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15,000mW POWERFUL Handheld Laser – WHAT CAN IT DO!?

so as you may have guessed there is a
pretty decent overhead cost for all
these different gadgets that I make
these two boxes were sent to us by
banggood we have a 15 watt laser which
is supposed to go on like a laser
engraver and then this is supposed to be
the controller so I’m going to do a real
quick unboxing I know very flashy –
cardboard boxes but promise this is
going to be pretty cool
so stay tuned and we’re gonna check them
out and see if we can actually get this
thing firing this is the controller so
you basically plug in your power here
which this is supposed to be a 12-volt
laser that way I’d have an on/off button
and then you can see where it says their
laser which probably connects to this
little wire here and looks like we have
a winner so now we can hopefully power
our laser off this module and then this
is a little micro controller so you can
actually control the pulse width of the
laser so let’s go ahead and put that
aside like we have a micro USB cable and
then some other connectors this is
actually to power up a CNC laser so I’m
not even 100% sure if we’re gonna use
this today I wanted to make sure that I
didn’t break this thing work for
actually the review and I didn’t just
want to connect power into this and hope
for the best I thought that’d be kind of
irresponsible I did get another little
12-volt battery it’s pretty cool because
it has own little display here so you
actually know how much power you have
left and this is from a company called
so very straightforward I think this is
anti-static bubble-wrap so you might
want to hold on to that if you need to
ship something in the future nice fan
here your engraving or cutting something
you got input for your power here you
can power the fan off of the same power
supplies and then you can sort of cycle
through turning the fan on and off with
this little button right here and then
the actual power to laser is going right
here so wondering if I could just take
this thing off and somehow simplify this
all I would love to try and put this
into one of my own gadgets similar to
the Iron Man Watch laser thingy this is
actually a duplicate I made some
modifications to it by adding these
little buttons here so we’re gonna
compare the two I think that would be
pretty cool this is a I think 2.5 watt
laser and this is a 15 watt laser so
actually I think this is 1.5 I’m not
mistaken so literally we have 10 times
more power in this unit the only
drawback is from what I could read on
the website this can only be focused at
I think 16 millimeters it’s going to be
this close I’m a little bit irritated by
that but I should have known before
however this thing is meant for a CNC so
it makes sense now there is maybe some
hope here you can see that there are a
couple of little points here where you
could probably adjust it but it says
specifically that this is non adjustable
I’m gonna try using this board here I
don’t know if it’s completely necessary
but I figure if we have our laser out
little right here and then maybe this
will turn on and off I’m gonna plug this
in here I’m gonna take this over to my
workbench and see if I can maybe get
something to work here there are laser
glasses on alright so I’ve got our 12
volt battery here this is 12 volt laser
you know this is very basic
knowledge that I’m applying here but I’m
going to assume that it’s gonna work so
this is off glasses are on for safety to
plug that in well the LEDs on so
hopefully this just needs to be
programmed that would make the most
sense considering like if you were
actually gonna run this thing like a
regular CNC imagine how terrible it
would be if you turned on the laser and
then it just instantaneously started
burning into the fabric or material that
you’re trying to engrave so I’m gonna
guess that this needs to be programmed
first in order to actually get this to
work so let’s try an alternative method
alright so I’m going to be using some of
this wire see if we can connect to our
5.5 by 2.1 jack here and then kind of
wire everything up so we can actually
I don’t really feel like I have any
other option I mean I don’t want to cut
the wire that would seem pretty foolish
I’m just gonna stick these in the little
holes here if you can see now we still
don’t have a signal we don’t we’re not
using the yellow wire so it is this is
what it comes down to I mean at this
point if I plug this in right here and I
don’t get any light out of this laser
then we’re not testing this out
you see we got full battery this is
actually gonna output 6 amps but I think
that we should be able to bring this
down so I think like whatever it is 5
amps or whatever
oh it does work ok that’s freaking
whoa holy crap Wow okay Wow I’m so
excited but man is that freak that
cratered into this foam oh my god burned
through seconds
it’s just like something straight out of
sci-fi I honestly was not expecting this
to work so I’m excited I don’t want to
just rely on the fact that these are
supposed to protect my eyes so I’ve got
a spare and I’m gonna see like using
this foam as my eyeball if I’m gonna
have to worry about this causing any
problems because if I’m gonna try and
actually etch some metal it might be
reflective and it might actually shoot
back into my eye it could actually
damage my camera let’s go ahead and fire
this thing up and see if we can get it
to go through the actual goggles and
still burn the phone or maybe it will
just flat-out burn the goggles I really
don’t know
all right so it’s definitely uh up no
bit burned right through it just burned
right into it okay well you know no one
ever said to just put your face directly
in front of the laser
however Steven you’re watching this you
probably realize what probably might
have happened to your face
I mean I could probably cut this thing
you almost need to have it about that
distance but it is almost
instantaneously slicing right into this
let’s go to the other side cause it’s a
little cleaner Pizza time
so I posted a little like thingy a
little question post on my community tab
and asked you guys and gals for you like
2% of my audience which I’m sure most of
them are like moms and their kids are on
their phones I asked you what you wanted
me to try and burn with this laser you
know granted that I actually get it to
work some people said that I should try
and burn myself well I don’t really want
to burn myself until I could see what
this actually does just a bit better on
me oh it’s a sizzling Wow that stinks
that that actually smells look at it
it’s it’s firing wish you could see
I need to unplug this thing I’m probably
gonna hit my like ooh wow that looks
like cancer that is so scary I wonder
what it tastes like cheese
oh wow this laser must be like
lactose-intolerant it is just it’s
that put on is like you need a fire
alright so putting all the processed
meats aside I’m going to try it on some
actual materials that you guys suggested
in the comment section obviously we have
some Givens we have some plywood this is
actually a piece of the deployables
shield version one cardboard I don’t
know if you can actually cut metal I’m
pretty sure you can’t be you can engrave
it and you need some sort of paint or
anodizing to actually etch off using the
laser so I have a little bit of marker
on here and then this is the same set up
from this gadget which is supposed to be
the double-oh-seven
Iron Man laser watch but I added some of
these extra buttons here to make it more
of like a Spider Man gadget and it makes
it like a little bit easier to work
let’s see if I can line this up pretty
cool so if you haven’t seen the laser
watch yet go ahead and click the link
I’ll leave it at the top hand corner at
the little eye marker where you can
click and let’s go ahead and try burning
some other stuff and see what this thing
can do
stick it as close to it as I possibly
can here let’s yeah you can see it
definitely just did a little bit of
etching they’re a little bit hard to
tell but I don’t know I I can’t really
gauge this thing because I have no idea
if it’s actually being used at its full
15 watts there’s definitely some
limitations with this common cardboard
oh yes instantly
hey hey so we definitely have some
serious capabilities to light stuff on
cardboard easy all right so this is
actually the base from an original
deployable shield wow that’s crazy it
instantly just starts burning right into
that whoa that’s hot okay that
alright so definitely have no problem
in grading wood all right now that’s
gonna be my favorite part that’s gonna
need so if you liked this video go ahead
and check out the original
double-oh-seven laser watch I’ll leave
that on the left and on the right is
whatever YouTube thinks you want to watch
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