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OSHO: I Am Not a Worshiper of Poverty

OSHO Talks: silence shared in words
OSHO International Foundation presents
I Am No Worship of Poverty
Since this
program will certainly be seen
by the Pope,
this is your chance to him
something to say, if you wish.
For the poor?
For the pope.
In the Vatican.
If he’s the only one
has guts,
then he should come here
and see what
religiosity means,
to feel the love of people,
to experience their meditation together with them.
And if he can come up with an open mind
he can be immensely enriched,
because like a pope
he meets
the cardinals and the bishops
and all kinds of clergy.
None of them
has some meditative experience.
He travels around the world,
without anything of it
to know religiosity.
To speak to the poor,
but all he says
will make them even poorer.
So the best
would be for him
that he comes here
and stay here for a few days
like an ordinary person,
not like the pope.
Because acknowledge here
we nobody
like a pope,
We acknowledge
the ordinary person
as the highest
of growth.
All those positions are politically tinted,
they have nothing to do with religion.
So tell him
that he here
a mystery school
will find.
Even Jesus
had to be initiated
in a mystery school.
He lived in a mystery school
Called “Essenes”
during almost
seventeen years,
from his thirteenth
until his thirtieth.
And everything he says
he has collected at the
So tell him that
there is a school here
that much further
than the Essenes.
That was an ossekar school.
So it will
really follow in the
the footsteps of Jesus,
come to Rajneeshpuram.
people talk about you, then comes
always that “wealth” above …
about the Rolls Royce
and everything connected with it.
What do you want with this
so many cars and so much
wealth around you?
Why are people concerned?
They are…
Then they have
it certainly needed.
Then there will be more Rolls Royces.
Until they stop asking questions,
will Rolls Royces come,
more and more.
Now it must be seen.
It is a challenge.
The day no one asks me
to the Rolls Royces,
there will be no more.
The interest of the people in Rolls Royces
their mind.
They are not interested in what
happens here.
They do not ask questions about meditation.
They ask nothing about sannyas.
They do not ask anything
life, love
of the people,
the laughter that sounds
in this desert.
They only ask about Rolls Royce.
That means I am one
painful nerve.
And I will continue to push on it
until they stop asking questions.
I am not a worshiper of poverty.
That is what
that prove Rolls Royces.
I respect prosperity.
Nobody had for me
the courage to say this.
The pope can not say that
he respects prosperity,
although he is the most prosperous
man on earth.
I am not a hypocrite.
I am the poorest person on earth.
I do not have a single cent with me.
But I want to prove to those people
what attracts their mind.
If there were no Rolls Royces here,
there was probably nothing
for the whole world
to ask about me,
about you,
about meditation,
about initiation in sannyas,
about love, about
It’s for those idiots
that I have all that
Rolls Royces,
because she
can not turn their eyes away
of those Rolls Royces.
And meanwhile
I will continue
to pour other things into their minds.
Without those Rolls Royces
they did not have any
asked a few questions.
Those Rolls Royces
do their job.
Every idiot on the world
is interested in them.
And I want them
get interested in some way …
in whatever of Rajneeshpuram.
Then we will succeed
about other things.
So tell those people –
to everyone who asks –
tell them that,
“Those Rolls Royces are for you, idiots.
Otherwise you are not
interested in something.
If you stop
with questions about Rolls Royces,
then I will do something else
must remember:
whether we should have missiles
going to the moon!
I will do something different
have to think. “
Source: ‘The Last Testament, Vol.4, # 3’
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