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Incredible Flamethrower Gauntlet w/ TASER Ignition!

yes we are
first let’s shoot fire right now hey
what is going on today I’m here with
Steven Haas the robot he is a we just
want to say brand new youtuber Oh
pretty new yeah because I’m guessing 800
subscribers but he has some of the most
original and amazing content this is the
flavor of vomit actually that we saw at
Maker Faire and just have happens that
he lives in Pittsburgh I feel like this
is the perfect opportunity to really
level up some of my gadgets because he
knows more of the programming side of
things but I’ve been working on a flame
thirst for about eight years or so on
and off this is the culmination of all
the research in like the testing that
I’ve done through it it’s got a custom
circuit board it’s got a big old propane
tank it has built-in Taser for ignition
all kinds of cool stuff so we’re gonna
throw it on give it a whirl I’ve got my
fire extinguisher because through all my
time testing flamethrowers I realized
that this is the absolute most important
thing to have on hand I have caught on
fire a couple times but this has saved
me every single one of them so you can
tell me that part
oh yeah it’s yeah I’ve got ice so the
best now don’t forget to leave a comment
below what you want us to try and light
on fire maybe a bunch of fireworks all
at once or a birthday cake or maybe try
and do some like fallout steam cooking
with a flame thrower gauntlet all right
so let’s throw this thing on and I’ll
have the fire extinguisher ready
there she blows
all right so we literally have one tank
left to get a really good shot Stevens
gonna show us some of the board here
once you guys didn’t fire it up all
right so this pin right here is my
emergency stop when I plug that in the
whole system boots up and in case
anything goes wrong I can just pull it
out and the whole thing shuts down so
once I put it in it goes into safety
mode so nothing’s gonna happen no gas is
gonna come out right now if I press the
center button then I go into torch mode
and then on this level handpiece up here
I have this thing by my thumb and I can
push up on it and that actually moves
the servo on the back of my forearm all
right this guy’s almost in there great
and this is just a standard like propane
camping tank which you use to like cook
food lawyer camping you can get them at
the hardware store for like two and a
half bucks or something but here’s your
safety teen yeah so we are we’re such a
shoot fire right now so I’m gonna go
ahead and turn the safety off pry my
servo so the gas is coming through and
then oh so I can make a little more fire
come out here there we go so this is
full-fledged on like a half full tank
and in case something goes wrong again I
can turn it off family with just my hand
here like that all the fire goes away
and I can pull the pin too which would
do the same thing there we go
got some days that teaser just works so
and never get solved
well that was a cool show oh I remember
that was pretty cool shot – I built this
one in about a month and a half before
this Maker Faire so usually I’ll work
for like a month
hardcore before a Maker Faire and then I
won’t touch it again for like a year and
a half and it’s also a lot less scary
than people think like I can do this and
like it just feels a little norm like
it’s really not that spooky it’s just
kind of knowing your limitations you
know that was just like I have so as you
guys know I’m a huge fan of teasers and
stun gun bad that taser glove way back
in the day for the Taser knife remember
I’ve basically done every single
iteration of the Taser so I’m pretty
psyched about this reminds me a lot of
Joker’s little buzzer things
it’s my knees no joke a budget one by
one your fire tensions will leave you
put there Batman it’s like thirty
thousand volt is like the two-part thing
yeah like might as well throw an extra
weapon into it while I’m at it you know
kill two birds one stone
I definitely like try this thing on all
right let’s do it man this is so
exciting powerful yeah it’s amazing oh
god I love this PCB board feel like Buzz
Lightyear was absolutely I need a flip
of a screen up I can red laser pointer
don’t like a sight yeah which I’ve been
trying to do something of the laser I
had banggood sent me a 15 watt laser and
I have no idea how do I get this thing
running so this guy’s gonna hopefully
help me out with it keep an eye out for
fireball mode so why didn’t you talk
about this earlier I want the fireball
I’m still tuning the software for that
one oh it’s not like a fart fart blaster
way to build up pressure oh this is like
three the fork blaster is like a chaser
and chemical warfare a Taser and flames
oh yeah this is amazing it’s toasty yeah
oh yeah you feel the heat for sure
so you said if you like til your hand up
if you want to see more flamethrower
contact you click on this video right
here and if you want to see some of the
videos you can click over right in here
put a lot of effort into building this
and it definitely deserves some more
screen time so leave a comment on what
we should do meeting up created any
lights and the cool stuff on fire you
guys decide and go check out Stevens
Channel thank you so much for watching and stay creative
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