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4 Potential UPGRADES to OLD Superhero Tech Gadgets | 3D Printing

today I’ll be showing you some of my
superhero inspired gadgets developed
before I had access to 3d printing since
then I’ve come up with some new ideas
and I believe this technology has
massive potential to upgrade these
prototypes along the way I’ll go over
some of the most durable and
heat-resistant filaments available today
and I’ll talk about mistakes I’ve made
so that you can avoid them and save time
during your prototyping process on this
channel I make real-life superhero
gadgets and highlight the best gear
superheroes would use today be sure to
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now when it comes to 3d printing you
have a variety of different materials
this is probably made out of some ABS
plastic the original molding so I would
probably make this a clamshell design
and then I could create my own handle
with the actual battery holder and
that’s sort of built into it if I was
gonna 3d print this I’d probably do it
out of nylon they actually sell a
polycarbonate filament that is probably
the best when it comes to strength and
resistance to abrasion and even heat
resistance one of the other products
that was released was the second version
of this which had these really brutal
looking spikes here in the front
I think nicer looking design I mean now
that I can know how to actually design
most stuff 3d printing lives I could
probably make my own thing here that
would have the handle plus a section for
me to just drop in these blades and then
also something to kind of make this so
it’s not just kind of standing off the
side very easily able to be ripped off
I think it’s funny after all these years
a lot of people ask you know we’re all
these projects you know are they sitting
on a shelf yes collecting dust so that
it ruins the electronics can even turn
it on and show you you can hear the
sound now if I take something that’s
metal it will arc across but only very
very very slightly
if you ever wanted to be a cool
superhero like Iron Man’s cool palace
check out this idea this is apparently
the Iron Man 3 stun glove this thing’s
really uncomfortable
it’s scratches me because I used velcro
to hold these things on now for this
part here
3d printing would change everything it’d
give me a way to make it more
comfortable to sit on my forearm I’d
have maybe some extra buttons for safety
to turn on and off because right now the
on/off switch is kind of hidden behind
all these little velcro pieces that I
added to allow this strap to stay on
there and then also here on the front I
could create this sort of knuckle
portion which I talked about briefly in
the original video but in the future I’d
like to make its electricity arcs across
I can throw electric punches I was such
a nerd I still am a nerd but electric
punches and I have to tell you it’s so
dirty printing would also allow me to
add some sort of replaceable battery
system because like I said this is just
a chinese IAM really cheap stun gun and
the battery is kind of rotted out i was
thinking because i can 3d print
different types of threads maybe there’d
be a battery that i could sort of screw
in it would lock in place and that way
it’d be on there nice and solid
it could be a universal battery that I
could have power all my different
gadgets so I wouldn’t have to worry
about the different types it would just
so here is the Assassin’s Creed dart gun
version 3 the most improvable by 3d
printing these are the internals you
have your priming handle and this is the
chamber that holds the gas and I could
probably take all these parts and cram
them into a much smaller product I could
have a folding priming handle the breech
could probably allow me to hold more
darts so I wouldn’t have to reload it
manually every time and then here on the
side I could probably create some sort
of ammo holder for all the different
types of darts I didn’t really have the
ability to mount this as easily as I’d
like to because I was limited by the
sort of curvature of this design so here
is the assassin’s creed dart gun version
three and two this one people really
liked it’s just like a minimalist parts
you’ve got hot glue PVC Piper I didn’t
care that I was using electrical tape
now it’s like a no-no for me to do any
of that type of stuff but at the time I
was just worried about getting like a
product out there getting so showing
some some form of progress and I think
that’s interesting I kind of lost sight
of that concept and maybe it’s something
I’d like to bring back but and I’m
always trying to go after that sort of
wow factor so sometimes doing something
a little bit more advanced gets more
people’s attention so that they can kind
of be inspired to try and build things
but I don’t want to be discouraging by
you know raising the half of the bar too
high with 3d printing so it’s kind of a
catch-22 of sorts
so this is my plasma whip and now
there’s sort of limitations right off
the bat whenever I was working with this
I didn’t have access to 3d printing to
make my own cap so this is like a PVC
coupler and this is a store about stun
gun again we have an issue where we’re
not able to actually access the battery
compartment this is a much more reliable
product in my opinion when I was using
this thing it was kind of embarrassing
really you want to have a thicker gauge
going down to a smaller at the end of
the whip you know just by the form
factor of this it’s not really how a
whip is supposed to be made but I was
really limited at the time because I
didn’t have access to a 3d printer to
make enough of these pieces which I
think are for like holding wires what I
used to do is go to the hardware store
and spend countless hours walking up and
down the aisles looking for something
that would sort of stand out that I
could repurpose so it just so happens
that this steel cable fits into these
holes here and I even had to use a nail
to create a little shim to hold it in
place with 3d printing if you can
imagine what it looks like you can
probably create it and then replicate it
multiple times so with these pieces here
that is a godsend and I’d love to know
what your comments are so leave them
below I think this is a pretty cool
project to maybe revisit but I’d like to
do a 3d printed taser that actually
shoots the probes and use these co2
cartridges and stuff like that but
that’s probably going to take some time
and development and I don’t really know
with some of the the guidelines on the
website if I can do that type of content
and if you want to see this in action
you can go ahead and click the link up
here so when it comes to making things
there’s definitely a general progression
of development
sometimes I jumped the gun and I go
straight to 3d printing like with this
project it was the Chinese sleeve arrow
I just made this and
it worked I was really impressed I got
on the first try the mechanism could be
probably slimmed down but it works and
same thing for this
I didn’t use any 3d printing it was just
kind of like a MacGyver style what I had
hot glue paper clips I don’t know duct
tape and that works too so I don’t know
sometimes I can’t decide which approach
I want to take this one doesn’t look as
nice but it doesn’t take as much time
and every once in a while I get lucky
and 3d print works but it’s mostly with
parts that are a little bit smaller and
don’t take as much time to actually
print because 3d printing if you don’t
get it right can be a nightmare it could
be just as much a curse as it is a
blessing so leave a comment below
what type of projects do you like most
the DIY I MacGyver style or something
that’s more advanced like 3d printing
laser cutting using this sort of
integration with hardware I think a
combination between the two is really
nice and I’m definitely trying to find
that median but I’d love to hear what
you have to say so I’ve been thinking
about this prototype process lately how
to go from an idea and develop it into
an actual product and all the steps that
lead up into it something like that so
this is just from my experience and you
may be able to give suggestions that
could help even refine my process and
I’m really serious
whenever I say I’m dying to know what my
audience thinks about these kinds of
things so leave a comment below you can
even write me a letter if you have any
ideas or maybe you want to show me a
design or a drawing that you have for an
upcoming gadget inspired by superheroes
or video games whatever you think is
cool and I’ll leave a link in the
description to the address you can send
me fan mail or whatever if you have any
questions feel free to leave a comment
below thank you so much for watching and
supporting my channel that’s all I have for today stay creative
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