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OSHO: Each Problem Is a Challenge and Makes You More Intelligent

Each problem is challenging and makes you smarter
It also seems to be my problems
More and more
Since Snies you have.
Is that your job?
It’s practical
My work is to make you more and more conscious,
When they become more aware
You become aware of more problems.
Those problems have been there before.
I do not create your problems,
It’s just that you’re unconscious;
It was not
Take note
Those problems were there.
It’s just like a house in darkness,
And many spiders
They weave
Their nests
Live scorpions and enjoy snakes,
And suddenly you bring light there.
The light did not create spiders, scorpions or snakes,
But it makes you aware of them.
And it’s good to be conscious,
Because then the house can be cleaned,
Then you can avoid snakes.
You have many problems that you do not see –
Which in fact, you do not want to see
You continue to postpone.
You are very afraid to see those problems,
For then you will have to solve it.
But by postponement it was not resolved;
It’s not easy.
The problems are not messages
Written to George Bernard Shaw.
George Bernard Shaw used to collect letters;
He will not open it
He will open it
On the first of each month,
So for thirty days will collect
Thousands of messages from around the world.
The date was fixed:
On the first of each month
He will open it.
And continues to throw,
Because most of them have already been answered
He rarely had some messages
Which did not respond to itself.
Someone asked him, “This is a strange way …”
He said, “Not strange,
It’s the easiest way. “
When no one gets an answer in two weeks, three weeks,
He gets the answer
That, “this man will not respond.”
He drops hope
“Most of those messages are useless anyway.
I will not waste all month
I gave it only one day –
Any message really worthy
That needs my attention, I answer.
This way, save my time, I save their time;
Otherwise they would have to read …
This is a difficult world
Where they do not just read, they want
The answer is also …
Again you have to read it.
“It’s better to end it from the very start.
It’s a sequential process,
Can continue without end.
The more you allow it the more
And then stop, the more hurt.
First message
And it ends – it does not hurt.
That man only understood
This man is not from
Who responds to messages. “
But the problems are not messages,
Life is not George Bernard Shaw
You can postpone
But people are postponing.
They continue to push this road and that road,
They hide it everywhere,
Believing that
Miracle Ma …
Things will settle down
Problems will be solved.
This will not happen.
On the contrary, those problems will create her children.
You will start to find her friends –
Two problems come together
A third problem,
You will be in great difficulty.
It’s better to continue
You face every problem when you come.
It’s not snakes
Has created your problems.
The snakes have simply given you a little more awareness.
It was your problems
There is always.
The snakes gave you the opportunity to solve them.
The person should rejoice in solving their problems.
That sharpens your intelligence.
Every problem is a challenge.
Every problem
Make you smarter.
The day you do not have any problems,
Your mind will be up
To the extreme
Safa –
Because there is no dust,
no problem.
Your mind becomes
Purely pure
Reflecting the truth.
Yes, it’s practical.
But do not think I’m creating your problems.
I give you only a vision,
So that you can see and solve your problems.
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