you’re thinking you’ve made all these different choices,
And your life in one direction, make another choice one.
one only.
And see where to go.
Everything we want to achieve starts here first.
And then we can go out bodies to move to work to create.
I think our lives are controlled by one force: making.
I certainly believe in a greater power than myself,
Call “God” if you will, “Grace”, all I wanted to call it,
“Universe”, but I also think it gives us choices.
The decisions we make will make us much more than the conditions we need.
It’s not the circumstances, it’s your decisions.
It is not a wish that steals ambition, it is a security illusion that steals ambition.
So the biggest risk that life can take is not taking one.
If you are at that stage where you are in the middle of your career or you have lost your job or you are just out of college and start
Or you just graduated from high school, go talk to the elderly about what I really regret about their lives.
Not what they failed in.
It’s what he did not try. She regret “Why did not I?”
You can not let fear of others’ opinion affect your decisions.
Most people did not even pay half their dreams behind the scenes.
They had to die knowing that it was a duty choices they had made or had not made, or because of fear of the opinion of others
They did it.
It is your life. No one else can tell you what is best for you
Otherwise you will have to deal with the consequences.
So make your own decisions.
In order to be successful in anything, it must be what you really love.
Cause if you do not like and you are not gonna be ready to die for it, do not do it, right?
Sometimes, you need to do these transitional jobs to get to where you have to go to.
But it’s okay.
If you gotta sell sheets, sell these sheets.
Do what you should do. Do it with pride, but at the same time do not let any action do, kill your dream.
Because the only thing that can make you feel alive is your dream.
Do not let anyone steer you away from where you want to be in life.
No cock, not teachers, not your mentors.
If you have passion and feel confident that you can do it, go then.
Hell with everyone.
this is your Life. You have tools and resources.
When you wake up every day, you know that you are blessed.
You’ve been given the chance that most people in life have not done.
You have the ability to live your dreams.
If money is no object, if you have woken up and do what you want to do,
what will you do today?
If it does not matter what specialties make the most money if you do not have to worry about the pile of bills
Sitting at your bedroom table, if you do not have to worry about the opinions of your friends, your parents,
What will you do today?
See if you do not have a passion for what you do, what is the purpose of waking up?
If you wait for the alarm clock to wake you up every day, what is the purpose?
Will you get up?
Every day you must have a goal, you must feel it with passion.
A lot of you are probably facing a similar decision.
Where to go from here?
College graduation?
What next step, right?
Sure, you have certain chances.
Most opportunities that many people do not have.
But what direction are you going?
The choices you make today, tomorrow, because they may affect you for next year,
Five years, ten years, or the rest of your life.
There is one exception to this rule.
You have to love what you do.
Have a passion for everything that is nine or higher.
Because time is required to make this effectively and efficiently to make the amount of revenue
This will keep you content
Maybe the next 10, 15, 20, 30 years of life.
So if you do not want to give 30 years to become a doctor, then do not do it.
Because if you do not have a passion for it, you’re gonna wake up one day
And find out that you’re just working on a job.
It does not matter where you come from.
I saw people coming out of the desert, walking through the desert, which was born in very extreme conditions.
It does not matter what your mother did, whether she did or had a Ph.D. or no D,
What matters is now.
this moment. And your willingness to see this moment as it is.
Browse past forgive, take responsibility,
Go ahead.
And if you’re sitting waiting for someone to save you,
To fix you, to help you up, you’re wasting your time.
Just because you have the ability to take responsibility for moving life forward.
The more you get it, the more your life gets alert.
Then you really have to live a boundless life.
You need to be able to do things that are important.
As Elon Musk said: “If something is important enough, you have to try.”
“Even if the potential outcome is failure.”
And since most people stop, this is what drives me crazy and this is the thing about
In fact try to do something in your life.
Yes, it may fail.
Yes, you may embarrass yourself.
You may end up doing a faceplant.
You may end up wishing that you have not even begun.
But if it’s important enough, even at that moment, you’ve gotta get back,
And ask yourself bluntly: “Where can I, so what skills have I not had what is required of this task?”
Once you stop beating yourself, once you stop shutting yourself down with the rule
“I’m not good enough.”
“I do not have enough good skills yet.”
Then you can do something.
Because you know it’s only a matter of time, effort and concentration between who you are today,
And who you need to become actually doing this thing.
So you do not have to worry about whether or not you’re gonna fail, because the only promise I can make you,
Is that you will not fail, as long as the only promise that you are willing to make yourself is not
You will not stop, in the end we will reach the top of the mountain.
In order to build a business, in order to be the best parents, the best husband,
To do all those things that you know you want to do, your life, your business, with your dreams,
You might work to do things that are difficult, uncertain or scary.
You see, Nelson Mandela did it. He just did it, and did not know if he was right.
Mahatma Gandhi did it, not knowing if he was right.
Mather Teresa did it, not looking for confirmation or confirmation “Is that true?” .
Martin Luther King did not even know if that will happen before the end of his life is.
what are you waiting for?
Are you willing to do or are afraid?
Are you willing to do this, knowing that you’ve got a lot of work to do to get better, to get it more perfect,
But are you willing to do so within your imperfections?
Do you realize that in your shortfall, you are ideal for this position?
Without commitment, you will not start. But more importantly, without consistency, you will never end.
I was just kinda waiting. You’re waiting to get everything in order.
I was waiting. You’re waiting for that to be all in you, it’s together.
I was waiting for you not to be afraid. You’re waiting for your courage.
You’re waiting for you have all the money. You are waiting to lose weight.
How about you do not wait to get it right, you can search for it, find a way out how it does not seem to do it wrong?
You must be willing to do so afraid.
You see, you can wait for fear to stop.
“I’m afraid, what should I do?”
Do it anyway.
“I’m afraid, I do not quite know whether to move.”
Move anyway.
“I do not know if it should jump.”
Hop scared.
And then, gather your courage along the way. Translation (رفاء الطائي rafaa tai)
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